Katie Hopkins Rant On Brexit | Sadiq Khan | Merkel

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Katie Hopkins and Patrick Bet-David talk about her story, Brexit, her beliefs and politics.

About Katie Hopkins:

Katie Olivia Hopkins is an English media personality, columnist, radio presenter and businesswoman. She was a contestant in the third series of The Apprentice in 2007 and following further appearances in the media she became a columnist for British national newspapers.

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30 Responses

  1. William Sizemore says:

    I'm not sure about the U.K. immigration policy? From what I've seen, theres parts of that Country that are nothing but problems from the immigrants. Riots, rape, etc,,,,

  2. FinanzFerdinand says:

    Without the likes of Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins, the UK is one big pissass.
    And Katie, I'm Scottish so I need to fuck you in the ass hard for saying that

  3. Sharath Nair says:

    Oh my God this interview is amazing, I love her, lol… Trolls kindly keep out of this comment. I'm being entertained and being educated as I watch this.

  4. Jordan Gaffney says:

    Katie Hopkins is an embarrassment. I've lost respect for you that you actually that this woman seriously

  5. Shaf Serious says:

    Why do muslims run to christian countries? I tell you why? Very easy- because you western countries have created havock and misery wars in all muslim countries- directly or indirectly- case in point Libya, iraq, syria, palestine etc etc

  6. Sharath Nair says:

    Unicorn on Fridays and a Vegan on Tuesdays! Lol

  7. brainfornothing says:

    So… How many "points" are you going to give to the next J. K. Rowling in her beginnings, broke, with a children, depressed and living almost from charity ? Maybe she/he would be "very lucky" to enter "your" country. And I'm not talking only about that country, I know a few of them with the same "principles", a lot of countries have lost (and are losing right now for sure) countless opportunities. Thanks for sharing !

  8. Agostinho Zinga says:

    woahhhhh didn't see this coming! adding to my 'watch later' list now, i can't wait to see how Patrick interacts with Katie…fair to say she's a tad controversial hahaha, keep up the great work guys i'm loving the increase in content in content, your voice is much needed!

  9. HealthInfo says:

    Hope you're enjoying my home country

  10. Jack brue says:

    As soon as she said, her feelings about eu is stronger than thinking logical. It was then I couldn't take her seriously… it only took 25 minutes into the video! I saved 35 minutes!!

  11. PopeBombsThe1st says:

    Terminator Hopkins. A good nickname

  12. planBdeveloper says:

    WOW! And I thought my brain surgery was bad. GOD BLESS her!

  13. revenez says:

    I am a Christian Eritrean and I think she has a point on immigration, at least in this vid (I don't know her): Eritreans are fleeing because Eritrea is a communist country and it sucks, Muslims are fleeing from Muslim countries because they suck and they (we) both look for a better life in capitalist and non Muslim countries. There IS correlation!

    Sure the UK holds responsible for Blair's (LEFT) and Cameron's attacks of Iraq and Libya, for colonialism in Asia etc, but this doesn't explain why some migrants settle heavily even in countries that never colonized anyone.

    Also: I think that even if it may appear that Islam is growing, actually is an artificially inflated growth just like it's being done for almost all of current world's economies, and it's decaying and dying instead, for many reasons.

    I pray the US and East Asia won't take the same route of Europe.

  14. Jimmy Jerk says:

    Kudos on the background music though. Fits well n doesn't distract.

  15. Eric Von Dumb says:

    Great content Pat! Oh no! Here comes the PC and SJW crowd! lol

  16. alexander joy says:

    I see the progressives are angry in the comment section. Well couldn't expect anything else from them.

  17. Plague Doc says:

    I love the bruntness of her. Now certain things I dont agree with at all. Especially when it comes to nutrition and health. As a nutritionist and a personal trainer I study this on a daily basis as well as practice it. She has a very basic view on the subject while not wrong..it leaves a lot of important details out.

  18. almoravid almurabit says:

    I love you Patrick and I am a Muslim but you should have grilled that animal

  19. James McCloud says:

    An intelligent but overly optimistic voice. Europe's migration policy is so far off the chart of reality that it would take a miracle or a massive large scale awakening (from planet Fantasy) to reverse the process anytime soon.

  20. Gold is the real Money! says:

    I love my Somali people and also love everyone unlike this woman whose contradicting herself and she is full of hate.
    Let people decide what they wanna become.
    Leave alone my Somali people.

  21. b1rdkeeper S says:

    She is 100% right.

  22. Miester Keister says:

    Thank you Patrick

  23. Nour Lababidi says:

    The first video that i feel i wasted my time with. I love this channel and it has been awesome but this video may open a gap for others to be #1 Entrepreneur channel. Thank you for the nice work but in my opinion this was only annoying women, but good video to practice listening to annoying conversation!

  24. Eos says:

    She has a good point about muslims and migrants.

  25. Blaro Verse says:

    What a bunch of whiners. Why is it hard to understand why a successful refugee immigrant like Patrick would want to understand where a person like Katie Hopkins is coming from when she speaks out about Britain's Immigration issues? He's asking her side and she's explaining it in a civil manner. Most leftists do not understand such civil discussions. Ironically, leftists are intolerant to people who disagree with them and immediately start crying about intolerance.

  26. DublinDapper says:

    Worse thing that can happen..people lose their jobs…Pretty simple.

  27. John Williamson says:

    Noooooooo come on bro what are you doing talking to her? Sigh

  28. Abdullah Abu-Hassan says:

    “Our bible doesn’t actually go out and tell us to kill non-believers”. It’s really sad how people still think that it is accepted for Muslims to kill non believers and even more sad that people believe Isis, Al Qaeda and others are real Muslims. I respect Katie as an entrepreneur, but she clearly doesn’t know anything about Islam.

    If all we do is consume media content, then Katie would be a horrible useless person, not the great entrepreneur she is.

  29. Lenka Kaclova says:

    very interesting interview. Made all sense, but from the comments & what I'm finding out about this lady, I understand why her radical opinions are not welcomed.

  30. RustyPotatoess says:

    Dumb bitch knows fuck all

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