London Mayor Sadiq Khan Suggests Car Ban To Combat Terrorism!

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I’m not even going to try to monetize this video. Lol.
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33 Responses

  1. An0maly - News Analysis & Hip-hop says:

    I'm not even going to try to monetize this video. Lol.
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  2. Olivia tree says:

    What an IDIOT! What’s next Ban Rocks!?

  3. El El El says:

    What a nut. Who votes for this insane cnt!

  4. terence sommer says:

    What you say is not hate speech.

  5. Scott Duffy says:

    I've got an idea why don't they just take all of the white people in England and get rid of them that way the Muslims won't have any problems you know it'll turn into the country which they are turning England into the country that they destroyed that they had to leave that's what's going on not until the English men grow a set and start slaughtering these bastards and take their country back just the way the country was formed the way every country was formed by Blood forged in the blood of Muslims will be the only way they take their country back

  6. Gwen Nasgowitz says:

    There is an acid attack every day on average. Scary shit.

  7. T. M says:

    Socialim = venezuela; they cant even keep food on their shelf. They are farming for video game currency to sell online because thats worth more than their currency. Let that soak in.

  8. T. M says:

    No no no no no no no hahahahaha!!

  9. Tony Romano says:

    What an idiot.

  10. matt r says:

    They demonitized you anyway

  11. Alexander Hill says:

    I suggest a sadiq Khan ban.

  12. chris hogan says:

    What are some of the sources of where you get your news. I'm sick of going to BBC, CNN, and Huffington to see all the same articles.

  13. Jay Vee says:

    How about ban Islam?

  14. TheHolyRogue says:

    It's the Trojan White Elephant in the room.

  15. joeashbubemma says:

    Finally, a dumbass liberal applying consistent liberal "logic". I hope he succeeds, there's nothing more entertaining than liberal suicide.

  16. Dan Conser says:

    Amen, wish people would wake the heck up.

  17. Trump 2020 says:


  18. A. A says:

    The answer is to ban muslims and islam

  19. SuperMich66 says:

    I just came here to say sadiq khan is a muslim terrorist hell-bent on destroying London…..

  20. The Etekac says:

    Why are libtards praising fake news again? I never hear them talk about how Now This is showing Denmark to be oh-so-successful and then expose them on their banning schools.

  21. Steven Hoffman says:

    Logic and reason are not compatible with liberal ideology!

  22. The Good Logo says:

    I suggest muslim ban, islam ban, migrants ban……….

  23. Alexander Franke says:

    Don't worry about your emotions showing; There is really nothing else worth discussing, without this battle being won all else which you enjoy is GONE.

  24. Heith Watkins says:

    Love your videos. But I want to give one criticism —— Everyone says "Not all Muslims " Yet if there's all these peaceful Muslims —– Why are they members of a EVIL RELIGION! !!!! If I am member of the KKK, But claimed not to believe in what the KKK stands for? ???? I would be called on BS in 2 seconds. BUT EVERYONE GIVES MUSLIMS A PASS. IF YOU FOLLOW MOHAMMAD, YOU ARE NOT PEACEFUL! !!!

  25. Heith Watkins says:

    The only thing London needs to band is ISLAM! !!!!!!!!!

  26. Emanuel Terzian says:

    Of course this mayor supports anything off the wall: saying these silly things helps him work on his islamic insurgence off the radar … gabish?

  27. Tumble Sensei says:

    awesome An0maly!

  28. Jo Smooth says:

    This man is a Freemason…… (((they have an agenda and the general public need to Wake Up to what is going on.

  29. James Owsley says:

    The car needs a driver,ban all Muslims,the moderate ones too..
    All of Islam know what they are doing,They are invaders

  30. Boomer Beaer says:

    You need to start having a problem with illegal immigrants. Being a hard worker doesn’t mean you can disrespect our laws and demand citizenship and tax dollar funding.

  31. whutzat says:

    The Death of A Great Empire
    England used to be a miracle. A tiny island, containing a relative handful of people, who created and maintained a very great empire for hundreds of years.
    It’s horrifying and utterly bewildering to watch them throw it away with both hands, while opening their arms wide to eagerly embrace their own destruction. It’s against every base human instinct of self-preservation.
    The cultural beauties of Jolly old are mostly gone now England is no longer jolly.

  32. The Arcadian says:

    Sadiq Khan is terrorist sympathiser, he's proven this, in spades, many times by his constant failure to denounce those who peddle terror!
    Although I am of the opinion that it is our own Government peddling that terror via Islamic patsies and 'false flag' incidents involving them.

  33. lance miller says:

    Saddiq Khan is an actor in the Islamization and transition to sharia law.. the law abiding citizens of all nation's that allow mass migration have the exact same issues but WORSE… Sweden 62 no go zones swedish police chief on 60mins said the rape and gang rape epidemic is massive and they only investigate 8% of the rapes and his efforts asking swedish govt for more cops to hire rejected! Over 7 thousand rapes have occurred in Sweden since the start of 2017.. police chief said the Malmo police station was bombed.. they were prevented from releasing a facial image of the suspect SO THE SWEDISH GOVT LEADERS ARE COMPLICT AS WELL.. AND THEY CALL THEMSELVES FEMINISTS! Germany the cologne massive pre planned rape attack by Muslims on German girls hundreds of girls raped gang raped.. Merkel censored the news and was exposed for doing so… German girls had cell phone videos of incidents.. huge agenda by Merkel as she denies migrant crimewave exists.. even worse Merkel said maybe German girls should dress more like Muslim women? Maybe it's how German women dress she said then she actually said migrants Muslims didn't know rape was wrong or a crime WTF?? not one migrant has served one day in jail for this massive rape conspiracy…. A few weeks ago a beautiful 14yr old Jewish girl was abducted raped murdered by Muslim migrant her poor lifeless body thrown in the bushes.. why? They are not doing this to Muslim women? Muslims who left Islam indicate the ideology makes rape of Infidels OK as they are non believers.. makes sense since UK London France Germany Denmark Australia canada who have all accepted migrants are experiencing HUGE surges in murder rape stabbing violent crime.. they do not assimilate they hate Christians and the people being run over by terrorists in trucks where 10 or 20 die in London canada are always native citizens NOT Muslim people.. but what is worse is these govt leaders intentionally minimize conceal hide the seriousness of the crimes! They are complicit in the crimewave.. then they criminalize free speech calling truth hate speech.. when the poor young Jewish child was killed in Germany God bless her soul the first statement by the govt was we urge the public not to become xenaphobic

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