Global Britain’s Brexit Delusion

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With the United States in retreat, Russia belligerent, and China ascendant, there’s never been a better time for Britain to engage globally. But as the government consumes itself with untying the Gordian knot of Brexit, there is unfortunately little interest for what is happening beyond the country’s borders.

** Featuring Mark Malloch-Brown, a former UN Deputy Secretary-General and British cabinet minister.

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20 Responses

  1. Robin Hood Henry says:

    Britain In Name Only!

  2. Akbar, Allard Freichmann says:

    Well said. It's the global village we all live in that sets the agenda's. Europe and the EU is just 1 house. United we need to be.

  3. Bykermann says:

    Brexit is what the British people voted for. They wanted to be poorer in a diminished country. They are nuts and a lot of them are racist.

  4. Gabriel the messenger says:

    Yeah let's stay part of a controlling ,oppressive ,totalitarian big brother regime that is undergoing a genocide of the ancient cultures and people's of Europe. Down with the Eu and fatimah merkel.

  5. flake452 says:

    How does a channel with so few subs get verified?

  6. bo ptah says:

    Remainers have a very noticeable character trait that becomes more and more apparent, the more they speak…. They are liars.

  7. Marcomanseckisax says:

    Absolutely correct, but I said all of this already before the referendum. The British have a deathwish.

  8. Michael Sargeant says:

    Did you vote remain by any chance prick

  9. Best Korea says:

    Love to our EU from india.

  10. Stewart Reid says:

    We are out, if these people want to remain in the EU, they are plenty of boats leaving for Antwerp or other ports in Europe. This will help to reduce the overpopulation of the UK!

  11. Ewa Zizemska says:

    EU IS Mafia !

  12. Richard Moloney says:

    Britain has nukes, she has 2 aircraft carriers, she will do great. Surely the destruction of the EU will follow Britain's departure?

  13. Spaz Coyle says:

    Piss off we havn't left yet ,remoaner twit !

  14. david weatherhead says:

    Britain’s Leader ship and here’s me thinking Brussels pulled the. Strings yep another sad loser

  15. WATSON DOVE says:

    Former UN? Stopped watching

  16. Gert Tjildsen says:

    What a load of fanny batter!

  17. PincherMartyn says:

    Ha ha ha! What absurd trash. What condescending stupidity. What emotional childishness and smugness. Grow up! The last desperate death rattles of remainer negativity and fear has begun and the hard realization that they've got it wrong all these years.

  18. davida1b2c3d4c5 says:

    If only the speaker could back up his waffling statements with facts.
    He talks about India as though it will have to choose between the EU and Britain. What is logical about that?
    He talks about all the time being taken up by Brexit, but who is stopping Britain from negotiating a deal from a position of strength? Why, remainers! We had the referendum, but the remainers won't let go. They are the ones who are causing all the delay and confusion.
    It's not just Britain's 'fault' that its nationals voted for Brexit. We told the EU that there were problems and they just ignored them, apparently thinking that the Brexit vote would not succeed. Either that or they wanted us out anyway.
    The simple fact is that open borders have not benefited lower paid workers nor the unemployed. If anything, things have been made worse for them due to strains on housing availability and other social infrastructure such as hospitals/schools, etc.
    If having low-paid workers is so good for the economy, why don't we just open the doors to ALL Chinese workers who wish to come here? We could allow nurses, doctors, programmers, scientists and engineers to enter on low-paid zero-hour contracts. Somehow, I don't think that would go down well with the lazy middle classes.

  19. Luke Free fall says:

    These remainers lie with such ease its almost psychopathic

  20. Michael Ingram says:

    Another frustrated loser trying to convince us we didn't know what we voted for. He, and people like him, need to accept democracy. If he can't do that then I hope he emigrates to the EU with all his friends so he can experience the disaster that is the EU first-hand. He should start by visiting the coastal areas of Italy which have accepted all the migrants. Then he could talk to the Italians about their job prospects in the German dominated EU.

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