Guardian Pushes Fake News on Assange

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RT Correspondent Caleb Maupin explains why Wikileaks is preparing to sue The Guardian after the newspaper published claims that Julian Assange secretly met with Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort in London’s Ecuadorean Embassy in the years 2013, 2015, and 2016. Former UK MP George Galloway, and Investigative Journalist Gareth Porter, join host Anya Parampil to discuss the paper, specifically reporter Luke Harding’s, questionable record when it comes to reporting on Wikileaks, as well the UK and Ecuador’s conspiracy to “deliver Assange to US authorities” according to reporting by Gareth.

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25 Responses

  1. Smiling Bob says:

    N9 truth to this story at all. Asante should be held up as a hero not a criminal

  2. stringer 2295 says:

    Here he is George Galloway. R. Ts favourite traitor on the payroll. If he was Russian putin would have had him killed. He's a failed M. P. Who was elected by Muslims who then attacked him. He was in celebrity Big brother and wore a pink leotard and stroked Rula lenskas pussy. He's a joke.

  3. Kofi Annan says:

    Rudy Giuliani has confirmed that Manafort and Trump met with Assange at Jupiter Pizza when they were purchasing fully-legal underage sex from Podesta's Pizzeria. Indictments will follow shortly.

  4. Max Burg says:

    It’s scary stuff to think that there are such people who are so hell bent in muzzling Assange.

  5. Dianna Cokinos says:

    JA should sue the Guardian .. JA can not even get help in the USA from POTUS because this junk news from the Golbalist. USA in battle Populist against Globalist. Globalist trying to make JA the escape goat…He knows to much of USA correction under the Globalist. Globalist are in Republican and Democrat. Praying for JA

  6. Jamil Martinez says:

    Great job rt

  7. Winger#Yemen calling for help says:

    Once again NO EVIDENCE of any of the charges. If they dredge up a decades old law that they have not used on any American publisher they are showing themselves for the scum that they are. Course everyone already knows that.

  8. Thought Criminal says:

    The espionage act is unconstitutional!

  9. cameron baiers says:


  10. cameron baiers says:

    This is easily debunked. The embassy has video & highest security. Unnamed sources have innuendo. No video proof. Zero evidence. Lies. All lies.

  11. Mickey Knox says:

    The alt-left are panicking.

  12. ohdingobongo says:

    The Guardian is a disgusting socialist rag, in common with the rest of the controlled mainstream lapdog media, has no interest in the truth on any subject that doesn't push the socialist agenda or that of their political masters. Makes me want to throw up. Just ignore this rag, most people in Britain do.

    The reason the Guardian hates Julian Assange on a personal level, is because he is a real journalist and publisher, and he makes them look like weak lapdog stenographers, which they truly are.

  13. karon rowlands says:

    If Trump is who he say’s he is….and is indeed draining the swamp as he say’s he is – why doesn’t he pardon Assange..?!!!

    And then Assange can sue that leftist gutter rag, the guardian.

    It does make me fucking laugh – that Assange is considered the traitor and criminal
    When the real criminal’s appear to have got off scot free – as is generally the case for deep state corrupt parasitic murdering greedy traitors NOT Assange.

    What did Assange lie about or mislead anyone about …NOTHING!

    What did the cia American government and various other dirty politicians lie about…


    Who the fuck are the liars and criminals here
    Because it’s mot Assange.

    The real criminals will NEVER face charges and will continue to bleed this world dry and decimate and destroy everything they touch.

  14. Jean-Claude Paquette says:

    How could Julian be charged under the Espionage ACT when he is not an AMERICAN!!!!

  15. Dennis Loria says:

    It's only illegal on Manafort's part and maybe the president's. Julian is just a pawn, not a American citizen and doesn't live here.

  16. FLOYD DEWD says:

    It's shocking to hear Mike Pompeo yammer on about Julian Assange badly. A reasonable observer would expect to find such daft accusations spewing from the pie hole of total shit-for-brains globalists like Obama, Hillary Clinton, or their butt-hole buddy, John McCain, John Bolton, and the like… but Pompeo? President Trump beware!

  17. Emma Beverage says:

    Julian Assange is guilty of working for the best interest of the people by 100 percent accurately reporting the criminal activity of the mafia gangs that we have been brainwashed to believe are our governments. He is only a danger to these criminal gangs that oppress, control and genocide the people. When will the people wake up and treat these criminal governments like we are treating our hero, Julian Assange? We need to wise up and protect our real heroes and jail the real criminals. #Unity4J

  18. khunt says:

    every time i see that fat lying cunt pompeo i want to punch my tv..

  19. khunt says:

    fuck jewmerica

  20. nyc mubi photography says:

    How is Jamal Khashoggi different from Assange?

  21. aucourant says:

    The Guardian is Fake News. It has been for years.

  22. Yuri muckraker says:

    The Guardian since its inception has always been a waste of ink, oxygen, and paper, John Pilger has often been describing the Guardian has having a bunch of windbags and Tariq Ali brilliantly described them at an anti-war protest against the bombings in Syria which the Guardian supported as an MI5/MI6 Tabloid. and Luke Harding is one of many examples of how sickening the Guardian is. They are the New York Times and Washington Post of Britain where truth dies in darkness and when it comes to war and smearing left-wing dissenters you can always expect the Guardian to join the groupthink, as John Pilger has brilliant described them as Vichy Journalism.

  23. fancynancylucille says:

    Go, Galloway!  The journalists should be standing behind Julian Assange. But, as I have said elsewhere, the twelve disciples abandoned Jesus, all but one, I think…..

  24. NWSE Research says:

    Unfortunately first Gareth Porter and then the host of this interview seem to confuse Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence operative, with Robert David Steele, a former US intel operative. Christopher Steele is associated with the infamous Trump dossier. Robert David Steele has no direct involvement but I expect that he sees the Trump-Russia collusion proposition as an operation with no basis in fact, intended, among other things, to distract from the content of the e-mails revealing the utterly disgusting treachery of the DNC. I don't speak for him, by any means, however.

  25. Christopher Coleman says:

    FYI There are large numbers of "former" intelligence officers in the American media: I'm guessing the same is true of British media and MI5.

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