Jacob Rees Mogg says We will get a Brexit deal at the last minute

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these videos are not for entertainment, they are clearly “fair dealing” under UK copyright law and are exempt as they are reporting current affairs, as I am sure you are aware UK courts “bear in mind that considerations of public interest are paramount”.
UK courts see the fair dealing defence usually only applies when part of a work has been taken such as small clips as per my youtube videos.

Reporting of current events

Under Section 30(2), fair dealing using any work for the purpose of reporting current events, with sufficient acknowledgement, is a valid exception to copyright. Photographs are excluded, however; Cornish, Llewelyn and Aplin write that this is “in order to preserve the full value of holding a unique visual record of some person or event” (11TH OCT 2017) Subscribe for more Jacob Rees Mogg

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26 Responses

  1. Michael Ladomery says:

    Yes Jacob, we Europeans will keel over and grant Britannia all her wishes, and the Anglosphere can’t wait to make Fantastic Trade Deals with the old colonial master! on terms that favour the UK of course!

  2. Malcolm Todd says:

    What if we refuse to vote again!

  3. Earl Minime says:

    I really hope we don't get a deal at the last moment and we leave without one. Once we're out then suddenly the world: both the UK and Europe will discover that the UK can survive perfectly well outside of Europe. And that's were we can negotiate a real deal which will be much better for the UK and, I am convinced, much better for Europe although they probably won't like it in the beginning.

  4. Nancy Reid says:

    maybe we should just tell them to sick it.

  5. Marcus Orangeboom IV None says:

    He wants out because the EU are looking into tax havens . Simple as

  6. Andrew Thomas says:

    Hello mr mogg I’m your my man but I don’t think a deal will come ..the EU cannot give a deal the EU its about complete control and the British people won’t stand for our sovereignty taken away from us ..Brexit is about taking it back when it should not have been given away .brexit means no ECJ ,no Brussels law and no common

  7. reality bites says:

    Mogg has no idea

  8. Hoodoo Operator. says:

    "A minor change in circumstance, for instance; having a child" – What? A minor change? A child is a minor change in circumstance to this man? Lunatic.

  9. benjoostejennings says:

    Who was the last chap speaking?

  10. Nile Parkinson says:

    Fuck deals. When I voted brexit I voted HARD brexit

  11. Malcolm Patterson says:

    what this hypocritical turd means is, He hopes we get a deal at the last minuet

  12. zahadaq says:

    No, You will not…

  13. Scott Humphreys says:

    Almost everything happens at the last minute. That is why you have deadlines. They work.

  14. Christopher Rose says:

    Presumably Rees-Mogg meant 'the fifty-ninth minute of the TWELFTH hour' , if he wanted to emphasise its narrow margin. We live in the 21st century, written 2017, just as you live your first year until you are one, and then begin your second. A question of correct grammar, merely, but only if that is what he MEANT. Logically, he would wish to emphasize such a narrow margin, surely.

  15. David Viner says:

    We need Nigel Farage and Jacob Reece-Mogg right now, not useless may

  16. Conal Corbally says:

    Phew! That's a relief – some Eaton educated religious twat says well get a deal, so it must be true.

    I was worried about the inflation rate and billions lost in investment post Brexit – could you do a video about that please RobinHood?

  17. herringfly says:

    The BBC are back to their daily anti-Brexit propaganda. It would be laughable if it weren't so irritating. Yesterday it was "Sainsbury's Say Brexit Bad Idea". Today's pearl of wisdom from the BBC: a French think-tank says that the UK economy would be better if we dropped Brexit. Oh well then, if the French say so…..
    One of the most irritating aspects of the BBC 's handling of Brexit is their arrogance – they seem to truly believe that, even at this stage, they can persuade the people of Britain to forget it. In reality, as things stand in Europe today, I think that twice as many Brits would vote Leave if they held another referendum tomorrow.

  18. Bloody Brits says:

    Just put 20 quid on the Mogg for next conservative leader. 9-1. never made a bet before.

  19. Martin Wanko says:

    Just a question: Is there a document available about the desired "deals" of the UK government (thanks for a link) ?
    Is it something like "unfettered access to the common market, no border control of goods, full access of services and so on ?
    I mean a "10% rebate to wto tariffs for cabbage export from the UK to EU" is also a deal, or not ? What I want to say is that the expression "deal" sounds rather unspecific to me.
    Hope the "deal" question don't ends like the question "what kind of brexit we voted for ?

  20. Glenn Pryce says:

    For God sake cut the aggressive questioning.If you have moral decency you wouldn't be sticking for this arrogant prat !!

  21. Tom Prince says:

    Jrm wife estate received 6.7 million grant for maintenance of their country mansion ! Bet they didn't have to wait 6 weeks .

  22. yahoopig says:

    This country is being over run by foreign shit.

  23. fatbelly27 says:

    Did he seriously ask that question to JRM? What a berk.

  24. Leroy Jenkins says:

    Don't let the traitor libtards fool you. They invented hard, soft brexit etc to distort the outcome of the vote. In real terms:

    No Deal – leaving the eu and revert to wto (best policy economically as we leave customs union and can trade internationally with other regional blocs and countries) Mexico, South Korea, Australia, USA all wanting deals with us. Dropping of common external tariff proven to be a massive boost to the economy and lowers the cost of essential household items for the poor

    Deal- a sell out of some sort to placate business. Ecj, contributions, open borders or any combination may likely continue. Not truly left the eu and a betrayal of the vote.

    Transition deal – another business pleasing sell out. Someone having a moan that they can't compete in the new global reality. Car manufacturing for example. Transition deal is a sell out designed to placate protected and uncompetitive industry to the detriment of the national interest. Should be told to get their shit together and innovate and adapt.

    Hard brexit – fantasy lib tard term which actually means brexit, a way to throw in the much vaunted "cliff edge" to try and scare people, just like when Osborne rattled the markets with his ridiculous speech on result day.

    Soft brexit – another fantasy term designed by lib tards to frustrate democratic will of the people and to try and dilute real brexit that people voted for. Soft brexit entails a sell out so that libtards can be closer to their communist overlords while ignoring the voice of the people that vote to put them there to serve them.

    Never underestimate a libtards lack of national pride and identity and will to be ruled over by foreign communists.

  25. Neil Hedley says:

    He's right. Liam Fox has said we can sell pigs ears to China. We are negotiating with this.What a joke

  26. steven wilkins says:

    my doctor laid me off 18 months ago I have a muscular degenerative disease diagnosed with 17 years ago but continued working because I've worked all my life but in the last 18 months I've had nothing but headaches stress threatening letters from the council back rent from water council tax everything funny how in Ireland they get paid every fortnight where in England it's monthly you get one of those payments messed up and you f*** your in debt constantly and you just get yourself out of it and then they close you're f**** claim down for some stupid reason again and you're back in the f**** s***

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