Jeremy Corbyn fails to ask a single question on Brexit in PMQs

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ABOUT: Jeremy Corbyn ignored Brexit as he clashed with Theresa May in their weekly Commons showdown today – as turmoil over the UK’s departure is tearing the Government apart.Mrs May suffered three humiliating Commons defeats on Brexit last night in the worst hour a PM has had in some 40 years.With her deal set to be voted down next week and her premiership hanging by a thread, Mr Corbyn ignored the crisis rocking the Government.Instead he spent all his six questions in PMQs challenging Mrs May on the scale poverty in Britain.He left it to other politicians, including the SNP’s Westminster Ian Blackford and mutinous Tory backbenchers, to hammer the PM on her crisis-hit Brexit plans.Mr Corbyn accused the Tory Government of labelling disabled people ‘scroungers’ and creating a ‘hostile environment’ for people on benefits.Mr Blackford accused the PM of ‘concealing the facts’ by refusing to publish the full legal advice on her Brexit deal.The Prime Minister finally caved to the demand and released the secret documents today after MPs voted to find the Government in contempt of Parliament last night.It was the first time in modern history MPs have passed such a vote and dealt the PM’s authority a humiliating blow.The advice, published today, revealed that Attorney General Geoffrey Cox warned Britain could be stuck in the Irish backstop forever if trade talks with the EU break down.The SNP’s Ian Blackford rounded on the PM in the Commons, furiously accusing her misleading MPs over her Brexit deal.He lashed her Government – saying it is one that ‘has suffered three consecutive defeats in just two hours – the first Government to do so in 40 years, and now a Government found to be in contempt of Parliament.’Isn’t it time that the Prime Minister take responsibility for concealing the facts of her Brexit deal?’ Mrs May hit back saying: ‘You are wrong – this government has not concealed the facts on the Brexit deal.’ But Mr Blackford h

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