Just put this awful Brexit deal out of its misery!

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This deal of the Prime Minister’s is completely dead! Why don’t they just bring the meaningless vote forward to first thing tomorrow morning and put it out of its misery in the most painless way?


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Why not just call a halt to this meaningless debate right now and get everyone working on a no deal WTO exit from the EU?

Now that the letter from the Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox QC, to Mrs May giving legal advice on the legal effect of the backstop on Northern Ireland has been produced, it has become clear that the leader of the so-called ‘Conservative and Unionist Party’ has changed it into the Theresa survivalist mob.

As MPs are continually pointing out, this deal is setting the UK up for failure and for the hiving off of Northern Ireland into the EU sphere of influence.

And we will be signing up to that in blood on tablets of stone.

But the only thing we as a country can rely on in return from the EU, is this term ‘best endeavours in good faith’.

What planet do they think we were born on?

The SNP will vote against it, the Tory Brexiteers still look like they will vote it down, many Tory Remainers will vote it down, most of the Labour Party and Lib Dems will vote it down and importantly the DUP looks like it will now vote against the government – and they will have every right to do so given that this is a blatant crossing of at least one of the PM’s red line assurances to the DUP at the start of her premiership. That new assignation UK(NI) did for that.

But I expect the government will soldier on with this waste of debating time, because when it gets voted down on 11th December, the government still gets 21 days to come up with a statement for the house – that would be the first of January then, but bear in mind the House is actually due to be in recess from the 20th December to the 7th January – then the government has a further seven sitting days to bring forward a motion in neutral terms for the house to consider the statement made the week before.

So we’re well into January after a nice uninterrupted Christmas for our elected representatives. And that’s without trying for a second time to get the deal through, if Theresa dared to try, that is.

And of course there’s loads of speculation about a constitutional crisis, votes of no confidence, forcing the house to sit over Christmas, a Tory leadership challenge, a general election, another referendum etc etc etc. But most of it will be based on trying to reverse Brexit, not work on the obvious WTO exit solution.

And another thing, Brexit has not caused divisions, what caused the division right at the start was when the country was taken into the Common Market in 1973 without consultation or permission or telling the people of the true constitutional repercussions – from that point on, as the system morphed into the power-hungry and expansionist EU, this outcome was inevitable.

And this deal will not help, it will not heal the country, it will make divisions worse as we debate this supposed ‘new deal’ with the EU over the coming years, probably decades. The Brexit debate will just rage on.

And the reason it won’t heal the country is because the EU wants to be the new country and its supporters now want the EU to be our new country and that was always the aim, but the majority rejected that.

To heal a country you have to have a country – a country that is independent and sovereign and controls its own destiny.

Anything else is a lie and a nonsense.

Just look at what this dichotomous situation has done to our once sovereign parliament.

They have received a direct instruction from the UK electorate, the ones our politicians once called their masters, but now only pay lip service to.

The problem is that the UK electorate may put crosses in boxes, but they are no longer the masters of the UK parliament – that power now resides with a minority of those who believe in the EU project, a project that these people believe that the UK must now bow to and serve. A project that need not bother itself with the niceties of democracy – or else why are we here in the first place.

And this orchestrated constitutional crisis is just a symptom of that problem.

To heal our country we must first take back full control of our country and rebuild it as a country.



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48 Responses

  1. Jeff Taylor says:


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  2. rachel469 says:

    Do what Jeff suggests and get us out with no deal

  3. Jeffrey Gallon says:

    Brilliant spech. Jeff

  4. Bykermann says:

    Excellent Jeff….bin Brexit. You're getting there, I knew you would in the end.

