Luminary – Amsterdam (Super 8 & Tab Remix)

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One of the first Tracks i listen when i decided to listen Trance music , I discovered this on Edwin’s channel for the first time and then i visited his channel over and over again just to listen this great Track! I owe you one for this Edwin! 🙂

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32 Responses

  1. Kartik Sharma says:

    Here because of ZYZZ !

  2. Maria Bart says:

    I cry every time I listen to this song – so beautiful

  3. Armin Betin says:


  4. Crusader Mick says:

    Rip Zyzz
    Forever mirin brah

  5. Ugur Guclu says:


  6. Moonshine says:

    Trance addict till the day I die, trance music is what keeps me alive. Viva la TRANCE

  7. vanessa burridge says:

    i put tunes on to go to sleep but i have my eyes shut my heart beating fast and thn pupils wide and theres some trance club danceing in my brain i should put the other tune on next cant sleep above and beyond give me a like if you like that tune

  8. Jonatan Galeja says:


  9. Shaun Meile says:

    Original pure Trance that takes you places .

  10. Hoang Ngoc Tan says:

    2018, anyone ?

  11. Speed00007 says:


  12. Maria Bart says:

    Beautiful track – emotional and elegant

  13. Yadhu Tvm says:

    Zyzz brah

  14. Rommel Arias says:

    Great beat! its one of my running songs!

  15. Diego Anthony says:

    for 9-10 years ago, that music still fresh and awesome!

  16. More Over says:

    ape gang

  17. Michael Carrillo says:

    Araabmuzik-Kiss led me here.

  18. Nathaniel Burdon says:

    London new York Amsterdam

  19. deanfit says:

    Trance will live all the time, Best sounds!

  20. Maciej Majewski says:


  21. Ferenc Dojcsák says:


    Still, and always, we remember you.

  22. Serkan Özçelik says:

    Ashley s voice. Beautiful..

  23. SporK says:

    Listened to this song hundreds of times. Still gets chills each time.

  24. HandsomeKing ofIllyria says:

    Ill die if i have this song in my car

  25. Avak Avakian says:

    I heard this song 6 years ago and it still strikes me the same way it did back then. I love it!!!

  26. Ula Pe says:

    Coś pięknego ❤❤❤❤ od lat❤

  27. Alenchek Trance says:


  28. PaulBythewayMusic says:

    The greatest track ever made?

  29. Wellerson Soares says:

    R.I.P Zyzz

  30. Diego Anthony says:

    I miss 2009 ! ❤❤❤❤

  31. Dreick Aguirre says:

    MEGA TRACK OF THIS 21TH CENTURY….Im stunned n almost hardly can catch my breath within……POWERFUL….EPIC….HOTTEST!!!!!!

  32. Mike Elliott says:

    When you absolutely positively want to lose yourself in music… This x

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