Loose Women: Jon Richardson interview

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Jon Richardson joins loose women for a chat.

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39 Responses

  1. Cory In the house says:


  2. Locane256 says:

    My libido is FAR too strong to go without sex for 8 years. I would die.

  3. Sid Sid says:

    Awww not this.

    This is what i was doing.
    & he's already got a book out as well.

    F off.

  4. Siofra Rafferty says:

    im genuinely in love with this man

  5. Lily Porter says:

    He’s so uncomfortable it’s hilarious

  6. Orange says:

    I'm a bit baffled that they assume that you're getting no sex because you don't have girlfriend

  7. Mike Airley says:

    My god, women are a waste of time.

  8. Steel Xcaliber says:

    6:28 Comedians? Being funny? Whaaaaaaaaaat?

  9. ellie rouse says:

    Smart, attractive, funny and he seems like a good guy.
    He's got it all.

  10. emercycrite says:

    Jon is so incredibly cute I want to have a cuddle with him

  11. LadyAxe13 says:

    It is uncanny, how his attitude towards romance and all that is precisely how I see things.

  12. Andrew G says:

    Has going to the Cinema become a euthanasim now?

  13. Joyce Johnson says:

    Happily married now!

  14. SchattendragonflyPL says:

    I did not quite like that 'interview'. 4 women asking questions and commenting without letting Jon answer fully and finish his thought. If they have too little time, they should not ask that much. Elsehow it is just rubbish, makes the guest totally unimportant and desoriented whom to answer and trying to cumulate answers that can then be missing context. Dislike.

  15. cecorra says:

    Such a horrible interview. Jon is amazing and handled it well.

  16. Outer Peace says:

    why are they bullying him??

  17. Dougal McGuire says:

    the one in the green is dying for his cock.

  18. Tsf Phi says:

    I find men, in general, talk about sex a lot less than these whores.

  19. Chris Manuel says:

    I'm straight and I'd fuck him

  20. Shunarjuna says:

    Geez, give the man a break.

  21. SEADiablo says:

    He hated every second…. good for Jon…sorry Bigboy

  22. Jack Mccutcheon says:

    8 fucking years, jeeeeesus

  23. amph says:

    His face at the very end just looks like he's thinking thank god thats over hahaha

  24. The Malloys says:

    I haven't been to the cinema in ages

  25. Becky Boulton says:

    I feel as if being in a relationship is kinda overrated. I had a boyfriend when I was 15 for 4 months but then he broke up with me. He said when he asked me out that he wanted to pretend that we were never going out, but then he broke up with me (I think it's because I'm a bit weird) and I've been single for six years. It's just my opinion, but I think that being single is a lot easier as it's a lot less hassle!

  26. Tash Finch says:

    I love him so much!! He's so hot!!

  27. The Final Pube says:

    this guy is either a fucking genius or a total loser

  28. Jim X says:

    Jon is far too intelligent for this show

  29. sam muirhead says:

    He is insanely attractive…

  30. Emily L says:

    Love that going/not going to the cinema analogy

  31. Squish says:

    He's particularly adorable in this clip.

  32. Dean Winchester says:

    i have exactly the same point of view on relationships as Jon. If it happens, thats fine, if it doesnt, then thats fine too. You shouldnt feel the pressure to be with someone just because thats seen as normal. Theres nothing wrong with you if you dont have sex either. These women were okay with it at first and then they seemed to want to nitpick why he didnt have a girlfriend. Why does it matter so much!? He's obviously happy, and is patient and content enough to just let it all work itself out, so stop analyzing him like he's an experiment gone wrong.

  33. mcsquare77 says:

    They've got sex on the brain but the only good looking women on this episode are Andrea McLean and Sarah Millican!

  34. Lucia Old says:

    I don't understand who wouldn't date him he's a nice person, hilarious and not bad looking?

  35. Mary Kate says:

    jon and sarah are my otp

  36. LogicalStatements3 says:

    Carol wants Jon to lighten up
    Jon wants Carol to straighten shit up

    Who's right who's wrong.
    Nobody cos it's a petty subject. 

    Jon is the one who don't give a shit really, people in relationships are like WHY AREN'T YOU IN A RELATIONSHIP? Why do you care more about that than MY HEALTH? What the fuck is wrong with you ya mental bastards. 

  37. Bryony EPS says:

    wow its like hearing myself talk hahahaha

  38. I says:

    I dont like him, one trick pony

  39. katie mummery says:

    I think I'm in love with him

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