George Galloway Vs Sky News

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George Galloway mercilessly exposes Sky News.

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28 Responses

  1. R S says:

    Now that Hezbollah has slaughtered ISIS…
    Hezbollah 3 – Israel 0

  2. TheMrEpicsounds says:

    I've noticed that this video has been taken down multiple times from other channels..I wonder why eh?
    GG is a soldier of truth

  3. William Kane says:

    I'm so angry with Israel today. God bless the Palestinian people!

  4. P P says:

    George for prime minister not those who are leaking American arses

  5. Tina Patton says:

    'notha Motha of All Wipeouts – by TRUE Brit Saint Galloway!

    atMan – always gets the Milk, the Mice, and the Morons!!!

  6. amcleanYT says:

    GG is truly heroic IMHO

  7. coolbluesab says:

    Thank you George and long life enshallah

  8. Old Brasso says:

    George Galloway couldn't keep his seat in Bradford. Why on Earth couldn't he keep a sympathetic majority Muslim constituency? Because he was never there to do his job and never committed to his promises. Being an anti-zionist international spokesman wasn't enough- we needed an MP to fight for us locally and he betrayed us. Too interested in bigging himself up. Not a politician, just a bloody windbag in the pay of a foreign regime. You let us down George, you fucked us over.

  9. omar khodammi says:


  10. Dr Hur says:

    Fantastic !!!

  11. Haytham A says:

    You are an absolute legend Mr Galloway! Much love!

  12. Marky Mark says:

    The fucking bloke is an asshole…….

  13. Brendan Hall says:

    The talking head works for the Jews. She is a collaborator with the Zionist Occupation Government (includes all Western governments.)

  14. Jim Cull says:

    Where Galloway Falls down is his willingness to campaign for the rights of countries self-determination. Except his own.

  15. Khaartoum Supermarket says:

    Wow George! Amazing. What bravery. It is my thought that news presenters from BBC and Murdoch should be personally tried in court for the mimed Hate Speech against immigrants, the disabled, homeless people, East Europeans, Muslims to operate elite Divide and Rule. People are attacked and murdered by these news presenters. They are guilty choosing to be public puppets. Justice should be done. K

  16. Jamarl Thomas says:

    Galloway is a damn lion LOL. Love this interview. Strong, unrelenting – no quarter requested or given. Great job dude.

  17. Plane For All To See says:

    Superb, love George. If you speak the truth you get supressed by the zionist controlled mainstream media.

  18. Zaf Khan says:

    Bring Galloway back!

  19. jomanjy09 says:

    Well said George. But since then it became clear that Hezbullah has been exposed to be a bloodshed and terrorist organisation by killing the civilian in Syria

  20. Abc Def says:

    this guy is so fucking awesome, no wonder i never heard about him

  21. Blind Fredy says:

    Wow! This interview was an eye opener.

  22. toni kay says:

    George galloway is right , i'm a lebanese Christian and i support hezbollah and for the majority of the lebanese hezbollah is seen as a resistance not as a terrorist organisation

  23. Bobby Davro says:

    Did anyone notice they turned her mic up so she could talk over him.

  24. HDC says:

    Sky news…poison. Galloway… legend!

  25. Muhammad The prophet says:

    George Galloway is a terrorist.

  26. Adams Paul says:


  27. kiloscott says:

    Z-Bag would not have a job with Murdoch if she did any different.. Owns a well-schmaltzed hole.

  28. Rafael Lastra com says:


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