Great bitterness

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NI’s new Culture Minister, the DUP’s Gregory Campbell, on the deputy First Minister, SF’s Martin McGuinness, and vice versa. From the BBC4 programme “What Happened Next?”

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  1. Oceallaigh Kly says:

    Campbell like most unionists think the clock started in 1969 as far as Northern Ireland's troubles are concerned. Young rebels like Martin McGuinness rose up against a very oppressive police state that historically had always used violence and threat of violence to quell the democratic aspirations of the Nationalist,Catholic minority.
    50 years of a one party Unionist state effectively marganilsed,disenfranchised and ultimately radicalised the Nationalist minority leading to the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's. When the civil rights protestors were brutally beaten off the streets many of the youth joined the only organisation willing to fight for civil liberty and equality,namely the Irish Republican movement.
    If the Unionists had been more conciliatory and treated their Nationalist neighbours with respect and decency acknowledging equality was a right not a concession then the Troubles and the actions of men like Martin McGuinness would never have happened,the British government must also shoulder the blame for the inevitable breakdown of law and order and the ensuing 30 years of strife for financing,enabling and arming the Unionists during the years leading up to and during the so called Troubles. Unfortunately people like Campbell do not have the intellectual capacity to reflect on past history and learn from their own mistakes,accept blame for their egregious actions,move on and build a better future for all the citizens in a united country based on equality ,respect and human rights.

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