Ken Loach vs Michael Heseltine on Fairness

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David Cameron has claimed that a principle of fairness – defined as ‘giving people what they deserve’ – is at the heart of his ‘big society’.

Jeremy Paxman is joined by the film director Ken Loach and the former cabinet minister Lord Heseltine to debate.

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49 Responses

  1. Jonjo james says:


  2. Alan Mitchell says:

    Never mind Michael, you have had a good long life and won't be around for much longer. Also, if Thatcher was so inspirational and great why did he play such a big part in stabbing her in the back and causing her fall from power?

  3. DarkAngelOfHellingly says:

    Headline talks about 'cuts', but that's a completely seperate issue from Tory malice like forced labour and 'sanctions' which form a key part of the bedrock of 'welfare reform'.

  4. GARY GRAY says:

    All the decisions are made by politicians who represent the banks – who represent the cause of the debt? It's really quite simple : the rich are the problem – they are the parasites! They will argue in any way they can to justify their disgusting greed! Total narccists! Who do not and cannot accept their ilk is taking us backwards! Hesltine : what a lisping establishment arshole! Who clearly even in his autumn years has no conscience??

  5. Richard Johnson says:

    I am with Mr loach fuck Tarzan he would bring back workhouses if he could.

  6. Richard Johnson says:

    I with Mr loach fuck Tarzan.

  7. Peter Galbraith says:

    Hope you get cancer lord vader, you CUNT.

  8. Garry Kitchen says:

    The uk is fucked

  9. Andrew says:

    Michael Heseltine= wanker anybody disagree

  10. Dathon Eladrel says:

    Let's play "Spot the Twat". Do you need a clue? Well, it ain't Ken Loach and it ain't Jeremy Paxman!!!

  11. Steven Davidson says:

    Eat the rich, have you seen the little piggys rolling in the dirt ,

  12. Tim Comley says:

    Ken loach what a tool

  13. del boy says:


  14. Andrew Foley says:

    And who exactly is the whole world in debt to. The Martian's? All the capitalist bank's collapse, and get bailed out the government.

  15. ads 84 says:

    You should always be sceptical of a Welsh Tory, they are normally non existent, the few that are, are like him! Thank god I’m welsh and labour

  16. bluejules80000 says:

    Did  François Hollande's tax hike on the rich for a limited period work? At the time I thought that it was a reasonable policy, in times of national crisis those who are most wealthy can express loyalty to the state in times of need. What was the result?

  17. I P says:

    Let's talk about the undeserving rich, well done Ken you're brilliantly articulate and wised up to the system

  18. Evan Bernard says:

    the only good thing helstine did was get rid of thatcher. apart from that cunt

  19. alxyngeni1971 says:

    I think this demonstrates how politicians manipulate and obfuscate statistics. The tories have managed to get people into employment but what kind of employment? Thatcher was heavily criticised for the large unemployment figures under her tenure, so the plan is to erode employment rights, force people in to some kind of employment by using sanctions and the threat of having to use food banks, and being able to crow about how marvelous the employment figures are. Lots of people are being exploited and until recently would have to pay to take their employer to a tribunal – employment rights have be seen as red tape and a barrier to prosperity. You have to ask who is benefiting from this, is it the worker who has seen their wages stagnate and a real fall in their living standards, or is it the exploitative boss class?

  20. ads 84 says:

    Michael heseltine- cunt

  21. Mad Drivers101 says:

    killing off the poor sick old this Gov love it.

  22. Terry Dacktill says:

    I'd like to provide an intellectual analysis of "tarzan's" mindset and political career but I have to go to work … therefore may I just say that he's A CUNT!!

  23. James Loach says:

    Ken is my grandpa lol!!

  24. Martin Dornan says:

    Torys= I'm alright and fuck the rest of you.

  25. Carl H says:

    Heseltine is a scumbag he has never lived in real Britain (poverty)

  26. betdam says:

    Hesetine is pure evil. Perfidious Albion.