  5. alex jervis says:

    Traitor, Remainer, Sharia loving May, ("Islam is a religion of peace".) took 9 months to get to the starting line (Art.50.) which cost us an EXTRA £6 Billions in sub's.
    That she is surprised at the reaction to her Dog's Dinner deal, should not be unexpected.
    Her stint in the Home Office allowed her to push the Mass Immigration scheme, as required by those on the top floor!
    All Britain has to do is to REPEAL the Legislation that got us into this mess and the MARKET will make the DEALS!
    Ireland is a Gordian knot.
    And so requires an Alexandrian solution:
    1. Eire must leave the EU.
    2. N.Ireland must be united with the South.
    Any British subject not wishing to remain, must be bought out, with generous and prompt compensation for property and all the costs incurred in moving to wherever they wish to go.
    This action must be funded from the ridiculous Overseas Aid Budget!

  6. Andrew Christie says:

    Check out SGT Report. (Qs plan to save the World). Then understand Brexit

  7. littlegee says:

    At least this has all come out on public display so we can all vote for parties that will listen in the future instead of decades of wasted votes on undemocratic parties that lie to gain power and have no intentions of adhering to their manifesto. Personally ive been mugged off for decades voting for these losers.

  8. Kronos my account got hacked says:

    The vote is just being used a a precursor to the Grieve (Grief) Amendment which is designed to double cross the electorate and double lock the escape doors.

  9. Ian Mackie says:

    Considering that Ms May seems to have a close relationship with Angela Merkel, perhaps Ms May should take heed of Merkels situation and leave

  10. Pamela Dale says:

    I had respect for Margaret Thatcher, she knew how to put this country first you only have to look at how quickly she sent the armada to teach the Argintinians a lesson about how not to invade the Falklands, and didn't we just do that. Our brave soldiers showed their metal to take back our territory. Theresa May on the other hand is all about giving our territories away when they want to stay British. She should hang her head in shame and take the first and nearest exit away from Westminster, she should also surrender her pension she is a traitor and traitors should not benefit from their treachery

  11. Pamela Dale says:

    Every politician who has signed over more and more power to this hated dinosaur called the EU should be tried for treason.

  12. Winifred Thompson says:

    According to Holy scripture whither you believe the Bible or not,is immiterial, what is written in that holy book wil come to pass. (1) Remember the big storm comming over in the London area, (2) 6000 strikes of lightning while the voting was taking place) This was according to BBC. The remain according to polls were up to 5 to 10 points ahead, depending on which poll. They were wrong. Brexit happened against all odds. These remainers thought they had it won, including Cameron and May . They never had read the scripture. They were disalusioned. (3) All her two and froeing to Brussels has come to nought. (4) Never before has a government of the United Kingdom been Charged with dishonour ing the House of Commons, making untrue statements, and been voted down for doing so. May should hang her head in shame, unfortunately there is no shame in this woman.
    EUROPE IS TO FOLLOW THE BEAST SYSTEM, GERMANY IS TO REARM, MERKEL AND CO. ARE TALKING ABOUT THAT NOW, SO IS MACROON, A E.U. ARMY, GERMANY TO BE IN CHARGE. 4th reink. Don't forget it was Germany that started the last 2 big W.Wars. there will be a third. Britain according to scripture cannot be part of this alias.
    We wil leave without a deal, and unless the people rise up in Britain and throw these wasters out before they give our hard earned tax payers money to a bunch of unelected buerocrates to give succour to a new E.Army. Stand firm Northern Ireland MP. S. Greetings from Northern Ireland. P.S. May might think she can do what she likes,SHE IS DUMB STUPID IF SHE THINKS SHE CAN THRAWT THE POWER OF ALMIGHTY GOD.

  13. Winifred Thompson says:

    Everyone of them are only interested in their own pockets. May get out now. YOUR FINISHED. GREETINGS FROM NORTHERN IRELAND.

  14. Joe Wood says:

    What you see here is time wasting. It is why they are drawing everything out to give them time to put Plan B or C into action. I keep hearing that it is parliament that will make the decision. that very statement is saying they are going to override the voice of the people. Parliament does not make any decisions without the permission of the people something else that Parliament is not able to understand we live in a democracy not a dictatorship.
    the people have voted to leave the EU. not to make deals; it just shows you they are going against the will of the majority of people.

    It is not up to parliament any more to discuss anything. they gave the people a vote the vote was to leave the EU and become a completely independent country. and that's the only thing parliament should be discussing is turning this country into an independent country not about making deals to stay in the EU.

