Kelly Osbourne Speaks Out After Her Donald Trump Attack Gone Wrong: ‘I’d Hate Me Too’

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She wanted to put him in his place, but now Kelly Osbourne is under siege for her attempted attack on Donald Trump.

While discussing Trump’s stance on immigration on “The View,” Kelly said, “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilets, Donald Trump?”

Now, in a new interview with “Extra” on the set of “Project Runway Junior,” she is apologizing for her comments, saying, “If I saw that clip just with the ten seconds, I’d hate me too.”

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46 Responses

  1. Mattattack 501 says:

    Not sure if what she said was motivated by racist views, probably not… but why hell care, she's a nobody who got noticed from a cringy, bad reality tv series and should have been long forgotten about. Oh sorry, she was a pop star too lol.

  2. Amanda Abudawood says:

    I’m pretty sure people only know her because of her saying that..

  3. ultrabaiter says:

    Does anyone like kelly osborn though? Would anyone notice if she wasnt on tv anymore?
    Why does she even get hired? Why do I even know who the fuck that bitch is? I actually resent the fact the media have somehow injected the fact of her existence, un asked for, into my brain…and I cant even get rid of it now.
    Its like goatse…once seen…never unseen, and now I have the image of 2 massively dilated arseholes in my memory…but I dont resent goatse.
    Fuck off out of my mind kelly osborne….I dont want to know who you are .

  4. TruthHurts 18 says:

    White liberals: The most racist group there is

  5. GuildBankLooter says:

    Lmao dumbass slut

  6. Alex says:

    I hate how some people are saying that all liberals are like this. Trust me, not all of us are like this.

  7. شيخ جوجل says:

    An apology would definitely be nice

  8. deovision says:

    What a plonker.

  9. Dave T says:

    Cos she has latino toilet maids. Love the acting here. Spoilt brat

  10. Fortnite is fun says:

    You said what you said you cant say anything else oh well how can what you said mean anything else

  11. Sabalghoo says:

    I have tasted my own medicine, and it is bitter.

  12. Thomas Saunders says:

    Pink bouffant liberal self hating fraggle rock looking bitch

  13. Aisha 21 says:

    What are Latinos, are they Italianand Spanish in America? I'm from UK so I don't know

  14. LeoVT says:

    You fucking racist bitch!!

  15. thedevilsmaster says:

    Typical liberal trash

  16. Cometa 84 says:

    We all know what color is kelley's maid….she buys her a new toilet brush every Christmas…

  17. Ish ya boi Alex says:

    What is she fucking Donald trumps daughter

  18. Ish ya boi Alex says:

    She needs to shut the fuck up she did not get cut off

  19. truthseeker says:

    Leftist liberatards are the most degenerates and disgenuine in this world.

  20. Sub Zero says:

    Fuck this fat ugly hoe, how the fuck did she become famous? ew

  21. L- Eazy says:

    Such a dumbass lol

  22. LittleLulubee says:

    Why doesn't she just spill it and tell us what she was going to say next?

  23. II II says:

    This is a perfect example of a spoiled rich kid that is not in tune to the real issues and us only jumping on the banwagon of whatever is popular and trendy. Her only exposure to latinos other than Rosie is when the are cleaning her toilets.

  24. Rich Giles says:

    I hate you either way Kelly.

  25. KB Warrior says:

    This bitch n that fat Rosie are racist as they come.

  26. Mateo Leoz says:

    Why is she soo FAT?

  27. Carl Spackler says:

    Shut up racist!
    Nazi pig
    Go kys

  28. Johnny says:

    She wouldn't have said those racist things with my dick in her mouth. Where it belongs.

  29. JLT Yes says:

    It doesnt reflect your opinion, but it sure does reflect your household employees.

  30. Xxanimeboyx X says:


  31. Tristan Fareel says:

    She’s disgusting

  32. Lochlanist says:

    How is there anyway you could keep talking and justify what you started off by saying. Id love to hear her try cause there is no possible rebuttal in my head to beat that. Shows your mindset that you only see colour as manual labour. Funny how she is taking the poor me line, people are saying funny things to me and im a Marta for taking those funny things.

    Edit: also you could see when everyone reacted and she got all flustered cause she realised what she had just said, she didnt have more to say. What a lie and a joke.

  33. John Smith says:

    When your try to be politically correct but you are a spoilt rich white girl.

  34. Joseph Selkow says:


  35. CEBC XOXO says:

    She doesn’t even apologise the stupid bitch

  36. v01d666 says:

    Do you want me to clean your toilet señora?

  37. jerrys R.R says:

    ok bitch

  38. Don’t Follow Me I’m Lost! says:

    "Even if I told you what I was gonna say, people wouldn't believe me anyways."
    Oh, please. There is nothing that can save you from saying that shit I promise you that

  39. Travis Rabble says:

    Fat, useless waste of cells.

  40. Joe Mysic says:

    lol gurl u just a liar n that sentence reflects the true colours of yours: spoiled, hypocritical n fake like the viral replicas of today's society

  41. wheelzwheela says:

    LOL. Love seeing the Left eating itself.

  42. license2breal says:

    She was trying to indicate that since a lot of latinos do a lot of tough work for less pay (a statement made by many and factual if u check statistics) if u kick them out of the country you’d lose some of your hardest workers.

  43. Jhonny Cage X Rage says:

    "I didn't get to finish what i wanted to say"
    Oh shut up! You just had to say sorry!!!

  44. CuntsRUs says:

    Doesn’t want to be brought into “this political nightmare” but the only reason you’re here, is because you waded in with the most bourgeoise, rude statement possible.

    Also, it’s not her “community” just because the girl’s Mexican doesn’t mean she is a figure head or speaks for all of them you mad cunt.

    The left always eats itself.

  45. Jessie Parks says:


    the gods avenge Trump

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