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  1. Gemma M. says:

    You got my vote!

  2. Morrigu’s Mirror says:

    Ha ha look at twittle dee and twittle dumb trying to ride that pony out of the barn, but alas we all know you stole that pony. It isn’t yours to ride. Give it back to we the people and Mad Max. You are too late to the party, and you have exposed yourselves as true traitors.

  3. Lucy Drinkwater says:

    Who's bits are you licking? Andrew … it is no position …. lick your eyebrows… we need to see a man take a stance.

  4. Lucy Drinkwater says:

    Yes, they are smart kids. Remember …. they are kids. Targets is where Canada is strong. Auction and bid for places in Canada … Yes, Justin has spent Billions and the media does not tell the story.

  5. Lucy Drinkwater says:

    Jesus … he is a kid. He want to hang with adults like Micheal … He wants to play more of the game of Risk.

  6. Fiorella Cerrato says:

    Been sharing it every single day, thank you

  7. manfred wozniak says:

    Where are all your yellow vests? You should be wearing them right in the house. You'd win tomorrow.

  8. Wade C says:

    What a trick that motion to stop Global Migration Compact. Must have lost that one from his sleeve before he got to the house. I am sure he was quite confident that it would not amount to anything! Nice grandstanding though.

  9. why? says:

    as far as I'm concerned, the immigration intake office should simply be closed FOR A PERIOD OF NO LESS THAN 12 YEARS,  NO MORE IMMIGRANTS, REFUGEES, OR ASSYLUM seekers. Especially when you consider the Terrorist Friendly implications of Bill C75!!!  I'm a Canadian citizen, I need asylum! I'm taxed into oblivion, I can't afford post education for my kids, I have tell them I can't afford a dentist visit, I have to do the teachers job because the education system deems a mark of 40% in math a passing grad, I have to explain to them why homelessness happens…..but by all means, keep bringing in more people. Until homelessness is reduced by 85%, until 80% of kids graduate with an 80% average, until the number of welfare recipients is reduced by 75%, until unemployment hits 3.5%, & until personal/family taxes drop by 50%, there should NOT be any immigrants of any sort, from anywhere, moving into this country. The current social infrastructure cannot handle it.  The sad thing  is that I felt this way when Harper was first elected into office. We need to bring our own house into order. In the name of brevity, I'll stop this rant here

  10. Interested Explorer2018 says:

    Make sure Justin Trudeau doesnt try to rig the Election JUST THE SAME AS HILLARY CLINTON DID.

  11. frogfather44 says:

    Good luck for Canada and Canadians.

  12. James A says:

    wtf is a compact. if ignorance of the law is no excuse stop tagteaming consenants bucause 2015. #vowelist?

  13. Nexus Clarum says:

    For the love of fucking god why does this have to be a thing with Trudeau as PM?

  14. Rngnd1314 says:

    andrew sneer?

  15. Antonia Nikolaj says:

    What impact would this have on the temporary foreign workers program in Canada?

  16. colin thompson says:

    According to Frank Mckenna, the former premier of New Brunswick, and reported by the CBC, 'Atlantic Canada is going through a death spiral at present. The birth rate is below replacement and people are moving out….and we are getting far less than our fair share of Canadian Immigration'. What is Sheer and Rempel solution : Stifle Immigration to Canada!

  17. Carlos Araya says:

    Can't we trigger an election ? Governor General or non confidence vote ? I understand that this has never been done ( governor general) but this is a complete and utter disregard for the wellbeing and interests of the Canadian people . He has crossed the line over and over again .

  18. Grace Friesen says:

    Andrew Scheer, stop being MR. POLITE, be strong, talk strong, be BRAVE for a change!

  19. irre levant says:

    Sheer is weak, he is not a true leader. He should resign, he is no match to best trupode. Sheer c mon you can’t do better than just judging trudope, Make a huge statement, sound the alarm, this is really bad for Canada. The un would make it illegal to even say negative things about immigration. This is outrageous. We don’t need more immigration, perhaps we should take a step back and ask why we don’t have as many children as before. Perhaps it’s too expensive, why should we pay for immigrants to have children, we are paying for welfare already. This has got to stop.

  20. GanglesGon'Ridin says:

    A day late and a dollar short. Took you bloody long enough. Michelle needs to ditch the dough boy and join the party that has Canadian interests truly at heart. MAD MAX PPC 2019!!!

  21. mike james says:

    Do not give away our rights.

  22. James Saunders says:

    Time for yellow jackets people , surround treauDOHs house

  23. Axeman Fishing says:

    Canada first is the way we should go. Not give away our rights to a foreign body that is NOT elected to make decisions regarding our borders. Congrats on the motion and hope this works to stop it. If I need to elect Mad Max to stop this madness, I will certainly do so. The PC party needs to start talking about Canadians concerns regarding the globalist agenda as well, and find a way to stop special interest groups from interfering and promoting their personal money driven agendas in our Country.

  24. Cathrin Robitaille says:

    My advice would be for Mr. Scheer to continue to make more of these accountable YouTube videos. We like Michelle for her accountability, her brains and her back bone. She is giving an example on how to win people. By making Canadians part of her career, listening to us and delivering results puclicly. She is smart. We need more people serving Canada the way she does. With available transparency for the public. Good job Michelle!

  25. Brian Mackenzie says:

    I want this stopped . Thanks tor trying

  26. Wally Paige says:

    I don't trust either governments any more. I won't vote.

  27. Calvin Abbott says:

    Why has this been silenced until now. Maxime Bernier seems a little more on the ball.

  28. James Coleman says:

    You have my vote! But you need to get more fire in your belly. You talk like AN ACCOUNTANT. You're boring. It's like your so worried about being called prejudice or not PC enough. There's an upswelling right now Ride it!!! I think I'm going to go get some YELLOW VESTS and start handing them out.

  29. Stephanie Begin says:

    YOU KNEW ABOUT THIS MICHELLE!!! You helped draft it! Get your head out of the sand and DO YOUR JOB.

  30. Island Aerial says:

    YOU ain't no 'leader' Mr Milktoast. YOU are just Justin 2.0
    Mad Max and the PPC 2019! Canada's ONLY hope

  31. Richa Mishra says:

    Would you send the Syrian refugees back?

  32. La Grippe Muerte says:

    Time for white parasites to step down and pay for you crimes

  33. Richa Mishra says:

    I met him in Diwali celebrations in edmonton, really good leader

  34. Teachering says:

    C'mon!! This is weak. Stop Trudeau from signing this thing!!

  35. Kilocharlie33 says:

    You should tell Trudeau as the world walks away from immigration it will come back and bite the Liberal asses off completely forever! Ask Macron, Angel etc

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