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Leader of UKIP, Geratd Batten, MEP talks about the Tommy Robinson release, what a great victory this is for people opower, and refuses to be goaded inro flying off the handle by the communist Journalist.

These books are VITAL to the future of specifically Great Britain and generally European civilisation:

Enoch Was Right: ‘Rivers of Blood’ 50 Years On (Raheem Kassam)

Beyond Terror: Islam’s Slow Erosion of Western Democracy (Anne Marie Waters)

No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You (Raheem Kassam)

Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill For Islam (Tommy Robinson)

Easy Meat: Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal (Peter McLaughlin)

Dark Albion: A Requiem for the English (David Abbott)

Good quality sources of both REAL news and HONEST opinion:


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43 Responses

  1. Freya Jones says:

    I think culture Marxism should be banned in the uk

  2. offwiththefairies77 says:

    VOTE/JOIN U.K.I.P. Gerrard Batten is our Man.

  3. Tenerife Phil says:

    British Brainwashing Corporation , funded by the taxpayers of the UK ?.

  4. Clayton Wiffen says:

    BBC Building Britains Caliphate

  5. Denster956 says:

    I am so sick of Britons who act like they are so culturally advanced all the while turning their country into a 3rd world shit hole. This is what Progressives create, put up or shut up, we know better. This just goes to show how the feminization of men and fear of being called a racist is destroying London. Enjoy the fall you fools.

  6. David says:

    This lady is pure evil.

  7. John Holborn says:

    Make Britain Great Again

  8. Linda Hunter says:

    So he looks cynical? Sarah is sinister

  9. Gar Sm says:

    The far right globalists hate the BBC, British law and British values. They will do anything to undermine them.

  10. Jo-Annie De Arc says:

    Lady you are cynical and selling out on your own..we want people to vote uki

  11. Jo-Annie De Arc says:

    For goodness sake the reporter again is prejudiced.

  12. Andrew Mack says:

    The purpose of the interview for the interviewer is clearly cynical… She clearly had an agenda.

  13. Richard Spikman says:

    Tommy is "rash and reckless"? Should he be measured and calculated to support cutting off the clitoris of a 9 year old girl?

  14. Richard Spikman says:

    our grandfathers, and great grandfathers are weeping because their sacrifices for the betterment of our society are being annulled by weak, spineless, marxist simpering mimsies.

  15. denisesinclair1 says:

    The judge should be struck off.any one who behaves like this judge as . Doesn't deserve to power he as.he is obviously dishonest. The way he put Tommy in prison with out having a chance to defend himself. All the corrupt government have done is made him into a man willing to go to prison for his beliefs.and you Carnot argued with that.

  16. Anthony Neve says:

    This woman is sooooo bias in trying to get Gerald to black Tommy Robinson.

  17. N says:

    On the plus side, there are still millions of people who swear by the BBC (mainly older), listening to the radio and watching the TV news and when these people spout their views in a pub, blog or comment online they are now so incredibly easy to deal with. They usually end up keeping quiet because they need someone to tell them just how gullible and foolish they are.
    This is the same BBC that made celebrities of paedophiles for decades and got the police to 'helicopter' Cliff Richard's home who actually wasn't a paedophile.
    I don't get mad because brainwashed people like Montague and Cathy Newman from C4 are so brain dead to everything that's happening all around them. In the famous Cathy Newman vs Jordan Peterson interview she was made to look like an absolute imbecile.

  18. Space Monkey says:

    UKIP should hold a vote for all it's members to ask if the ban on ex BNP members should be lifted in the exceptional case of Tommy.

  19. Space Monkey says:

    This wouldn't be a BBC interview by any chance, would it?

  20. Dj Ed G says:

    Always voted tory but have now joined UKIP

  21. Farina Marcina says:

    She calls Mr Robinson insignificant.
    Well Mr Robinson is a real threat to the BBC political agenda.
    Maybe they will dispatch him like Jill Dando who was about to expose Cyril smith for rent boy murders, childline was set up by BBC to protect politicians.
    Common knowledge nowadays.

