Milo CALLS OUT Jordan Peterson Because He’s Salty

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Milo CALLS OUT Jordan Peterson Because He’s Salty

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45 Responses

  1. MNanme1z4xs says:

    After alt right get wreaked, now he try to appeal to the left, haha try harder retard.

  2. crybabywav says:

    "milo was wrong on everything BESIDES his jp criticism. jp says nothing of substance BESIDES his commentary on milo, that's spot on."

    weird flex but ok

  3. JC says:

    i wonder how peterson feels about astrology

  4. JC says:

    i mean milo is a jackass but nothing he said about peterson was false

  5. Jay D33 says:

    Milo, who is that? Oh you mean this manchild?

  6. J H says:

    Many of milos criticisms about Peterson are 100% valid

  7. celvester allison says:

    Projection much Milo?

  8. celvester allison says:

    Okay I'm not even exaggerating, I TOTALLY forgot all about Milo's existence until seeing this video's title, lol. And as far as JP's success is concerned, I think that the Right loves him not because he's a genuine intellectual, but an "intellectual" that validates their preconceived right wing stances/beliefs. He validates them because look at the number of genuinely thoughtful intellectuals on the Left compared to the Right. There's an argument to be made that the Right doesn't have any. It makes them feel good and justified to have someone that's supposedly very intelligent batting for them. Once again, for much of the Right, it's more about feelings than it is about empirical evidence and facts.

  9. Seán O'Nilbud says:

    The problem with these right wing morons is they have real difficulty with resembling coherence. These are people who always go to the same fast food place because they know what to get from the menu.
    Milo isn't a smart person and his education was only to highschool level.
    Peterson is just an old failure having what used to be called a nervous breakdown. His pathetic "bucko" style shape throwing is laughably cringeworthy.

  10. Ian Clarke says:

    9:29 What happened was, Peterson threw out an idea that was inconsistent with a principle he has advocated, which is "don't say sorry if you haven't done anything wrong", or something to that effect. His fans pointed this out, and Peterson essentially admitted that he intended it more as a speculative idea than a moral pronouncement, and it probably wasn't well thought through.

    Say something dumb, be told it was dumb, acknowledge you were wrong. Your criticism of him appears to be that he should have continued to defend the position after he had been convinced he was wrong. That's absurd.

  11. Richard Hunter says:

    Let's not forget that Milo fell from grace after basically admitting to being a predatory paedophile.

  12. Magic Mushroom says:

    Milo is a self hating bully, the right love that

  13. luqman turakı says:

    The right should be ashamed that they ever took someone like Milo serious or some kind of intellectual. I'm glad even sharpirp dismissed him as "waste of time"

  14. Primarch Ferrus Manus says:

    the word your looking for in the first 20 seconds is "infamous"

  15. Plato86 says:

    Jordan Petersen is a right wing white Deepak Chopra. He is woo woo for incels and quasi meatheads.

  16. Prideoffreedom says:

    Regressive Voice

  17. Direnova says:

    Milo was always on thin ice, he's gay, not an advantageous position for a conservative.

  18. Kevin Rex says:

    I used to listen to JP but stopped after listening to a response he gave about world of warcraft that was pure psychobabble .

  19. Rashid Ibrahim says:

    Anyone who has to publicly say "I am a smart person and very well educated", probably isn't

  20. Canaan says:

    Dude PV the best way to deal with Milo Yiannopoulos is to treat him like Voldemort. A troll that is not given attention will turn to stone but if you do give them attention they are immune to fire and acid and have crazy regeneration properties and there is no way to kill them

  21. edward2962 says:

    There was the Matt D debate and there was that panel on political correctness with Eric Dyson, Matt Fry and another lady that was just a sad mess for both ED and JP. Peterson has outright refused to debate with actual marxists. He'll still debate with Sam Harris thought because Sam will indulge Jordan's ramblings.

  22. edward2962 says:

    Milo faded away because he didn't really have anything of substance to say. He was basically famous for being an asshole. The conservatives thought he was fine when he was mocking feminists and celebrities but when they decided they didn't want his priest/underage boy loving excuses at their CPAC he was done. He didn't have anything to offer other than pissing off the libs and there's plenty of people who can do that without problematic sex stuff.

