Malcolm Douglas – Land Of The Long Canoes [1980] Part – 4

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Malcolm lives with the coastal people of Papua, accompanying them on their long hunting trips in Torres Strait on big sail-powered canoes. He travels up the Fly River and camps with the fierce Suki people. He reaches Kamoola, a village of great hunters and dancers.

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2 Responses

  1. Tuan Tanah says:

    Thanks for uploading. Absolutely wonderful to watch! Daru has changed a lot since the time of this film, the population has exploded, with many many thousands of people living now there. Unfortunately the standard of living has not improved very much. The people of Western Province are still extremely friendly and kind.

  2. Driftwood george says:

    So glad Malcolm documented this so I can see what the people of Papua lived like.
    This is so interesting, I watch his videos every night.

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