Leftist Union Violence

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Let the video speak for itself.

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8 Responses

  1. Frank Booth says:

    Unions are on the way out. Good riddance.

  2. Q Louis Mendoza says:

    Unions is what destroyed this country. Just look at Detroit MI.

  3. D F says:

    I wish unions would come after us private sector workers looking for blood, I have enough ammo to take out at least 12,000 of them

  4. mulhollanddose says:


    Thanks for the footage. Lets strike them between the eyes with it.

  5. 4Fingers says:

    The first minute and 30 seconds is the tape that I took at Rhode Island Statehouse. It took me two hours two police escorts and five calls to 911 to get this tape back to my vehicle. that ordeal made you decide to get to friends Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck to promote this video. The new video will be released on Oath Keepers.org website. check out my YouTube channel for more truth videos.

  6. mulhollanddose says:


    The Wisconsin protests, probably the Teamsters/AFL-CIO bringing their muscle to the NEA demonstrations. This explains the first two clips. The last clip (the black guy) is probably some city worker, like a DMV dirtbag, Obama supporter from a few months back.

  7. Nyoki says:

    Not to be snarky, but who, what, when and where?

  8. ace8842 says:

    The union leaders have been 10 times worse than the Tea Party ever was, but the media isn't reporting it. Double standard galore.

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