George Galloway talks about Saddam Hussein

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  1. SheepoHD says:

    George Bush is responsible for the deaths of many innocent iraqi's and he wasn't hated by americans.

  2. wnapholi says:

    Galloway, you vile slug.

  3. Sara Boyer says:

    can't stand galloway

  4. blitzkrieg436 says:

    Not imprisoning you moron —death by hanging

  5. blitzkrieg436 says:

    I'm afraid you're the one with psychological issues, Galloway was right about Sadaam and Uday.And we need more people like him in Britain and America. Who are you to say Sadaam was wrong? or Galloway was wrong?Who the fuck are you?

  6. 3dcow says:

    This is an edited version of the interview, watch the real complete one before you guys start ranting like idiots.

  7. BlairSupporter says:

    Gorgeous George to Saddam – "and you have to get rid of what you've got."

    What was that, oh Gorgeous One? His old video machine? The surplus-to-requirements fleet of Rolls Royces/mansions? The Missus? Nope. The WMD. They went to Syria. To another friend of the ordinary working man – Assad.

    And now Bradford West has this charlatan as an MP. Whoops.

  8. A A says:

    George the opportunist liar.

  9. msinummoc says:

    @BorgHub Treason? You would start imprisoning people for such statements.. Imbecile.

  10. mcshundess says:

    @moewishaw Read it. It is written in block letters. You should make it, There are shias in Iraq (Irak, in France and I'm French). Would they be alone to hate Saddam, it is enough for me to judge the guy. You don't seem interested in Iraqi Kurds' gasing by Saddam. Strange enough. Don't think a second I'm not considering Mugabe and others of his kind as mass murderers. As for Sharon vs Palestinians, I consider it worse, if possible, because it happened under a supposedly democratic country.

  11. moewishaw says:

    @mcshundess I never mention Iran atall btw. Are you implying that there are no Shia in Iraq (not Irak btw). If you want to talk about brutal dictators then you should talk about Mugabe, or Ariel Sharon, etc. Even the taliban were in full control for 5 whole years before "big brother" decided to intervene…perhaps you might want to talk about those countless civilian deaths instead.

  12. mcshundess says:

    @moewishaw Sorry, I do not realise how stupid I am. Particularly, when you do not seem to know Saddam Hussein ruled IRAK and not Iran. Another detail : I am sure Kurds were delighted to have been gased by the thousands by that jolly good fellow. By the way, you can save your insults. They have absolutely no impact on me.

  13. moewishaw says:


  14. mcshundess says:

    No, he was not hated by his peopleā€¦ He was just a ordinary mass murderer. Nothing to make any fuss about.

  15. ILIKEWALLS says:

    @v19d next time try not to cry when someone criticises america

  16. ILIKEWALLS says:

    @v19d did you just choke on your hotdog?

  17. Dirkjan Beerda says:

    Saddam not hated by the people?

  18. Will Reggie says:

    there was less death with sadams rule health care education ect there are some horror story's but since American occupation its a hell hole suicide bombers 1.3 million dead Iraqis the raping of there oil

  19. edmund184 says:

    isn't it incredible that Nick Griffin is crucified on Question Time for his associations with the Klu Klux Klan and this communist bastard has got his own show on Talksport. No one gives a damn about his praise for Saddam.
    He's probably an IRA sympathizer too. He should have been kicked out of politics long ago.

  20. Saad Kidwai says:

    Thats not what I said.

    He was hated by millions but they still had normal life!

    After did the invasion do for those Iraqis except for total death, destruction and chaos!

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