    This is not only contempt of Parliament this is contempt for the country and democracy that these politicians are showing, the majority of MPs are for staying in the EU even the ones that have voted to leave still want to stay in the EU because they want deals.

    they keep saying it is virtually impossible to unravel all the things we have done. because that was done deliberately so it will be virtually impossible to leave the EU in an orderly fashion and they did it for their own personal gain. It wasn't for the best interest of the country or its people it was for the best interest of themselves just look how corrupt they are. have you all forgotten the expenses scandal apparently you all have. how they used to buy second homes holidays duckpond houses on the taxpayers back. how many have been to prison welcome back into the fold. Yet you lot keep voting them in.

    Why is that ? why do you vote people in that you know will only operate in the best interest of themselves , it is because that's what the majority of the population do ; Your just like them for you operate only in the best interest of yourselves not your children's future or this country not even your own environment.

    Where is my physical evidence to back me up, well just look at the state of your country that's the first one. You allow them to take us into the EU that's the second one, you have allowed poverty and crime to escalate and you've done nothing to eradicate it that's your third one, You have millions of immigrants overwhelming the country's its services and communities that's the fourth one . It is why you have congestion on your roads because you can't think beyond yourself that's the fifth one. I could go on and on but these are the main ones. This is all physical evidence that shows the majority of people out there don't care a crap about anything except their own selfish little lives and that's why you vote people in because you all have the same mindset as the politicians you vote in to govern you.

    It is why you have this love / hate relationship with your politicians, you listen to their lies because you're that greedy you can't see through them, when they fail you want them out, then the moment they change the face of there leaders and tell you the same lies as before you want them in again. it seems you are unable to learn from your mistakes .

    You moan about the state of the country yet you'll do nothing to change it in case changing it affects that selfish little world you all live in that's why when ever you go in the world where you find humans you find absolute chaos a country were its wildlife is going extinct along with its natural countryside and its environment collapsing all because of personal greed from the top all the way down to the bottom.

    There's an old saying United we stand divided we fall, and that's the trouble you are all divided that's why the elite always rule and you always follow because you're as greedy and as selfish as each other. the only thing your all United with is in greed and selfishness it is why you can't solve the most simplest of problems.

  15. Spoopy MoonCritter says:

    Sad and dangerous times. I truly fear now for the future. On top of it all we have 1000's of brainwashed kids leaving colleges and universities who think giving communism yet another go will be a jolly good idea and believe that the EU actually cares about them.

  16. UKIP Supporter says:

    I believe if we looked into the remoners we will find that they are made up of big business men, and rich people with others being thick, disillusioned idiots who are all afraid of loosing their fortunes. They have no faith or loyalty to our great country. Can we not ignore this silly situation and just leave now and trade by WTO rules saying,"Up yours",anyway? If she cannot negotiate a suitable deal in two and a half years she must surely realize that the EU will never let us off the hook anyway?

  17. Engleman Bluenose says:

    This is the con and scank of the backstop Barnier introduced to devide & seperate Sovereignties of the UK into separate EU provinces with the variables of the Anti-Sovereign EU 27 and the autocratic Troika authority of European Commission to override that 27 membership and Parliment they will never release any devided province of Britain from their locked-in Euro-Mediterainian Union

  18. Ian & Caroline Duckworth says:

    What your seeing here is a master class in politic. The establishment are just about to put the final pieces together. BREXIT is not going to happen folks were being boxed into a corner where the only option they want to paint is to stay in. The betrayal is complete and we all fell for it.

  19. Barrie patrick says:

    Jilly Jones (gilet jaunes) time.

  20. john whitlock says:

    Because they haven't worked how the hand over Britain to the Eu without anyone noticing.

  21. Chris Bell says:

    British jobs for British people. Mass unvetted immigration is being used as a political tool to punish the English. Deport these economic migrants now.

