Jacob Rees-Mogg vs Jeremy Corbyn: Biggest diss ever

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Jacob Rees-Mogg vs Jeremy Corbyn: Biggest diss ever

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30 Responses

  1. peter adams says:

    corbyn will never be pm, labour is unelectable……

  2. Andrew Mack says:

    A person in Corbyns position should really have some understanding of how investment funds work, but clearly he doesn't even though I'd have expected him to learn that 20 years ago. Whilst having in depth knowledge of it isn't really too important, It would be extremely dumb to vote in someone as PM that doesn't understand this at all…

  3. Jenson Senna says:

    It's the Muppet show and the public are the Muppets.

  4. patrick devitt says:

    I see the board in front of Jeremy has additions. During the debates it said FOR THE MANY NOT THE FEW. NOW IT SAYS REBUILDING BRITAIN FOR THE MANY NOT THE FEW. WHAT'S THE NEXT PLACARD GOING TO SAY. NOW WE'VE DONE IT, REBUILDING BRITAIN FOR THE MANY NOT THE FEW? Just looked at it again , i thought it was my eyes, WHY IS THE not the few, so slight. Passive AGGRESSIVE Wording? IS IT SO HE CAN SAY AFTER. WELL I DIDN'T TEL A LIE . DID I ?. OR AM I BEING A RIGHT C FOR IMAGINING THIS.?

  5. Tom Sanders says:

    Venezuela – L0Lz – Socialists jus wan money – anybodies money

  6. Rory Lion says:

    Socialism? You mean communism Mr Corbyn and that has never worked…..killed millions of its followers though.

  7. Billy Purse says:

    JRM at least has a suit jacket that fits him, unlike you, you tramp.

  8. oldproji says:

    Mr. Corbyn, your persona does not measure up to one inch to that of Jacob Rees-Mogg. It is so easy to make promises when in opposition, as indeed every Labour party has done very eloquently in all my years of voting – and I'm 75. However, in my experience, Labour's grand promises have never come to much, because when they are at the helm they realise that the ship is always too much for them to handle. Sadly, people only vote on current conditions and forget the past. Well, I don't, and for that reason I hope and pray you never make it to number 10.

  9. Allan Dickman says:

    Corbyn puts Venezuela up as good example wow

  10. George Swampy says:

    Let’s face it, There are only TWO words that completely summ’s up the Labour Party to perfection. COMPLETELY UNELECTABLE, or COMPLETE DISASTER.

  11. Floro says:

    Who is this Jack Up Rice Mug?

  12. Andrew Howard says:

    Corbyn is still fighting The Class War and like many on The Left has failed to recognise that with the advent of mass immigration the politics of envy has been replaced with the politics of European survival. I'm certain of his devotion to the cause, why else would he have been shagging Diane Abbot.

  13. Michael Allen says:

    Corbyn is not fit to wipe Moggs boots

  14. doctordonuthin says:

    @7:05 Talking about Mogg's image, says the man wearing a hat indoors. And @8:45, comparing Mogg to 1918, says the man wanting to take us back to early century socialism and communism. Where did they get these people from?

  15. Jeremy Merrifield says:

    Mogg feels so inferior to Corbyn , it is clear in every word and action. The little cowards weasel like voice betrays his weakness and jealousy. It is so sweet to my ears ..

  16. Fat Freddy says:

    Another hopeless politician.
    Give up. Go home.

  17. Mike Robisnson says:

    Another right wing channel begging for money.

  18. Ade Machin says:

    Corbyn is a Commy

  19. Dan Frost says:

    That speaker of the house is really annoying, Isn't his job to just keep them quiet and let the next person speak instead of rambling on and on. He really irritates me.

  20. ANGEL OF DEATH says:

    Mogg for PM

  21. Frank Jenkins says:

    After this week of voting I now realise they are all traitors . They have given themselves another vote on Brexit to stop us leaving once Mays deal is voted down .Brexit is dead . We are to be shackled to the EU forever. Parliament has destroyed Democracy.

  22. ArcadeMAD says:

    actually jeremy corbyn is a great british patriot who loves his country and the british people, he would die for queen and country.

    said no-one ever lol.

  23. Starlight says:

    Spittle spray became the mist of time, Jeremy now long gone under six feet of lime, he left this world as he came in..no suit…no tie and rather thin.

  24. Nobody Nonperson says:

    if there is not a stiffening of principle and a strongly held position put in place soon, we will have to remove the entire political class and start again.

  25. Sean Donoghue says:

    Yes Corbyn… Venezuela made a REAL go of it. Welcome Corbyn you div

  26. Naughtyus maximus says:

    This piece of garbage hasn't got the wit or knowledge to have a go at Mr reece mogg, corbyn has been an ardent hater of the EU, he's just playing at politics now to try and get into government, God help us if that cretin succeeds.

  27. Chester Luv says:

    1:16 You should have included videos of Jeremy Corbyn calling Maduro personally and congratulating him (in Spanish) on the "good" work of the Venezuelan regime.

  28. Dan Crean says:

    Corbyn needs eradicating.

  29. rollyunicorn says:

    When I watch or hear Corbyn I realise that we Humans really did emerge from the primeval swamp. But unfortunately some didn't manage to emerge fully!

  30. Dave Coyle says:

    Corbyn brings nothing new it's the same old socialist crap that we had in the 70s and it was a disaster ! Corbyn is not fit to lead the country or anything else for that matter the bloke is so thick it's scary ! Vote Corbyn get Venezuela!

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