How many Tory MPs really oppose May’s Brexit deal?

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Mark Wallace presents ConservativeHome’s estimate on the BBC’s Politics Live.

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23 Responses

  1. Nicky Eustace says:

    How many Tory MPs really haven't been bought off, threatened or given a knighthood and also happen to respect democracy?

  2. Stella Ash says:

    May the Puppet's puppet. Look where it has got Macron.

  3. lucid says:
    Remember TM is up to her neck in the SPYGATE scandal of 2016.
    Why did Bob Hannigan resign?
    This explains a lot especially 13 mins in. He resigns immediately after Rogers informed Trump of the illegal spying and of UK's involvement.
    Wouldn't DC and TM have had to authorise using uk intelligence to spy on a candidate for the US presidency in order to send it to Obama and Clinton? And then get involved with creating a false narrative (the dirty dossier) by MI6 head of Russia desk Christoper Steele that was paid for by none other than Hillary Clinton via law firm Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS? I think May has more worries than Brexit. Being indicted as a co-conspirator in the greatest spy scandal of our lifetime and exposed as a traitor working for unseen forces trying to sabotage Britain. Meanwhile you're saying there haven't been enough letters to get rid of her.
    All this info is in the public domain already via congressional hearings in the US and intelligence committees. When Trump declassifies the FISA docs and the OIG kicks in with Huber and the Grand Juries there will be all hell to pay. You relly want to keep TM as leader and PM. Someone who was part of this scandal??

  4. Mandy/Colin fryett says:

    The reason we are having problems over Brexit is because the British Establishment will not accept the Referendum result and have tried to find a method of keeping closely aligned with the EU by replicating the arrangements with the EU in the so called Withdrawal Agreement. This is neither agreed by Parliament or by the EU which has not ratified it and will take years to do so. Even then there is no reason for the EU to agree to any Trade Deal of any kind whatsoever. The point of the Art 50 process was for the 'future relationship' to be agreed first – this has not and will not happen. The full negotiating period envisaged was the 2 years of Art 50 and the UK could have given absolute certainty by announcin gWTO Rules (so called Clean Brexit) at the beginning and if the EU had offered an FTA before that period it may have been a little simpler.

  5. lucid says:

    And all the while we all are caught up in this quandary, deep in the bowels of various secret locations ballot boxes are being stuffed with fake votes to remain in the EU, for a rigged 2nd referendum. Why is there still funding for MEPs for the EU parliament elections if we leave by end of March 2019? Just wait for May's U-turn when she loses the vote in parliament. The EU will extend article 50 to July or later in order to attempt to facilitate as such. They would then attempt to split the leave vote with a 3 option ballot with No deal, May's deal and Remain. Or even worse Remain or May's deal brexit.

    it's important to remember that May is working on behalf of an outside entity one even more sinister and secretive than the EU, whichis only the public face of it. This is all now becoming clear that her allegiances lay not with party or state or even the people she purports to represent but with a cabal of globalist forces with sinister intention and common purpose. Various article even in the telegraph have now even started to say as much.

    The only hope for the conservatives is to immediately ditch her and promote a WTO brexit.

  6. Geoff Evans says:

    Well BBC if you only invite leftwing people on your propaganda show you only get leftwing veiws (you put shit in you get shit out )
    You seem to forget you are OUR employees and you will get yours

  7. lucid says:

    You must realise by now that Theresa May is taking your party down in flames. Her national tour that doesn't allow local newspapers and those allowed to attend have pre vetted questions. The gigantic lies she's telling the public about her deal. Let alone the way she has the social media totally rigged.

    For anyone who doesn't already know if you post on say her twitter if you oppose her deal from a pro brexit position you get shadow banned eventually and only you can see your own posts. Notice how the majority of the raging against her deal is from remainers who want a 2nd referendum. This is all to give the false impression that her deal is the pro brexit position.

    This is now as I said a fight between the globalists and patriots. Party politics are out the window. If you support Theresa May then you stand on the side of fascism and the destruction of Britain and all democracy in the UK.

    If she forces this through or there is even some Norway style efta deal or a 2nd referendum then all bets are off. The BBC leaked that she had the Army on standby to deal with the public…just think about that. Look where this woman is taking you. If you don't gel rid of her immediately it won't just be your party that is destroyed she will have opened up Pandora's box. All globalists should be expunged from your party. The actual goal should not be to strike a deal with the EU but govt policy should be it's absolute destruction as an enemy.

  8. Acac says:

    Anyone who votes for this deal is a traitor

  9. Simon John says:

    The numbers don't add up to a win for May. She has at least 90 Tory MPs who say they won't vote for it, nearly all of Labour, all the DUP which they rely on for supply and demand, all of the SNP also voting it down.
    She's toast, unless everyone is telling porkies.

  10. Will says:

    May needs her neck stretching.

  11. apache16789 says:

    There is another deal on the table! It is called trading with the EU under WTO rules. Totally free from the invasive cancerous weed colloquially known as the EU. What a fantastic deal that is if only the dummies we elected to Parliament would grab hold of.

  12. Martin Nicholls says:

    I hope they are telling the truth, then we get what we actually voted for.

  13. neville says:

    That is a complete disgrace. As a Conservative voting family I can confirm that if Conservative MP's approve this disgracefull deal then we shall not be voting Conservative again. They will have betrayed my Queen, country, people and our democracy.

    Since we can no longer support any of our main parties we urgently need a political party that we can trust.

    The party and PM have become toxic.

  14. BahamutDKing says:

    Why is Tony Blair in a wig running the Tories?

  15. Bob Martin says:

    Believe in the ingenuity, creativity, tenacity, determination and resourcefulness of the British people.
    NO deal Exit from the dictatorship of the EU. WTO Trade with the rest of the world like most other countries do. We will make a great success of it. This is a Golden opportunity.

  16. roconnor01 says:

    The BBC has diluted its political output down to a very pale vanilla.

  17. The Watcher says:

    Pathetic the lot of them corrupt EU scum only UKIP will truly deliver Brexit. And God help us if Labour and the communist corbyn get in no 10 which I think MAY is actually setting up to do both parties same lies this country needs a total change of political class in power.

  18. Maveric Morph says:

    i think she's going to get it through.

  19. Dave Dogge says:

    "How many Tory MPs really oppose May's Brexit deal?" … answer: "Enough to block this awful Brexit proposal and end her Prime Ministerial position."

  20. Warren Alexander says:

    I suppose when you go into negotiations on your knees waving a white flag, you're unlikely to get a particularly good deal

  21. Saadat Ahmad says:

    Our prime minister is working on EU agenda not for UK

  22. NaZReD says:

    This is a shocking deal. It's a butchers attempt to remove no deal (which is actually brexit because it means we leaving the EU ) . If you want a deal thats okay but that isn't actually brexit is it…. that a trade deal after brexit… hard, soft, remoan, people vote, 2ND chance, staying partly in. Was not even mentioned once before the brexit vote. Stop lying to people !

  23. AjitB07 says:

    I like that "as they would" at the end.

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