Jack Ma career advice: You don’t have to be smart to be successful

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Jack Ma, founder of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba discusses globalisation and trade, and shares tips on business at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

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23 Responses

  1. Ness Khlf says:

    oh my God this man is such a source of inspiration ❤

  2. AYESHA UZMA says:

    I 100% agree smart people can never work together. I agree with his strong words.

  3. Giyats Fakhri says:

    He is reincarnation of Liu Bei!!

  4. Stacy Chei says:

    Nice post!

  5. NOWisland Publications & Broadcasting says:

    What he means is, the heart is the MOST Important.

  6. ok dhamak dance says:

    I am 24 year old
    And I started business
    From INDIA

  7. Amit Chatterjee says:

    Very well said

  8. David banahene says:

    Your statements are candid and IMMACULATELY CRYSTAL. SALUTE! !!


  9. Barupen S says:

    did he mention globalisation cant be stoped?

  10. agori hum says:

    2:50 did he say education is a bitch

  11. sweet sweetersweetest says:

    Fantastic Teacher Jack Ma…You even give pattern to us about what we have to do in our ages…you are so remarkable motivator ,guide and true leader…

  12. Confused Commie says:

    Jack ma like other Chinese companies copied the Amazon model. Why is he even famous?

  13. Sharuddin Umar says:

    who can tell me,they put a good music background,what kind of these music they put it. What of the title music.pleaseeee

  14. Sharuddin Umar says:

    What kind of music they used

  15. Kim Kim says:

    Scmp is controlled by China. Be aware


    This Jack Ma is a piece of cake, Ooh my gush no wonder he is so successful,he has the hear. Let's learn from him

  17. Holmes Zhao says:

    Hes just charming

  18. Amarjit Nongthombam says:

    I failed in school in my test. Because of this I try to quit school but you motivate me

  19. g p says:

    Legendary Person…..

  20. The Lost says:

    Money goes to money bitchies , thats why we are fucking poor .

  21. jefri pardede says:

    kesempatan datang berkali2 jika engkau mau menciptakannya.

  22. PRASAD PERERA says:

    Respect respect you Jake ma. but every time not for all.

  23. Vishwa Dharma says:

    0:38 to 0:40 Amazing gestures… Great.

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