Iain Dale on Conservatism, Immigration, Tax & the NHS

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Radio presenter Iain Dale (@IainDale) discusses British politics, conservatism, section 28, running as an openly gay candidate, Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May, radio, immigration, Tommy Robison, Brexit, Islam, tax, the NHS and a lot more with the guys at TRIGGERnometry.

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About TRIGGERnometry: Stand-up comedians Konstantin Kisin (@konstantinkisin) and Francis Foster (@failinghuman) make sense of politics, economics, free speech, AI, drug policy and WW3 with the help of presidential advisors, renowned economists, award-winning journalists, controversial writers, leading scientists and notorious comedians.

Iain Dale on Conservatism, Immigration, Tax & the NHS

Views:4508|Rating:4.70|View Time:1:10:59Minutes|Likes:154|Dislikes:10
Radio presenter Iain Dale (@IainDale) discusses British politics, conservatism, section 28, running as an openly gay candidate, Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May, radio, immigration, Tommy Robison, Brexit, Islam, tax, the NHS and a lot more with the guys at TRIGGERnometry.

If you enjoy our content and would like to support our mission to facilitate open and fact-based discussion visit: www.patreon.com/triggerpod

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https://www.facebook.com/triggerpod https://www.instagram.com/triggerpod

About TRIGGERnometry: Stand-up comedians Konstantin Kisin (@konstantinkisin) and Francis Foster (@failinghuman) make sense of politics, economics, free speech, AI, drug policy and WW3 with the help of presidential advisors, renowned economists, award-winning journalists, controversial writers, leading scientists and notorious comedians.

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43 Responses

  1. Michael Roberts says:

    West Ham are the best; I've got West Ham on my vest.

  2. Mike Jones says:

    Calling Iain Dale slimey is an insult to slime .

  3. daniel webb says:

    Go tunny wells

  4. daniel webb says:

    Does have to be said though that Tommy Robinson would rather be called a name but less children be raped. Than the other way around.

  5. Tee Bee says:

    This guy has the best show on LBC facts, hes also very witty which is quite entertaining

  6. EccentricSage says:

    I don't understand the British political enthusiasm for immigration. You are a tiny tiny country… never mind funding infrastructure and building housing… you are going to run out of LAND. There is no reason why the existing population should want to replace their own few children with a multitude of foreign ones, and then watch in their twilight years how the competition for resources and jobs plays out between the average one to two ethnically British kids they might have and the many offspring more common in Islamic, Indian, and African cultures.

    Also, why is it that people only care about the best interests of indigenous populations when they are brown? Yes, your ethnic identity matters because it is your homeland. You are NOT America. The reason America is a melting pot of many and the ethnic homeland of so few is because mass colonization and mass immigration led to the slaughter and displacement of the indigenous people!

  7. Alpha Lobster says:

    He correctly analyses the NHS and that austerity is a myth, but fails to connect mass eastern EU immigration with the low wage high benefits culture we now have. For example, 50.2% of household pay less in tax than they use in benefits and services and the top 10% of households pay 50% of all income tax. We have a completely unsustainable system. Mass immigration has created an unproductive, low investment, high dependency, high wage inequality system. A flat tax of 20% would rebalance the system in favour of semi-skilled/skilled labour, encourage investment, reduce the employment costs (I.e. tax and gross wages) of professional employees and reduce wage inequality as well is killing the tax avoidance business overnight. Lower tax, smaller government, personal responsibility. More of that please.

  8. Alpha Lobster says:

    His immigration/racism anecdotes are BS too, he montages some fragmented experiences to make a point that he has no direct experience of.

  9. Alpha Lobster says:

    What has Israel got wrong then?

  10. amaretto1205 says:

    Great interview, love the format. Maybe you should consider getting Kate Anders from the IEA on, she talks a good game particularly on the NHS.

  11. BD Wednesday says:

    I'm on the Left but I'm far more concerned about mass immigration than conservative Ian Dale.

  12. george ash says:

    Iain Dale is full of himself. Another millionaire mouthing off. The only immigrants he deals with are the ones he probably employs as his servants. I am so glad he has been demoted to make way for Eddie Mair.

