Jacob Rees-Mogg on Have I Got News For You – Boris Johnson

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Mogg on HIGNFY talking about Boris’ antics as foreign secretary.

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35 Responses

  1. Mal Bruni says:

    Mogg and Johnson should go for it.run this country

  2. roytheboy68 says:

    I don’t agree with all his views but it’s very difficult not to like him. Eloquent, urbane and very intelligent.

  3. Marcus Orangeboom IV None says:

    Who wants a leader who gives people numbers instead of names ? And that's his own kids FFS

  4. Rice says:

    What a babe

  5. Simon Elof says:

    Finally, an MP with a bit of wit.

  6. Willem Dafoe says:

    Not a particular fan of his policies but good lord is this man charismatic. Just a level of class that says "badass".

  7. Slyguy threeonetwonine says:

    Nice use of "Thunderball".

  8. Selective Misanthrope says:

    Any reason why they sound like they have been breathing helium?

  9. mike casanave says:

    A bullwhiP would be just as quick. CRACK!

  10. Blurred picture of Mike Wazowski says:

    Our Mogg <3

  11. Lee Weisbecker says:

    Moggy for PM!

  12. Hope For the Planet says:

    Gods..I love the MOGG! Honestly I can NOT imagine anyone else as PM…I wish MAY …WOULD JUST WALK AWAY…and let MOGG save the Party and the UK with Reason, PRACTICALITY , intelligent decisions and pragmatism…NONE OF WHICH Theresa May is remotely even capable of providing…EVER…that woman WILL SINK THE UK ..SHE wants to. REMAIN in the EU…BUT…THE MAJORITY OF US WANT …OUT..OUT….OUT! Without encumbrance..CLEAN BREAK…..FXXK THE EU..it's a Corrupt political ideology antithetical to democracy, freedom and SOVEREIGNTY……ITS ISLAM PRETENDING TONBE A DEMOCRACY…BUTBOF COURSE…..ITS A VILE IMPOSTER OF reason, rational thought, decency, honesty, integrity and HONOUR…..Quebeckers ARE an EVIL GENICIDAL .

  13. Templar Knight says:

    The Helium audio Is a bit flaky, but it was a good reminder to me why I stopped watching HIGNFY a few years ago.  It's a pure socialist mouth piece of a show.

  14. Space Monkey says:

    I hate that little turd Hislop.

  15. marybeth koons says:

    That's my man!

  16. anthony harvey says:

    if you modefie a clip with speed take it to 75%

  17. MrGeekGamer says:

    This footage is sped up and it sounds very silly indeed.

  18. Fran Ohmsford says:

    Even Hislop had to give him that one – Absolutely elfin' Awesome!!!

  19. Graeme Hanson says:

    Why the increased pitch?

  20. L Ofaday says:

    Did that sound slightly sped up or have I just had a stroke?

  21. Robert Harwood says:

    Bitch slap with a light handkerchief, dual at dawn.

  22. Robert Harwood says:

    So calculated and honest it frightens parliment. The man believes in democracy before all else. Wrong or right the people have the vote

  23. Robert Harwood says:

    When was this, went to catch on iplaye but waant there.

  24. jellymulder says:

    haha that voice really suits weasely Hislop!

  25. Paul Bradley says:

    Mogg 4 The New James Bond

  26. Josh Lawrence says:


  27. MajorSeventh says:

    HIGNFY calls him the "MP for 1879", but I'm not so sure that's a bad thing considering the state of the modern world.

  28. Peter Yates says:

    This man makes me smile, chuckle and cheer.
    He has a wit and a brain…. and always gives honest answers… may all future politicians follow his lead!

  29. Fulham hamster says:

    Helium Mogg…

  30. WC HEAD. says:

    JRM FOR MP!,.. erm, hold on, he'd be a great leader but his party are absolutely useless, so he'd be a great leader of an embarrassing party.

  31. Privileged White Rabbit says:

    Have you sped it up to avoid a copyright claim? They sound like munchkins!

  32. catscats50 says:

    Is this the helium version

  33. thesheepman220 says:

    Great humour from Mogg ,but again stands above the crowd of other MPs

  34. Pao emantega says:

    someone has made the voices squeaky …

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