Jordan Peterson: “There was plenty of motivation to take me out. It just didn’t work” | British GQ

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As part of our 30th-anniversary dissection of masculinity, Helen Lewis interrogated controversial Canadian academic and bestselling author Jordan Peterson about the patriarchy, #MeToo, the alt-right, gay parenting, fascist ideologies, his all-beef diet and much more…

photographer: Nigel Parry

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Jordan Peterson: “There was plenty of motivation to take me out. It just didn’t work”

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39 Responses

  1. Hazar Younis says:

    JP is rocking an awesome tan here

  2. TheRedneckSage says:

    Helen making the assertion that JP is effeminate is a totally ludicrous assumption and demonstrates a total disregard for the finer elements or qualities that make up the totality of a civilized and high status male. JP is entirely the embodiment of the the refined level of strong masculinity that is attainable and desirable in western society. she has no business writing for a men's magazine..

  3. ChicaBond007 says:

    OMG CRAZY IDIOT FEMINIST ALERT!!! “women will be prosecuted” and turned into a handmaiden????? what planet do they live in? she’s complaining about what happened in HISTORY she’s an embarrassment to women…”if you don’t remember history you tend to repeat it” I bet you she’s against keeping the statues of confederate generals like those idiots in the south…i can’t

  4. Ernie Shaw says:

    She is an ideolog.
    So steeped in her indoctrination that she can't recognize Wisdom, when it's been placed in her lap.
    How can someone claim to be Woke when they are actually fast asleep.

  5. Zara Kovaks says:

    I love this man so much

  6. Michael Coop says:

    I really like Peterson. I read his book, I’ve listened to his lectures, his YouTube videos etc etc, but here he seems kind of, I don’t know, enervated or irritable. It doesn’t come off well. As much as I disagree with the lady, and yes I agree that he does shoot her down fairly easily, I find that she actually comes across as more polite here. Peterson seems to dominate in an ungraceful way, and always be on the verge of losing his cool. My guess is that he’s been on the road too long – too many interviews having the same arguments, making the same points, hitting the same walls. I love the guy but he seems a little tired on all fronts, maybe he should have a bit of a rest.

  7. annebeck58 says:

    And, there she goes, again; popping off about, "climate change", and how she'd, "be happy with a lot more nuclear". In this post-Fukushima age (actually, it's hardly post-melt-down, as a meltdown is forever, and there have been at least four, most likely six, reactors melting down and/or exploded…), anyone who says, "I'd be happy with a lot more nuclear", is a dope.
    What? They haven't YET killed enough of the sea-going creatures, in the Pacific (and Atlantic, and across the globe, as the winds carry the rads…) for her liking? Does she actually know, or has she studied and/or considered this lunacy? It seems this woman says whatever pops into her head, without ever having researched the topic(s), whatsoever.
    This does not bode well, for women, as a whole. Thankfully, not all of us agree with her (not very educated) opinions. However, that she would say this does give impetus, to those who run nukes, to continue.

  8. Mitch Cumstein says:

    24:55 the reality is twitter is 4chan for a major audience.

  9. Lighten Up You Serious Slobs says:

    So what she's saying is……….

    She's better than you.

  10. Ren Baker says:

    She says: "So you say this and that…" He interrupts: "No! That's not what I said, I said something else entirely." She goes on: " Right, so anyway, here's what I WISH YOU WOULD HAVE SAID, and I want you to defend that with your own response if you had said it." Female journalists with a chip on their shoulders who celebrate Beta Male Syndrome.

  11. gratisversus says:

    Feminist Interviewer: "Unsubstantiated biased opinion as fact"
    Peterson: "Rebuttal and explanation"
    Feminist Interviewer: "Concedes ignorance"

    Repeat for 1hr 40mins

    Afterwards on Twitter –

    Feminist Interviewer: "My worldview remains intact and I am still correct"

  12. Mina Dahabreh says:

    GQ needs to fire her immediately! She’s an absolute embarrassment to the female gender!

  13. Jebaskin1 says:

    Why was he so mad at her?

  14. Ferdinand VonZeppelin says:

    Based JBP really does it for me when the convo turns to Climate Change.

    "If you're very concerned about your carbon footprint, there's a very fast solution to that…"

  15. YEET McQueen says:

    "As you flatten out the sociological landscape, you maximise the biological differences"

  16. Monkeys Uncle says:

    50:51 "You might want to TASTE them (women)" lol omg where tf did THAT come from?