  13. Mel Ellis says:

    Another excellent interview in the casual British style. Keep up this good work

  14. Rick Lopez says:

    Really great conversation.

  15. Braiden Brousseau says:

    "I've never met a muslim who was sympathetic to terrorism" …. Your guest would be well served by reading some PEW research polling data and not base policy decisions based on personal anecdotes.

  16. Liam Gordon says:

    Is Dale for real?

    No deal brexit is primarily a pensioner thing, because they are very much ring-fenced from the consequences of it (no jobs to lose, no mortgages to default on, and incomes that are inflation protected). The 'whole generation' that would be alienated and that the powers that be need to worry about is not pensioners who have it far too good already and won't suffer from the ramifications of this dreadful decision, but the people aged 15-45 who are going to be around for another 40-70 years, and who will be very much alienated if the Brexiteer extremists get what they want.

    The generation who did vote for it will be dead soon, it's simple truth and important to remember, the young will be paying for the decisions of the old, far past the point the older generation who voted for brexit has passed on. And don't talk to me of alienating people…..when the Brexiteers have done nothing but insult the 48% who voted to remain. Calling them traitors, enemies of the people, citizens of nowhere…

    I also find it funny how Leavers like Iain Dale have the balls to continually refer to Brexit as if it was one solid entity that is both internally consistent and logically coherent, and not the amalgamation of a wide range of mutually exclusive claims and promises, that cannot ever be reconciled into one single, executable policy. They've sold it so well that it's two years post-referendum and even ardent Remainers have been gaslighted to believe that Brexit as a construct actually exists.

  17. Alex Moscow says:

    Great interview chaps. Would have loved to understand Iain's views on Brexit a bit more. As someone who clearly has liberal views when it comes to immigration, taxation and benefits, I would have been interested to hear why he voted to Leave. I'm guessing it has to do with issues around Sovereignty and I would have liked to hear his point of view.

  18. Tim McQuade says:

    Really enjoying your interviews guys, keep it up!

  19. Talshere says:

    The Key and Peele scetch about the gay man with the penis whistle, penis mug and penis lollipop neatly typifies what people "don't like" about gay people.

    It's not being gay people dislike. It's that irritating, flapping, showy, obnoxious superior attitude.

    Being gay doesn't mean you have to act like a prize prat.

  20. KyotoBloom says:

    Konstantin, I have to say that this is an unfortunate side step from the left-leaning Political class and refuse to settle the problem. Thank you for asking and pressing the question, despite the downplaying of the issue.


    Net migration seems to be around 572k into the UK, Peter Hitchens' Trotskyist compatriots have done their job pretty well. Multiculturalism has largely failed, even in Britain, Peter Hitchens has written an entire book on how rapidly the country has changed. This is why he is right to say that there is no Conservative party in Britain, all you have is the Tory Party and the Labour Party, where both of them are filled with Blairites, and Blairism is more radical than Corbyn's politics.


    It's unfortunate that even Ian Dale heavily downplays the cultural and economic setbacks people face with mass migration. 10million+ jobs created in the past ten years, and 80% of them given to the non-UK citizens, and no wonder London based jobs are not available to the working class because there's a European workforce along with others competing for them? Severely upsetting and downplaying response by Mr. Dale. Hope you get Peter Hitchens on and talk about Immigration and Multiculturalism at length.

  21. Ariella Waltman says:

    Great format, nice to juxtapose a subject and view it through the lens of left, right and centre, thanks.

  22. BeggFry says:

    Iain "and then everyone clapped" Dale

  23. crimson kes says:

    This is exceptional. Great format, technique and content. Well done (again) chaps.

  24. Phillip Rowe says:

    He was way to left for me but nice conversation

  25. Honest John says:

    PS: excellent channel by the way.

  26. Honest John says:

    The mistake that was made in this specific discussion, where you touched on immigration; was the framing.

    You all framed it as “the fear of immigration”, which meant, by default you were all discussing an irrational fear of difference.

    e.g. at best a minor phobia and at worst racism and xenophobia.

    But I don’t think that’s the case for most people who oppose mass immigration.

    It’s 2018, and large waves of immigration have been coming to the UK since the late 1940s.

