Motorcycle Theft In London – Sadiq Khan Is Right.

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London currently has a theft epidemic of motorcycles, the thieves are just running rampant down there, taking bikes and scooters in broad daylight, from a pokey little 50cc Chinese scooter right up to a £40000 Ducati Supersports bike nothing is safe.

Our very own Royal Jordanian had his beloved Nuda stolen, smokeybarr had his scooter stolen, Mr Ben Brown has an attempted theft and the list goes on and on and on.

So what can be done about it? More police, more freedom for the police to use their powers and knock the thieves down without repercussions? Apparently not, Sadiq Khan the London Mayor has said the motorcycle manufacturers are the ones who need to make their bikes harder to steal, is he right?

Who knows, what I do know is that being from Manchester and rarely going anywhere south of Chester I feel I’m in the perfect position to tell Londoners how they should best protect their motorcycles.

So here you go, Sadiq Khan, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Ducati, Kawasaki et al, I present to you 4 ideas to make motorcycles more secure, you’re welcome London, you’re welcome bikers everywhere.

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18 Responses

  1. Jack Tate says:

    Yes manufactures are going to change because of these gangs in London?. The problem is they will look to other countries and work out the overall theft figures as it’s not just the UK market that this change would be implemented it would be global. Police cannot be and are not everywhere so increasing their numbers would not always be possible.
    Removable wheels might sound like a good idea but transporting a heavy wheel everywhere isn’t practical perhaps when at home it makes sense, grease and bomb alarms….bomb alarms! How many other people would this fantastical device harm. I know it’s a joke but.
    The answer is simple minimum sentencing of 5 years without parole, canceling any kind of welfare they are claiming.
    I don’t care about Khan being a Muslim or a Pakistani what I care about is his inability to do his job, knife crime, acid attacks, murders at an all time high.
    The other HUGE issue here is that these scum bags are now wondering up to peoples homes and taking bikes whilst being filmed by terrified occupants. This means that they have reached a point of no fear of the law or sentencing.
    Yes by all means manufactures can help but Khan and the British govt need to stamp on this but it’s clear to me they are either not bothered or because they are totally underfunded. The UK has a huge deficit because of welfare, there are many that are claiming benefits who are fit to work but the nanny state will just keep handing out.
    First cut benefits to the feckless and use that money to fund police, only those who can show proof they are looking for work or those who have disabilities should be claiming, the fit and healthy able to work should have their benefits cut.
    Take the extra money and fund the police.
    If this continues people will soon be having home invasions in broad daylight on a regular basis.
    WAKE UP.

  2. Tony Stark says:

    Sadiq Khan, you fucking idiot.

    If you want to tackle the problem at the source. You need changing not the Manufacturer.

    Its funny because in a Third World country like the Philippines after the president declared a soft Martial Law in Mindanao. You can park your bike and not even lock the handle bar overnight and no one steals it.

    And now here in London, put all the chains and disclock you can buy and it still gets stolen….

    The issue here is the Mayor his self. And how soft the punishments are.

    Thats why this mongs are not afraid of stealing in broad daylight whilst in the middle of a fucking crowd.

    If you want change, make it happen or just quit being a Mayor.

    Example: Death Sentence to anyone who Steals or any other crimes and see the crime stats go down.

    There is a reason why the thieves in london are either Blacks or Muslims or both.

    One is drugs. Second easy money, third because they are blacks and muslims.

    These Minority are the type that wont listen or follow rules unless the ruler of a country is a Dictator. There is a reason why most of their Countries are.Dicatator ship.

    Because you cant control.them.with democracy.

    Give them.democracy and human rights and theyll break every law out there and not be afraid of the law.

    And just like how you fix violent bullying with violence.

    Fight fire with fire.

    You fight violent thieves with violence.

    Perhaps cut both of their limbs.

    Trying to fix violence with democracy is only a short fix. Cause they will always start stealing again.

    Until they can make a heavy sentence to such thieves or crimes.

    This London Thieves den will noy stop.

    Its a clear INDICATOR that this thieves dont give a fuck about the law and are not afraid of the law and government.

    Sadly some parts of london is full of this gangs and thieves. And its spreading. Hence the rise of stolen bikes in central.

  3. A-Frame-Wedge says:

    The Mayor is an idiot, the police and the Mayor are at fault for letting the bike theft situation get so bad, for years they did not care. And of course the lenient U.K. Courts are a joke, little deterrent for stealing a bike when the courts don’t slap them on their wrists they practically kiss their ass and give the victim the finger.

  4. Ellery J Queen says:

    What about an inflatable motorbike that you let the air out when you get to work and put it in a bag, in a safe place of course, No come on all the great ideas start with a thought!!!!! think about the person who said we can go to the moon for the first time….. Anyway you are a legend and I liked the exploding bike the best, but maybe just a heap of staining fluid that sprays out from the bike in all directions and stinks like shit. Great commentary from you sir, ride safe stay safe.

  5. P5BCoupe says:

    Stupid ideas for a dumb ass world

  6. BREN AU85 says:

    did rj get his nuda back

  7. Swampster says:

    Plug it into the nation grid….4000 volts…. Fry the feckers

  8. The Word Is says:

    electric fence, lockable gear, so it wont budge,

  9. OldManTony says:

    Getting the manufacturers to do something is about as effective as telling all bikers they should move out to the sticks to a safer postcode area and keep their bike in a locked garage. No really what they should do is make it mandatory for all car park owners to provide secure bike parking area. After all you could probably park 15 bikes in three cars spaces.

  10. McrRider says:

    Newer Vauxhall’s volvos ect if you snap the steering locks the steering wheels would come off. Maybe the handlebars come off when the lock is forced too much! Bring the prices down make bikes pretty much worthless in parts.

  11. Hellishrider says:

    HAhahahahahah toyally agree with the third one…. the fast removable wheels is also very nice hahahaha
    Genius my friend, congrats 🙂
    m/ Ride in peace

  12. MtnMoto says:

    What about flame throwers attached to the bike or electrify the bike and always park in a puddle. My favorite is to get a sidecar with a big vicious guard dog in it. You know like a Chihuahua or a Shitzu!

  13. Morrisiege says:

    Just from the notification title I was wondering how you would play this fucker out haha. Surprised you lastest 10 mins before the "just kidding" comment lol

    On another note, so much for returning slowly haha

  14. Stuart King says:

    Your best idea was number three, but seriously, the best plan I could come up with is killing…..errr……. I mean, catching and punishing the thieves.

  15. Twistygrip says:

    Blame the manufacturer for the theft issue lmao!!! Same here in the states with the firearms thing, it's the guns fault lol!!!! I like the bomb idea ;)))

  16. DeathsStalkerRVT says:

    If you ever watched the movie "Support your local Sheriff" James Gardiner kept Bruce Dern in the local jail by drawing a chalk line across the nonexistent jail door and dropping some paint on the floor.
    Now draw a out line of a body and "exploding spray" of paint on the floor. Then report a bike thief was blown up on the news repeat for a few days an I bet it will stop ;-P

  17. MrDanSouth says:

    Top tips, right there. The transmission lock is doable, similar to SAAB used to use.

  18. sixmiffedy says:

    Remember to Tweet @SadiqKhan these perfectly viable ideas.

    #leftasingleframeinonpurpose #didyouspotit #freeteatowel #cbarenderingagain

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