John Mcguinness funny press conference comment

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John Mcguinness funny press conference comment regarding his foreskin

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4 Responses

  1. interman 77 says:

    A true legend ,he's just finished the most dangerous race in the world,in typical English understatement he was thinking about a bit of chafing during the race.

  2. Sam Smith says:

    I think he part of the reason he mentioned the "hood" issue was to cheer Guy Martin up. Guy was a bit upset about the flags. But this certainly put a smile back on his face.

  3. lance22me says:

    Could have been worse. He could have eaten a breakfast biscuit from McDonalds just before the race, then had 'rhea while on the track.

  4. Proud Hypocrite says:

    It's great to not be mutilated!!

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