Gordon Brown & Obama at G-20 “Anal Poisoning”- Rush Limbaugh

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02-2-2009 Rush Limbaugh: President Obama May Give Gordon Brown “Anal Poisoning”.

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5 Responses

  1. StuntmanJake says:

    Rush is right on! Liberals just cant stand to have any criticism of their hero Obama. Obama is a radical leftist, a marxist, and a fascist. He is doing everything he can as fast as he can to destroy America and turn us into a commie shit hole. Send Obama back to Kenya where he came from!

  2. Avery S says:

    Cracks me up!

    This twit from CNN feigns disgust when, if he could manage it, would have his head up BO backside quicker than Barney Frank can ditch his boy toy date list.

  3. wbowens82 says:

    Im suprised even liberals tune into this complete moron. His lame ass America hating jokes are followed by prerecorded laughter. Why does this guy even agree to keep living? His girlfriend looks like a black man. Jokes on the military by flaming faggots dont usually go over too well.

  4. Byron C says:

    Bill Maher is a comedian.
    I know news can be unbalanced, but Rush is just making a fool of him self. It hard to defend it

  5. wbowens82 says:

    Why wont these dumb fucks at CNN talk about Bill Maher and his calling our troops rapists? Oh wait there all liberals.

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