Mikey will beat Spence says boxing star miguel Callist

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12 Responses

  1. dennis roofe says:

    Okay Callist . . . .we'll see if Mikey can get past that 9th round !!

  2. M1LWAUK33 BUCK says:

    Last please stop saying Mikey did good in sparring against Maidana, he is no where on the level of Spence

  3. M1LWAUK33 BUCK says:

    Lmao he’s trash, all those fighters he named stopped him except Devon Alexander….

  4. lueva323 says:

    Homie barley speaks English but FLUENT IN BOXING!!! All FACTS!!!

  5. Alex Duran says:

    Interesting perspective. I enjoyed it

  6. Roberto Medina says:

    I agree with Miguel about Mikey vs Spence

  7. Donta' Nichols says:

    Maidana was tough for Floyd, because Floyd is smaller , 37 years old. It's a reason why maidana turned Thurman down, never would fight Spence , etc. it's some killers at 147 that would love maidana. Broner went 12 so we already know.

  8. Mpho Mmopi says:

    Who is this idiot? Fuck his opinion

  9. Flint Mi says:

    Good comparison Roberto Sugar Ray but I still got Errol Spence winning

  10. Francisco Garcia90 says:

    I don't know about mikey beating Spence…..but canelo but rapes charlo.

  11. ahmaanhunt says:

    Duran had 8 welterweight fights
    before he fought Leonard.

  12. Noumen Omness says:

    He's latino what do you expect…

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