  17. Jeremiah Wright says:

    Jordan Peterson is a gift to the world, that woman got destroyed and she's not even bright enough to know it

  18. Extrovert says:

    ''Multiple orgasms.''

    What a legend.

  19. Olivier Henley says:

    Brilliant guy. Full of a god complex, he would do almost anything to be right or win an argument. Sad and heavy.

  20. Ruth Fitzwater says:

    That woman has been brainwashed by the feminists. Feminists with their “pill” and abortion are destroying our society.

  21. Ferdinand VonZeppelin says:

    Helen totally SMOKED Peterson! Just one prime example:
    "I suspect you think gender expression / identity are fundamentally social constructs (but I could be wrong)."
    "NOPE! I believe gender is … largely socially constructed."


  22. Glenuig says:

    This woman sums up everything wrong with the 21st century. Its painful to watch her

  23. Kristijan Cerovski says:

    Hey B-GQ, pro tip(s):
    – get an EQUAL quality mic for both host and guest. Promote equality by deeds, not words.
    – manage light better, so when your guest nods his head down while thinking, you don't cast a great shadow of Mordor in his eye area.
    – have some manners in host's questions. Generalising everything your guest is linked to, is not very gentlemen-like. You know, it's in your name.

  24. Jonathan Berman says:

    To paraphrase, "People are hungry for a discussion of the relationship between responsibility and meaning, and not just rights and privileges, freedom and impulsive pleasure, which have their place, but are shallow, and those who are moored shallowly get wrecked when storms come along."
    ~Jordan Peterson
    I agree with that.

    Where I do disagree with Peterson is his absolute denial in the ongoing and historical power struggle in relationships between the sexes.

  25. Daniel Lee says:

    Jordan Peterson was there for a lecture, not an interrogation.

  26. Abhinav Chhetri says:

    Its because of this kind of women I feel feminism has actually not done anything good for the actually under-privileged women.

  27. wydopnthrtl says:

    50:51 "You might want to taste them" hahahahahahahahahahaha….

  28. David Carson says:

    Throughout viewing this I had the impression that the interviewer had the personal objective of trying to score points and promote herself and her own viewpoints rather than get the best out of Jordan Peterson. Her style was rather condescending from my perspective – and her counter-arguments brought out controlled and powerful responses that were impressive and yet she never acknowledges that maybe his points of view have influenced her perspective in any way. Never heard of Helen Lewis before – and having just checked a bit of background and the GQ page where she talks about her interview experience and very interestingly she finishes it towards the end by posing the question herself "who won?". So – it seems to me she went into this to have a debate and 'score points' and use as an opportunity for self promotion. On reflection – her style and approach got responses delivered in a way that just further impressed me on the quality of self-control and intellectual strength of Jordan Peterson – and the weakness of perspective and thinking from Helen Lewis. I know the answer I would give to the question "who won?"…

  29. Raphael Magalhaes says:

    Who did He say was his favorite author?

  30. BeaMeUpMrScott says:

    Watching this is as enjoyable as eating a bowl of fruitloops with salt instead of milk.

  31. Felix1 says:

    I think she has done an amazing job of having that discussion against Peterson. I don't agree with her, but the way she challenged him was spectacular. Like when Peterson claimed he knew her position and she demonstrated he didn't. As Cathy Newman most prominently showed, not a lot of people are capable of having a real discussion on one level of playing field with Peterson

  32. dannnyjos says:

    Land wales always have a hard time understanding logic.

  33. funnybot77 says:

    Thumbs up if you appreciate GQ constructing that devilish lighting scheme on Peterson, and the angelic glow of the interviewer. If you can't beat him, use Hollywood tricks.

  34. Bill Wright says:

    Helen is an overeducated, logically impaired talking advertizement for the creation of a tyrannical patriarchy.

  35. tenj00 says:

    Why should I even watch this? I have seen this before. I know what the questions of the "Reporter" will be and also the Answers of Jordan.

  36. Evers Irias says:

    She is getting destroyed

  37. pacnite says:

    She clearly got destroyed at 52:46 but they edited it out

  38. peter green says:

    Regarding Twitter I think that tweets often appear provocative because of the limited size of tweets. It makes it much harder to fit everything in so posts are often going to read bluntly, and kind of shout-y.

  39. C S says:

    She tried sooooo hard. When are people going to learn you cant defeat this man, you can only join him, and his beautiful words. Nice try Helen, time to grow up.

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