John Mayer – New Light (Premium Content!)

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28 Responses

  1. Al Jabar says:

    Well this song teach us to never judge the music by its cover. Lol.

  2. Jo-ann Louw says:


  3. Juliana Lima says:

    meu bebe mesmo na barriga ama essa música…bailamos direto 🙂

  4. Monserrat Hernandez says:

    jajajaja your song it's like a bubble gum, I can not move it out my mind, and and it sounds like you're singing an 80s song, great!!!!!!!!!! Greetings from Mexico XD

  5. Dwi Ani Setyowati says:

    Best Song Ever 🙂

  6. Christian Capulso says:

    So good

  7. Permata Hidayat says:

    Nice Good

  8. Kino Mo says:

    God this is good

  9. jaylord lao says:


  10. jort Brugging says:

    Nice outfit Broo

  11. Gabriel Moreno says:

    Who was he waving at?

  12. Alfando Savant says:

    For research purpose : who's the girl 1:18

  13. adib xars says:

    what a nice song

  14. Cesar V says:

    Bien jediondo el wey

  15. iztheterrible says:

    why is John imitating Forest Gump?

  16. Fahad Qureshi says:

    Copied from nazia hassan song

  17. Eloy Aguilar says:

    Tu canción es mi favorito

  18. Hugo Costa says:

    Ah mãe ele anda nas drogas

  19. Cristian Mendo says:

    This fucking song! I FINALLY FOUND IT!

  20. Chompski says:

    Never really liked john mayer songs, but god this song is really good. No joke my favourite song rn

  21. Hellen Boy says:

    Marry me? 🙂

  22. Cas says:

    Gotta love it man! And with my new headset its even better 🙂

  23. Dylan porter says:

    First time listening to him I'm impressed my ovaries exploded and I'm a guy

  24. the legend says:

    Love this song

  25. Rosanna Manzana says:


  26. Trollololol13 says:


  27. Peter Ripson says:

    I here the Smith's in there!

  28. Jelle Van Rijn says:

    Boy this is an EXCELLENT song to play on the bass

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