Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit deal: “Failed and miserable” negotiations – BBC News

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Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn says “nothing has changed” and says that while the government says rejecting the deal would send the country “back to square one…the truth is we’ve never got beyond square one”.

He says the deal marks the end of “failed and miserable negotiations” and has resulted in a deal that “leaves us with the worst of all worlds, no say over future rules and no certainty for the future”.

He says silence from the rest of the Cabinet is “telling” because they know the deal will leave the country “worse off”, citing research that shows the economy would be 3.9% smaller after the deal.

He says carrying on with the deal is “national self harm” and calls for a “plan B”.

“There is”, he says, “a sensible deal that could win the support of this House” including a customs union and “a strong single market deal” that would protect rights at work.

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32 Responses

  1. Xabier Xabier says:

    The decision is still yours. You decide to accept or reject the deal.

  2. nilloc93 says:

    he's not wrong

  3. Tonysandrussi says:

    Yes you want fish from Malvinas you bich

  4. ChrisMeerkat says:

    During the referendum campaign Corbyn's novel idea was to stay in the EU but actually try to make it better. Great idea Geremy! Kick the war crims out your party 1st and the people might take you seriously. I won't tho, seems to me y'all working off the same script.

  5. Jeremy corbyn says:

    limeys are paying price for what they did to France and other nations that got bullied

  6. dork xx says:

    “many young people and others see opportunities taken away from them” because it’s our generation that suffers the consequences of this blatant ignorance.

  7. silver120mp says:

    england belongs to indians not european fu…ing migrants,except gypsies who are our brothers and sisters;we are already 2 billions indians in the world ;we will rule uk

  8. Global Watcher says:

    Another Sellout May more deception, this is not what the people voted for you should be booted out, as you have crippled the working class with all your heavy tariffs we can hardly live as it is & you always put the burden on the working class your a disgrace to the UK.?#

  9. shahzad malik says:

    y brexit? y cant we remain. corbin is not remain so who will take us there? pm is not my pm. she is only 52% pm who does not give a damn about the 48% and cant see thousand businesses closing down. open ur small eyes may june july.

  10. AssGoblin says:

    MAy needs to be beaten then hanged mussolini style.

  11. Alex Rice says:


  12. sam smith says:

    Problem is his party would just call a new vote to stay in.all polititions are the problem we need a new parliament.

  13. Anton Raducu says:

    Tell May on Sunday her deal is bad , and given the options that you have no choice but call for another referendum and you got the price , you are PM ……

  14. incorectulpolitic says:

    british brainwashing channel

  15. Frank V says:

    Wow Theresa May got completely rekt!

  16. KidHudsonGinobli says:

    And idiot leftist brits say they are laughing at America? Wow look in the mirror you fools

  17. Jeff Kalb says:

    Nobody leaves the EU. Nobody.

  18. John wick says:

    Eu is a final blueprint from the Nazi .May must worse pm ever we ever had!!!

  19. Black dragon story says:

    Am I stupid here or did it fly over her head that when they are at the backstop the eu will demand shit from uk and they already told them that they will go after the water and probably more and it will be a deal like you do what they want and you go forward with the brexit or you are denied to exit.
    Who knows how many things will britain lose in order to full exit the eu.
    Definitely a bad deal.

  20. Aliensinnoh says:

    This is the first time I've ever heard someone speaking in parliament, and I was rather surprised by how much other people chime in, either by booing or saying "yes" or "exactly"

  21. kev french says:

    The only thing worse than Brexit is a Corbyn government

  22. Heretic Anthem says:

    UK is a shit hole.

  23. lord damianos says:

    corbyn and may the same globalist puppets

  24. Connor says:

    Not a fan of Corbyn but I really like what he said here. Given that he has historically been pro-Brexit but now leads a mostly anti-brexit party he is in perhaps a unique position to criticise it from both sides and it shines through in this speech.

  25. Damian Matras says:

    Words, words, words… And the bomb is ticking.

  26. Joseph Parker says:

    In United Kingdom politics at the time of the famine, there were two main political parties. The Tories were liberals who supported the Monarchy, and enjoyed the support of most Irish landlords. The Whigs were strong believers in free trade and had a policy known as laissez-faire, which stated that government should interfere as little as possible in affairs of trade and that the free market would deal with any crises. The UK government at the start of the famine was a Tory government led by Sir Robert Peel.

  27. Spiritual Freedom says:

    Thank God Theresa May is doing such a wonderful job for this country

  28. Vojtěch Rohlena says:

    Conservative cucks are incapable of handling Brexit. There is no true opposition.

  29. Ronny Japutra says:

    What seems to be the problem? Britain is exiting the EU and it will only takes about 100 years for the process to complete. Well done.

  30. GoldenbanjoDJ says:

    How the hell can I vote Tory next election? Theresa has sunk it. Get her out before it's too late

  31. Prabhdeep N says:

    Brexit is unavoidable at this point. I belive our government is far to focused on pleasing Brussels and has put on a little puppet show for them, desperatly begging for a survivable deal. The focus should be on post brexit individual negotiotiations because a this point we are gonna have to take no deal or a bad one so individual trade after Brexit is key to economic recovery. Theresa May's deal is a load of horseshit as it just breaks promises made to brexiteers and put the UK economically worse off. A no-deal senario also causes panic but this is what people voted for, chaos is the short term but prosperity outside the EU in the long term. The EU has been holding back this country since we joined, desperate to recover from post-war challenges.

  32. Triceps of Terror says:

    I am actually in agreement with Corbyn for a change

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