  23. ominousMIDI says:

    Not sure if it's the one you're thinking of, but Peterson recently backed out of a debate with Prof. Richard Wolff at Boise State University in Idaho. Maybe "backed out" is a strong term. He convenienty raised his speaking fee well above what the school could afford…

  24. Jay Rock Jinx says:

    Milo has no relevancy. Rubin is gay and Jordan Peterson has a credentials. Still Milo is exactly right about Peterson though and Peterson is right on Milo.

  25. 12 3 says:

    Jordan Peterson's most impressive achievement was getting an entire generation of conservatives to believe he's an intellectual. Everything I've ever heard him say was either false or common sense.

  26. 2010jm64 says:

    Milo embodies the noble and ancient Mean Girl archetype: essentially an exhibitionist with a penchant for bullying- like a toddler dropping swear words for attention. Both he and Peterson are grifters par excellence.

  27. Oxhfor says:

    This video has way to many ads.
    Want to watch, wont watch, sorry bro
    Edit: spelling

  28. Luigi 24 says:

    Happy that Milo is irrelevant and will never ever be relevant.

  29. Original Bri says:

    I like Jordan Peterson but there is a deep hole there to learn who the man is. Milo, isnt salty over Peterson, he is actually pointing out things about Jordan many don't see. Milo hasn't changed, he is who he is.

  30. Michael Timely says:

    Conservatives like Peterson because he's an elite defender of conservative PC. His vocabulary is far larger than his intellect but he defends the cause and that's all that matters.

  31. Titken Toft says:

    Jesus, for the love of God stop repeating your sentences and then stop repeating your talking points. You make us watch a clip and then immediately read a transcript of what we just saw! What the heck is the matter with you? Rehears your shit. Learn from Pakman. Geez

  32. Grant Young says:

    How to make a PV video: 8 ads, terrible commentary, recycling others content for profit

  33. Lisa Zoria says:

    The saddest thing about Milo is that people actually bought into his bullshit. He really knows how to rile up people's earth-shattering stupidity, bigotry and sheep mentality. Sure, his fans were mostly dumb kids trying to be edgy, but it's pretty astounding that anyone could take him seriously at all.

  34. playerjoe says:

    Milo? Why does that name ring a bell.

  35. Authoritarian Leftist says:

    You don't like tankies? why? Tankies are the smartest people out there in politics.

  36. Jirka Zalabák says:

    I think Sam Harris called Peterson out on his "vagueness" very well during their debate tour. He basically said: "Look, we have been talking on camera for like 6 hours now about God and faith, and I am still not sure what you believe on that point. And believe me, if I am not sure, nobody is." Peterson is a master of this tactic. He´s the perfect politician. He can talk for hours about a topic and still leave you wondering what his position on the topic actually is. He´s testing the waters with crazy claims like "ancient arts depicts DNA" and if they go unchallenged, he adopts them. If people call them out on the other hand, he quickly backtracks to "well, it was just an idea". It´s a clever tactic though, I´ll give him that.

  37. Ed Bartek says:

    Milo comes at Jordan because Milo doesn't have a career and Jordan does.

  38. Kieran Rege says:

    I hate it when my friends fight.

  39. Ignacio Torres says:

    Sahil is the Sancho Panza to Kyle Kulinski’s Don Quijote- attacking alt-right windmill “giants”-

  40. nature freak says:

    Milo isn't going anywhere. He is one of the smartest and quick witted intellectuals out there. The left will have to deal with Milo giving them lots of butthurt for many years to come.

  41. nature freak says:

    The left can have Jordan Peterson. Jordan Peterson hates Christianity and is trying to replace it with his own pagan (JP is highly influenced by Alleister Crowley) cult of personality. JP also loves globalism and hates nationalism. JP will do well on your team.

    The confidence man known as Jordan B. Peterson is yours. Good ridiance.

  42. Uncontrolled Substance says:

    Everything Milo does is what Trump does. Milo Trump Jordan Peterson they're all cons and scumbags.

  43. FreeRoamFantasy says:

    He got clobbered by Matt Dillahunty

  44. Thomas Smith says:

    Milo should write a book called My Low

  45. FreeRoamFantasy says:

    Jordan Peterson is a psuedo science pushing propagandist, Milo is just a dumbass.

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