  22. Wandering Star says:

    The way May is acting just does not make any sense! She is being controlled through finance, fear or blackmail. Either her or her husband (or both) is/are guilty of some sort of hanky panky to put it mildly

  23. Suburbia Pheonix says:

    If we fail to leave the EU as we voted for the nation and all control of it will pass 100% to the EU including taxes and benefits. Lawmaking will be handed down from the ECJ. All oversight wil be carried out in Brussels. So here is the stark reality. If the remainers get their way then the UK ceases to be. No ifs or buts. So a multi million pound question for both sides. Our government and civil service from the moment of surrender to the EU become a huge irrelevant white elephant. That is every department. Every MP. Every member of the house of Lords. Local government will be sliced in half by the removal of national government. The NHS will most certainly be dismantled and so will all social benefits. That is what a Remainer is really voting for. The final dissolving of the country.

  24. john stroud says:

    Here here, none of them want to listen to what is and always has been "THE TRUTH"

  25. Geoff Evans says:

    Our goverment is broken immediatly after we leave we need an election at least half from both sides must go most of them open society etc globalost we need a christian Nationalist goverment they are traitors

  26. Blue Streak says:

    WTO is true BREXIT. All the information we received from the then government which cost millions to produce was to leave the EU. We are not leaving under this proposal. GHU

  27. BcA - Biciclind cu Axel says:

    You ''british heroes '' Farage, Mong and others are clowns:)) ,y our british politicians are just cretins, they ran from responsability in mass, resign after resign :)) Brits, if you would have any neurons left, you would pay good money for European Politicians to manage your country ! With your own british clowns, you're doomed lmao !

  28. BcA - Biciclind cu Axel says:

    Your Brexit comes out smooth like a poop after you ate 3 rolls of cheddar did not move for a week :))

  29. Soviet Union Jack says:

    I'll tell you what I think Jeff …I think you're right !

  30. Sarah Taggart says:


  31. Andres Casado says:

    Europe is the cradle of civilisation. Now a simple question, Does Europe have something to say to China, Russia, America…? That s the future.

  32. Rich Parker says:

    What's the point in voting for people who only do what they want anyway

  33. Till Simon says:

    Still not a single word about Nigel Farage quitting once more?

  34. roger winter says:

    Humm just wonder by protracting this to the very end leaves no time to do anything nut leave with no deal. Is this mays revenge plan on the intractable EU. do hope soI

  35. Jonty says:

    I find Merkle formerly being an East German Communist, calling for an EU army, and her recently cozying up to Putin, to be very concerning indeed!

  36. llamu dos says:

    We are now in a dictatorship. Mays action has proven this.

  37. Richard Grover says:

    The rude awakening is coming down the tracks for these.corrupt politicians on both parties if you think the riots in France is bad you ain't seen nothing yet.

  38. squizza28 says:

    We the people will not accept what she's trying to force onto us. We want freedom fron Brussels. That's what we voted for and that's what we'll get whether by hook or by crook. My advice, stand well back from houses of parliament on 29.3.2019 if the uk is in any way tied to the eu then.

  39. mikey holt says:

    This is an unmitigated disaster,she been told to go back to Brussels and get the backstop removed.sammy Wilson was good today,as he said this plot is like one county not being allowed to trade with another county in England,it's absurd.

  40. So Angry says:

    Your best video to date.

  41. Pao emantega says:

    Excellent work Jeff ! We are relying on your strength, keep us informed sir.

  42. Waylander the Slayer says:

    They'll keep debating, they are experts at mass-debating, particularly as there are so many Merchant-Bankers amongst them…..

  43. Jack Meoff says:

    We voted the wrong way

  44. Barbara Humph77 says:

    Has Iain Duncan Smith been talking to Barnier?

  45. Dan Mantle says:

    This woman is single handedly destroying the country. Wtf is happening in the Tory party? Can't even muster 48 letters. They thoroughly deserve what's coming to them

  46. Little Sparrow says:

    I’m surprised that someone with mental health issues hasn’t tried to blow up the whole of Parliament with the amount of contempt that the MPs are treating the public. Then they’ll blame Tommy Robinson and UKIP before building a new U.K. parliament in Brussels.

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