  22. Farina Marcina says:

    BBC are 100% to blame for islamist rise in Britian.
    They should be made to pay for this intense bullying by the paying public

  23. Farina Marcina says:

    We are sick of the BBC and their loud shouty voices threatening any one who dare use freedom of speech as a bigot.

  24. Bryan Bufton says:

    Batten is wrong what a shame

  25. Colin Eastwood says:

    I wonder just how much of a "technicality" Tommy Robinson's imprisonment would seem to this woman should spend a spell of time in the same prison.

    Perhaps she could volunteer to do a spell in the next cell to him, should he be kangarooed back there in September. Then she will be able to speak from a position of unassailable knowledge… instead of her usual BBC seriously-biased waffle.

  26. acefreaky says:

    The BBC are not reporters they have a pre defined agenda. To get a job in the BBC you not only have to have a high class education in a top university with all the usual left wing brainwashing , but thanks to the recruitment system anyone not totally PC would never get past Sheila who was once Brian( no honestly have you Ever heard someone on the BBC say mass Immigration is too high ? So are they really representative ? ) . I am surprised they don't simply call themselves the Fuck yeah corporation and throw fist salutes each morning.

  27. Steven Mcintosh says:

    Yours stitch sir

  28. Gar Sm says:

    Who is People O'Power. Is a relative of Paddy Power? How do you know the journalist is a Communist?

  29. Julia68yt says:

    She positively sounds like "Now, let's have another vote on your opinion" as she harps on and on about the same thing over and over again.

  30. david bailey says:

    please leave tommy he has been picked on by them in power he should move to the usa where he will be safe from this hell hold of a the UK

  31. Asif lalam says:

    Tommy will sue the British legal system

  32. otowise says:

    Lmao who gives a phuck if your covering it and giving it air time nobody who support these issues would bother to watch or believe a phucking word MSM comes out with stupid moron interview the only time they listen to anything you’ve said is when a video is posted showing the lies you report/created and the Slapped the name news on it.

    MSM are fiction spouting scum.

  33. billy Red says:

    Fake news BBC wankers.

  34. Dr. Steven Baxter says:

    totally sound, the reporter obviously has an agenda and is trying to goad and infuriate.

  35. Eric Martinez says:

    These people are atrocious their double talk and mid characterizations to demonize people are so obvious and paper thin. It’s so painful to see someone think they are clever just get squashed by someone being logical and honest

  36. Owen Sheridan says:

    Where is Amnesty International!!!!

  37. Owen Sheridan says:

    Where is Amnesty International!!!!

  38. Carl Armes says:

    Joined UKIP, vote UKIP. Free speech against the Government of the CONS. CONS no longer believe in free speech. Hate speech is a blasphemy law by proxy. BBC is a politically motivated media based Lobby group based around extremist liberal views and populated by the privately educated middle class.

  39. Lars Newbould says:

    Talk about a one-sided interview! I struggle to see this as proper journalism. She keeps making the point that TR won’t be welcomed into UKIP and uses that to openly accuse GB of cynically “latching on to TR’s appeal” to harvest votes. Patiently GB points out that TR had a brief flirtation with the BNP – which TR sees as a mistake and which he now regrets – which makes it impossible for him to join UKIP. After the third time she brings this up, having ignored the reason why, I couldn’t listen to this anymore. Is it possible that the interviewer cannot understand the reason why TR cannot join UKIP because she is stupid? It is possible, I suppose, but it looks like antagonistic, lazy questioning from a pre-formed, hostile position. As I say, not really journalism.

  40. Og The Barbarian says:

    He wasn't let out on a 'technicality' he was let out after a number of enshrined legal rights were consciously violated.
    Denial of right to enter plea ILLEGAL
    Denial of right to legal counsel ILLEGAL

    There are more but I don't feel like waffling.

  41. Elisabeth Castle says:

    I absolutely detest the BBC. I am so glad I do not pay the tv licence fee any longer. Don't miss watching the tv one iota! Vote UKIP, vote FOR BRITAIN.

  42. Russell Littler says:

    Who is the disgusting lefty interviewer?

  43. Michael P says:

    Another disgraceful interviewer with nothing but wilful ignorance and bias. When will this insanity end?

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