    It’s almost impossible to find a modern white Brit (even in the Shires), who hasn’t grown up with the constant presence of different races, ethnicities and cultures.

    Almost every town (and even some villages) will have had a Chinese and an Indian restaurant. And that has been the case since at least the mid 80s.

    As I mentioned before, many of our major metropolises are majority minority and as a child of the 70s and 80s, I grew up in N W London as part of the English minority in predominantly Irish and West Indian neighborhoods, and I’m in my mid forties. So grew up long long before Tony Blair kickstarted souped up, continuous mass immigration.

    As such, many of my closest friends are Irish, Bajan, Jamaican, Turkish and Indian. Plus my beloved and dearly departed wife was Asian.

    But I oppose mass immigration because diversity is fine, demographic and cultural transformation (with the potential of most of our cities and large parts of rural and mill town Northern England) actually becoming minority white British; is quite frankly unacceptable.

    As unacceptable as Delhi becoming majority Southern Baptist, Bangkok becoming majority European or Nairobi having more Russians, Polish and Hungarians than Kenyans.

    Whilst of course there are genuine racists and xenophobes, to think the majority of people who oppose mass immigration in the UK are these sheltered bigots who are frightened by the sight of a Sikh walking through the village or shocked into Pavlovian fear at the sight of a black family, because it’s just so new to them; is like talking about the proliferation of top hats and bowlers on London Bridge.

    The UK hasn’t been like that for nearly seventy years.

    It’s not a fear of difference, phobia, hatred, or an ignorant fear of Johnny Foreigner stealing our jobs and rinsing our housing and public services dry.

    It’s a totally reasonable desire to say “Cairo is Egyptian, Nairobi is Kenyan, Tokyo is Japanese and Bangkok is Thai. Do you think us English could keep London?”

    Pretty please?

    We don’t want a monoculture, or for our Jamaican friends to be deported just for our home to remain uniquely our home.

    So quit the mass immigration, because we’re already diverse.

    A totally rational and hate free political/policy desire.

    Unfortunately, nice people like Dale are convinced it’s an ignorant or sinister desire.

    And most of the establishment thinks like Mr Dale.

    There’s a massive disconnect between the establishment, the left leaning middle class and everyone else. And the establishment and middle classes are hell bent on either teaching the ignorant masses not to fear difference so that they are at ease with the UK becoming a melting pot for the world (along the lines of John Lennon’s Imagine) or shutting down and fighting the “racists” like Tommy Robinson (and indeed myself) because we can’t allow “fascism” and “white supremacy” to exist.

    Whereas most of those who oppose mass immigration are neither suffering a phobia, racist or the second coming of goose stepping fascism.

    Unless the establishment and middle class wise up to this fact, it won’t end well

  27. Not Nathan says:

    The guy is dead wrong about immigration and integration. There's nothing wrong with wanting to keep your country's culture intact and it has very little to do with "brown people"

  28. pindrop says:

    Iain seems very confused about the public's view of immigration. He makes a straw man of the opposing view insinuating that only bigots and idiots oppose it.

    It is fundamentally a question of integration and if we are importing hundreds of thousands of people then they will not intergrate but form isolated communities within communities. This becomes a problem when you have particular cultures antithetical to our own growing roots in our country. Perhaps Iain would do well to reflect on the fact that 52% of the UK Muslim population believe that homosexuality should not be legal.

    I believe anyone can be assimilated if they live within our communities, but this can only be achieved if the numbers are drastically reduced.

  29. Christopher Walrath says:

    Great interview!! Like most I am frustrated at the reductionist attitude that immigration is just about fear of brown people. That is intellectually dishonest and only kicks the can further down the road. Are you all on Patreon?

  30. b cairns says:

    Great job great interview another guy with his head in the sand

  31. Sandmanuel says:

    "There are a few Northern towns where for whatever reason a particular section of the population has decided for whatever reason to settle there and it's almost like there aren't any more white families in that area"
    Why is this a problem according to Iain Dale? I can guarantee this will be seen as base racism in a short time if it isn't already. I'm sure people will eventually accept things and if they don't then they will die and their way of life will die with them – but is that a good thing? Here's a tribal example, of course not every Muslim wants to bomb you! But what if 90% of Muslims would first and foremost vote for a candidate who opposed Israel or who was amenable to making criticism of Islam illegal? Of course not every Russian wants to poison you but what if they voted 80% for deeply religiously conservative candidates? What if immigrants and their descendants were the deciding factor in the Brexit referendum one way or another? It would feel like if English people living in Scotland were the deciding factor in a vote for Scotland to reject independence. It would be like if the British immigrant community in Catalonia was the deciding factor in voting against independence there. It just feels wrong. I'd feel wrong participating in the last two.

