Hilary Benn’s deep and special Brexit lifeboat.

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it seems to me that we have decided as a country to disembark from a liner in the middle of the ocean, and we have two basic choices: we can jump into the sea, which is what a hard no-deal Brexit would mean, or we can climb down into a lifeboat and decide where we are going. What are those in the Cabinet doing at the moment? They have spent two years arguing, first about how to create a deep and special lifeboat.”

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5 Responses

  1. Stephane Caussin says:

    no life boat is better than a bad life boat :). Pure English humor. love it.

  2. traci beacer says:

    You have the gore to post this shit ???!!!!

  3. john harris says:

    Well I think that a NGO would come along in their big ship called "Aquarius" and sail us to Brussels where we would be welcome with open arms, given food, shelter , housing and a free trade deal with minimal fiction at the boarder. After all if they will do it for economic immigrants why wouldn't they do it for their largest customer with a £80b trade surplus?

  4. Mister Furious No Remoaners Allowed says:

    Jump into the sea? But I thought we were leaping in the dark over the cliff edge!?

  5. Mister Furious No Remoaners Allowed says:

    Time's up for remoaners.

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