Islam, the Religion of Peace? (compilation)

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Islam, the Religion of Peace? You judge. Please comment your thoughts below.

video sources:

*Muslim Leader Admits Islam NOT a Religion of Peace : Islamization of Europe and INDIA

*Islamization of the Nations: Europe Today, North America Tomorrow – Islam Is Not A Religion of Peace

*Islam A Religion Of Peace?

*Sam Harris Real religion of peace Jainism Or Islam?. Is Quran & Prophet Muhammad Perfect? Facts

*Nothing To Do With Islam

*Oxford Declares Islam NOT A Religion Of Peace – Anne Marie Waters

*Ten Obvious Reasons Why Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace 360p

*Former CIA officer: Stop calling Islam a ‘religion of peace’

*Ayaan Hirsi Ali: “Islam is not a religion of peace. It needs innovation.”

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2 Responses

  1. hindu Rakt says:

    Well Europe has to man up and stop the refugee from coming in and kick out all these shit head out of their country…

  2. Sigi Henke says:

    Fuck Satanic Islam, Allah and his pedophile
    butcher prophet Mohamed (pigs blood, piss and shit be upon him for eternity).
    The Quran is only good for being used as toilet paper. Islam is the vilest, most
    brutal religion ever concocted by man. It is incompatible with western values
    and civilization, culture. It is a dark age demonic religion of no progressive,
    beneficial value to mankind.  The average IQ of Muslims is about 85….. 1.6
    Billion Muslims and not a single Nobel prize…… That says enough. Muslims
    will never produce a Einstein, Heisenberg, Mozart, Beethoven, Michelangelo,
    Plato, Newton etc etc. Muslims don't have the mindset and intelligence for that.
    – never will have! Their intransigent minds are immovable set in the dark stone
    age. The universe is a dynamic one moving forward towards ever new frontiers.
    Islam is a dead religion without any chance of exploring new avenues. Islam will
    die, self-destruct. That is built in. 
          When it comes to science and technology,
    we may as well completely forget any input from Muslims. Regarding international
    patent applications by countries – those of Muslim countries can be counted on
    one hand while the ones produced by non-Muslim countries are in the millions. A
    dumb intransigent "religion stuck in the dark ages not open to progressive
    change produces dumb, stupid followers – Muslims. They do know how to handle a
    AK 47 and build suicide belts and bombs though….. What a deranged people…..
    To hell with Islam!!!! Why do I say all this? Because I can and am not afraid of
    that so-called perverted god Allah. Is Islam a violent religion? The answer is a
    resounding YES. In the Islamic conquest of the East – including especially
    India, about 300 MILLION people were mercilessly slaughtered because they wanted
    to keep their own culture and religion. countless treasures were looted, razed
    to the ground like houses of worship, torched because the bloodthirsty Islamic
    hordes under Mohamed deemed them un – Islamic

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