  32. Sandmanuel says:

    "If we're not training enough people…" – maybe we don't need to train people if we can get immigrants who will be less discontent working for less and who are already mostly trained? I'm not saying this is a conspiracy but if India trained 5,000 accountants a year who were qualified to work in the UK for half the going rate, then what do you think would happen to the number of British people training to be accountants? What am I missing?

  33. Sandmanuel says:

    The internet might cause problems but it also seems to be the only avenue available to those dissent from the establishment mainstream. The fact that the powers that be all seem to agree that this must be curbed somehow in their various interests, that is REALLY dangerous.

    Corbyn cracked through and his movement has parasitized an existing power structure. In a different political system he might be leader of the far left party and there would be a centre left Labour party too. I honestly don't think the "far right" has cracked through anywhere. I'm not using that term in a derogatory sense either. Is there a party that actively opposes positive discrimination? The Tories seem to be allowing it and expanding it. Is there a party that stands for radical free speech? All parties seem intent on cracking down on this. Is there a party against immigration? UKIP exists but has no institutional power. Is there a party that actually stands for Brexit? Brexit was decided upon in a referendum but the only leader who actually seems to support it is Jeremy Corbyn and his party hates him for it. UKIP obviously believes in Brexit but they have no MPs.

  34. Razsteroid says:


  35. leetshots says:

    Another great interview. I shall collate my comments till the end next time 🙂

  36. leetshots says:

    Also those views on immigration are a gross simplification. It's because people think it boils down to hating brown people that we can't have the discussion.

    Leaving aside it's a huge logistical time bomb in terms of infrastructure, are the ghettos going to get smaller or bigger in future? By his own admission the numbers incoming are not decreasing. Where, logically, will this end? It won't be a good place.

  37. leetshots says:

    Tommy Robinson is not very articulate, he's just saying what a lot of people are thinking.

    If anything his genuine working class anger is what makes him so popular.

  38. Argel Tal says:

    Iain Dale just showed his class when he spoke on Immigration. Spend some time with the working class and they'll tell you why immigration is a big deal.

    Right now, I work for an agency (which is the only available employment in my town). I work with a ton of people, most of which are immigrants (most of which are lovely people too, don't misunderstand me.) The hours are stretched so thin between us that in the past three weeks I have only been offered 16 hours work. £120 in other words. Take off 15-20 for travel and lunch…

    When people like Sargon of Akkad explain that unskilled immigration is essentially waging class warfare, he is correct. The unskilled working class are literally losing their jobs and are being forced onto benefits. I can barely afford my rent or bills and have now got to resort to selling my possessions to make ends meet. All because I literally can't get work due to there being a surplus of unskilled workers.

    To say this isn't an issue or paint us all as thinking that all immigrants are terrorists is the exact reason why the working class are getting seriously sick of elite politicians who have never been hard done by.

  39. Argel Tal says:

    Tommy Robinson absolutely should tear down this pathetic and corrupt system that does everything it can to go against the will of the people that keep them in power.

  40. Adam Rhodes says:

    Are the Trigger mugs merchandise? Is there somewhere they can be bought?

  41. Michael O'Shea says:

    1:10:50 Konstantin (in thick russian accent) "I came to this country to buy mansion in Chelsea"

  42. Michael O'Shea says:

    47:47 "not every muslim wants to bomb you". That's not the bloody point! Can we talk about the people who do want to bomb us?

    You never met a muslim who supports terror attacks? Pew Research disagrees with you.

  43. Satya Nanda says:

    Sorry Ian but Tommy Robinson has done a lot more loudly standing up for gay people than a Tory who sat through Clause 28 and didn’t have the guts to come out till he was 26.

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