Goodbye, 41 | The Ben Shapiro Show Ep. 671

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George H.W. Bush passes away, Russiagate continues to unfold, and Paris bursts into flame.

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27 Responses

  1. Fuck This Shit says:

    Iran-contra combined with the war on drugs is still effecting america and foreign policy. CIA floods the streets with coke, (likely invents) crack, and heroin; and uses the money from doing so to fund a proxy war in the middle east. Wage a war on their own people who are addicted to the drugs they themselves brought into the country; and go after the gangs created in the aftermath with a militarized police force. Blame the whole thing on a few “cowboys” in the CIA (while he was HEAD OF THE CIA); then pardon the same “rogue” CIA officers once president. THAT IS JUST THE STUFF WE FOR SURE 100% KNOW ABOUT. Good riddance Mr. Magog. #skullandboners

  2. FanOf Madison says:

    The story about a boy’s first feminist book was hilarious! Now that’s a ‘smart’ kid, we should totally let the young Shapiro make decisions and set policy. In some ways, in fact, I bet no one could tell the difference.

  3. Quizz Bell says:

    Which is the prop? the Lapel clip mic? Or the dope chrome condenser mic? Hm. lol

  4. TX Kevin says:

    Bush was a fine man and like the entire Bush family, decent human beings. However, as is common with Bush's in politics, their kindness and desire to "get along" with Democrats led to some terrible outcomes. Specifically, the appointment of SCOTUS justice David Souter was simply unforgivable. It effectively stole a SCOTUS appointment from the American people. One of the most liberal justices on the court, the prick even waited until a few months after Obama was elected to retire. Just a terrible appointment that had implications for decades. If we could get the heart, honor and integrity of a Bush in the Conservatism and boldness of a Donald Trump…..the Republican party would really have something.

  5. Bad Brad says:

    Sorry Ben but the main reason to have these high taxes in France is to pay for the crazy amount of immigrants that their government has brought in.

  6. unseenstalkr says:

    Ben's attempt at Jordan Peterson impression at 53:25 just sounds like Carl Sagan on adderoll haha

  7. Charmander Shepard says:

    Make Mugs Great Again!

  8. John Blackman says:

    how about caitlyn and zoe doing a number ? the jockettes has a certain ring to it.

  9. Colin Kirkpatrick says:

    Bookmark 48:00

  10. Marilee Stetson says:

    Mueller is a villain.

  11. UnleashedSoldier says:

    lol 17:32 "that is not stopping dumb pause democrats from…" Nice Freudian slip there Ben

  12. MossM4n says:

    Oh my goodness….That Jordan Peterson impersonation was incredible. 😀

  13. CourageousRetreat says:

    You can dance if you want to you can leave your friends behind.

  14. DM Sullivan says:

    You agree they are not on the same plane. Okay.What's up with the Republicans today, who don't care about character anymore.

  15. DM Sullivan says:

    Well if you think they are not on the same, you are in agreement with the left, about them.Move on Ben.

  16. Storm Williams says:

    Bush was in Dallas when Kennedy was killed

  17. Aesop's Games says:

    I wish so much he would come and speak in SC. I know it's not really a battleground state, and people here still have mostly traditional values; so it probably isn't necessary. Nevertheless, I've never wanted to see a public speaker more.

  18. Sp3cTrA2991 says:

    "It's not really a democracy nor a republic" hence why it's called a democratic republic. Was that not obvious?…

  19. renovatenyc says:

    Ghwb touted “A New World Order” more than anyone who is given air time ever did.. a true piece of swine excrement..

  20. renovatenyc says:

    Ghwb was a pos criminal globalist swine!

  21. Sam Downer says:

    LOL Anotheer fucken idiot wo looks like he just time travelled here from 1930s Germany. Littkle Nazi creep The Republican Freak Show continues!! They all look like polished turds in suits

  22. Sam Downer says:

    This little Shapiros boys voice is yet to break LOL What a dweeb. Little prick

  23. slowndes79 says:

    But was he the George Bush that J Edgar hoover was referring to in his memo Ben? Where was Bush Sr. when Kennedy died?

  24. Marcus Aurelius says:

    The Jordan Peterson impersonation . . . OMG it is lit!

  25. LordMalice6d9 says:

    Get over yourself Shapiro and clean all of that feces out of your brain! Bush Sr. and the rest of the Bush family are a cancer upon America. George H W Bush was just another typical Globalist warmonger and drug smuggler! He and Bubba Bill Clinton ran drugs out of Mena Arkansa while Bush was head of the CIA to help fund their black operations! And like someone else mentioned earlier in the comments, Bush refused to secure the borders after Reagan had granted amnesty to 3 million illegals.
    You Ben are just a pied piper and a Globalist hiding in the closet!!

  26. Bob Winters says:

    3 hours a day of Ben Shapiro? When will he find the time to do the research that lets him "destroy" the arguments of university students? How will he maintain his razor-sharp wit?

  27. Joseph von Dragunov says:

    Ben's Trump Impression is great.

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