Joe Rogan Experience #1117 – Tim Kennedy

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Tim Kennedy is a Ranger, sniper, Special Forces Operator, and recently retired UFC Fighter.

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  1. Daniel Selvidge says:

    "I can see the stance, they are coming from a place of compassion, but they don't understand nature". That is the case for solving so many social problems today, you can not create a solution from only a point of compassion! Most of the time the good/right thing to do sounds harsh, but that is actually the more compassionate thing to do. The game/conservation example is such a good illustration.

  2. nxghtmxre says:

    Powerful Tim Kennedy

  3. Fernando Lopez Bermudez says:

    I was told the CIA de-classified some evidence that the where watching someone that appeared to look like Hitler in Argentina. The US Government knew about him for many years and just left him alone in Argentina… Does anyone else knows about this? feel free to comment


  4. sam outdoors says:

    My family used to rely on nothing but wild game. Not very long ago. I feel lack of education and a generation of society that has no clue and blantenlybtakes advantage itsjustsad

  5. dave the mr.tinman says:

    Holly shit someone tell Darth Vader to learn how to control his breathing like fuck most annoying episode ever I bet that fat fuck gets winded while fucking his wife SMH what sad peace of shit Joe for not telling him to learn how to fucking breath

  6. angel lizama says:

    This was a great show they had a lot of good discussions Ted Kennedy is a beast…

  7. TheRealCobraBurnout says:

    How many YouTube Channels does Joe Rogan have? Damn! just subbed another. lol

  8. J Gomes says:

    great stuff!!!

  9. SeekingHigherLearning says:

    Wow! This guy is so dumb.

  10. SeekingHigherLearning says:

    Never heard a combat veteran who touts his own idea about how much he loves killing people. It’s disgusting. Tim is the exact opposite of the veterans I know who’ve killed “enemies” in the field. I was a big fan of this guy before seeing this. Its almost as if Joe just gave him the rope and he hung himself

  11. SeekingHigherLearning says:

    Love Tim, but damn, he’s really just a big, strong kid

  12. Jownay Bravo says:

    An immense amount of respect for this man….truly an american patriot.

  13. Jownay Bravo says:

    2 minutes in… i dont notice anything misplaced like that… he is amazing.

  14. J Gomes says:

    good question why not bring those wolves to eat them pigs in texas? put a gps on them once them pigs are gone you catch them and remove them easy fix. oh i m sorry its more fun to shoot them.

  15. J Gomes says:

    i know nobody gives a shit but i just love animals, and one thing i dont get is the hunters can go around killing animals and they say that they keep the balance, but when you find a nest of sea turtles or an animal hurt by another or even a hunter people say you have to let nature follow its course big bull shit, human population is growing more and more each year so why dont we go around killing ourselves to keep the balance?? you describe the animal as majestic beautiful creature, do u have any idea of how many things that animal had to avoid to become a majestic beautiful creature to die in a day when it was eating and enjoying a day where it didnt have to fight for its life, i think a right way to hunt would be giving the hunter a knife and telling him or her to go the them that would be a fair hunt. oh you wouldnt be able to??? guess what go to publix you can buy meat there in case you dont know.

  16. Kev P says:

    I could listen to Tim all day. Dude is a great American.

  17. krayzeddd says:

    Do you guys think that 25 is to late to try to become special forces? haha

  18. UOY KCUF says:

    This zionist shill lying piece of shit needs to be put in an oven

  19. Mauwi Wowwi says:

    He has a comedian face!

  20. TheAnnouncer says:

    Tim “I’m a really good terrorist” Kennedy
    Joe “you ever catch one in the mouth” Rogan

  21. ryan miller says:

    Fuck the military; they don't need more soldiers, they need to reduce the number we have.

  22. cahaps says:

    Haven't they done enough to the german people let it go you fucking selfish Jew nobody cares about your lies

  23. Dylan Reece says:

    This guy is just regurgitating right wing propaganda but thinks he’s some kind of free thinker.

  24. Dylan Reece says:

    Killing animals in Africa SAVES them silly.

  25. Brandon Edge says:

    Thank Kavenaugh for the patriot act.

  26. Tito Jackson says:

    Most women are far worse for society and the world in general than terrorists, and that's the sad truth. The ideological woman, is about 20% or less of women.

  27. Auror Incorporated says:

    My favorite kind of madman. Mr Kennedy has probably done all the things I would do if I were a man. Sheer utter craziness. =D

  28. Shinigami says:

    22:35 Joe has never been more correct in his entire life

  29. IO says:

    Dude looks like the ps4 exclusive fortnite skin fr

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