London Mayor Sadiq Khan calls for peaceful Donald Trump protests

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Sadiq Khan says it is “important” for today’s Trump protests to be peaceful and added it wasn’t for him to respond to comments made about him by the US President. Report by Sarah Duffy.

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8 Responses

  1. Samuel Bridges says:

    Peaceful protests yeah thats why you insult our ally by allowing a trump blimb to be allowed when we need allies, trade deals and military alliances with america.
    cough hypocrite cough

  2. NeoCryptic says:

    "someones feelings being hurt" Says something about Islam jailed

  3. E14Art says:

    I've produced shit stains that could outsmart this twerp.

  4. Pete Roberts says:

    You Khan and Theresa the appeaser should be hanged for high treason you and your treacherous ways will come back to bite#FREETOMMY

  5. Never-die Young says:

    He's a shit-stirrer.
    Who turned the street cams off?

  6. psisky says:

    "Majester"? "Grappling with the evils of, umm… terrorism." You mean ISLAM. And you're being singled out because you're a wannabe popstar, big mouth liar.

  7. Gerald Miller says:

    It is bizarre that some Europeans claim that Americans are bad allies

  8. Savaged says:

    Sadiq Khan is a fucking retard.

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