Gordon Dismayed That Chef Can’t Even Cook a Boiled Egg | Hotel Hell

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Things very nearly get out of hand here..

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21 Responses

  1. Grace Duff says:

    It’s not even hard to make a hard boiled egg

  2. DudeproX says:

    Sup Ramsay! Does anyone read these comments for u!

  3. Rigby Blanche says:

    howtobasic soft boiled egg

  4. Meteorite says:

    Ohh, so that he can't get out. Whew, thank goodness you clarified that.

  5. Miowly Siew says:

    I like how the majority of the stubborn chefs on this show always taste the food that he called bad and think its great. Like bruv
    (also this chef…THIS CHEF….ur deathwish for Gordon….dude….)

  6. Conrad Yukio says:



    Omg an indian fastfood vendor knows how to boil an egg..!

  8. Dr. King Schultz says:

    I like how the guests are laughing on the food while normally if it wasn't for Gordon they wouldn't even notice.. Actually without Gordon present they would eat heartedly and even compliment the chef… So scripted

  9. Talia Cross says:

    God the chefs think they are gods gift and they just need to get off their high horse and take his advice to improve because at the end of the day Gordon is a millionaire famous chef and he is a broke shitty chef

  10. TheRealZnrG GD - Music and Games! says:

    That chef is insane tho XD I love how he’s trying to insult the maddest chef ever

  11. RTSchofield says:

    Ask him for oysters and he asks you how you want the shell cooked. X

  12. Mr. NotSoCreative says:

    “Those are what we refer to as fighting words”
    Oh no you may look like a skinny Bruce Willis, but you don’t sound like it

  13. Give it to meh dont give a shit says:

    What's his problem

  14. Frankie Lopez Zamudio says:

    I wouldn't have helped this dumbass out. He seriously needs to be put in an Asylum .

  15. Rithrius says:

    If Gordon did ask for pancakes, he'd probably get microwaved store-bought pancakes.

  16. DanyLan 577 says:

    This guy can’t cook boneless pizza

  17. Gabby Holt says:

    Is this a chef? Or my cooking? I’m confused

  18. David Janeiro says:

    Why would they have an egg cup, no one goes in there for a hard or soft boiled egg.

  19. thomas crown says:

    Seeing Ramsey so rejected when he confronted the chef was shocking. I would've melted onto the floor if I was that chef.

  20. Daniel 12 says:

    well if i try to make breakfast id probably set my house on fire

  21. Skyler Alexus M says:

    Thems fightin words

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