Margaret Thatcher Economic Debate 1981

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    her biggest mistake was the deregulation of markets! the 2008 crisis traces right back to her policies of the 1980s. She was a myopic woman. Destroyed the industrial sector and was not able to deal with income inequality.

  2. Phillip Mawson says:

    Oooh this is so interesting to listen to. It seems that politics in this country is almost cyclical.

  3. Ichisokeno says:

    are there more such recordings from her earlier period?

  4. Jonathan Henderson says:

    Amen. I live in the U.S., and we seem to be on the verge of either a communist state or an Islamic republic ruled by either Obama or Valerie Jarrett, the latter of whom I believe is the true power behind the presidency. 

  5. babygirl10711978 says:

    I agree. However, most people knew fairly little about Obama. He was an unknown. Perhaps that's what made him so attractive.

  6. thatcheritescot says:

    sadly i think we all do from time to time. the bad thing is u can never know what someone is like till they are in…. then its too late.

  7. babygirl10711978 says:

    That's what makes the future of America so scary. People are stupid enough to keep voting for stupid.

  8. thatcheritescot says:

    i will say this for obama….. at least he actually can read out loud… bush certainly could not.

    the republicans need to wake up out of their sleep….. because if they do not then peopler like obama will keep winning.

  9. babygirl10711978 says:

    If Obama doesn't have a TelePrompTer, he's screwed

  10. babygirl10711978 says:

    Thatchercats! No, no, no!

  11. thatcheritescot says:

    hes not a very good listener… all he is good at is reading out speeches… and hes not even very good at that.

  12. Lellobeetle says:

    Can this be compulsory listening for our idiot president? The man doesn't grasp basic economics.

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