  27. marco S says:

    Tory's don't give a flying fuck about the poor on benefits Maggie didn't Cameron would rather fuck a pig than help the poor now we have may
    I salute ken loach for making this movie I Daniel I wish he was our prime minister

  28. wozzi71 says:

    Ken leach is just another champagne socialist talking commie propaganda whilst living a capitalist existence

  29. junglejamesie says:

    "We're up to our eyeballs in debt and it's got to be cut…" says Tarzan in 2013.
    UK Debt 2010 – £760bn
    UK Debt 2016 – £1,600bn (and counting…)

  30. Ron Wylie says:

    Why do we stand for this over and over again. The easiest and least damaging way to solve the shortfall would be to tax the top, simple as that. Yes they would take a "hit" but it would be more of an inconvenience, they would have plenty to eat and their world would NOT collapse. After all, they have had win after win in the money stakes a million times over. Many of them CAUSED the problems in the first place

    Trying to get this money from the poor causes untold suffering and even death to many who suffer depression. {and anyone who is struggling to look for work who is older or ill WILL get depressed}. The people who.s job it was to collect tax from the major companies who just didn't want to pay or used accountants tricks should be held responsible and all those who allowed it to happen go to jail in my opinion

  31. reakingringpiece says:

    Michael Heseltine is a sociopath he couldnt care less about the poor 🙁

  32. Communalist says:

    Wish Left Unity were standing in my constituency. Landlord's rent should be capped and the caps should be decided by local communities not by central government. Heseltine is a deranged egotistical malign scumbag, he has some real nerve, the cretin.

  33. internet champ says:

    After this, they all went for a prostate examination.

  34. robert wallace says:

    bias 100% bbc rubbish

  35. robert wallace says:

     Heseltine is so full off shyt and he keeps trying to overpower ken 

  36. Ohloveeh says:

    Heseltine has a big mouth and a small brain.

  37. Jim ORourke says:

    Ken Loach is right "the rich have to be bribed to stay in the UK and the poor have to be bullied back into work" tory policy

  38. Mick Nugget says:

    My parents moved from the U.K. to Canada when I was a kid.  Sometimes I regret the fact that most of my extended family is on the other side of the Atlantic.  But when I listen to such archaic shit stains as "Lord" (good grief) Heseltine I realize it was a very good idea.  It not only solely applies to the Conservative party either, your so called Labour party is full of these same buck toothed guffawing elitists as well. We've got a fair number of pompous prancing pratts over here but these imbeciles take the cake when it comes to being stuck so far up their own self important arses they see the light of day through their own mouths.  Oh and by the way congrats on electing Cameron, a man who makes a week old dog turd look dynamic.

  39. Peter Hale says:

    Well done Ken – get after the bastards. Heseltine – an abomination, as were they all. And Paxman, too.   

  40. Slave2PaperWithInkOn says:

    The 2min52 video "Why Do Banks Make So Much Money?" – the 3min19 "How money gets destroyed – Banking 101 (Part 6 of 6)," – the 5min35 "Power of Banks vs Democracy," and others by Positive Money UK [plus their SITE+YT channel for detail AND solutions]

  41. Naʿīm Rashīd says:

    It isn't really a problem if the super-rich leave the country. The state can expropriate their wealth and the means of producing it. Rich people themselves don't create wealth. (I'm not an etatist; ultimately the state itself would have to go, or at least assume a radically more democratic form.)

  42. Paul Matthews says:

    heseltine protects his own. evil man. terrible person. ken loach  is a hero. 

  43. PeterboroughTom says:

    The only useful communist is a dead one.

  44. Jim ORourke says:

    Ken is unfortunately spot on. Tories broke this country and it can't be fixed.

  45. warriorprince101010 says:

    The BBC and Loach are both after the money the state gives them, socialism at its worst.

  46. Nunsweepit421 says:

    Heseltine was losing the plot because he was getting abusive and did a lot of finger pointing to Loach.

  47. jonny rogers says:

    hesaltine said we have a global economy that allows us to live & work where we want. hhhmmmm , loach said yes but for some!! i now see the impact on the people of the mining communities , it destroyed the structure. im not saying the unions were right by far. or maggie was wrong by far. but the result was whole areas,generations decimated. it seems we are still doing this in the name of politics and so called global community. BRANDNEWSTART a creative live work teaching community global answer

  48. katoness says:

    Loach looks like a real human being, Heseltine looks like a demon

  49. burt jones says:

    @misterpopvideo2 Heseltine is a one-nation conservative i.e on the left of the party

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