My Jekyll Doesn’t Hide

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My Jekyll Doesn’t Hide · Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzmosis (Bonus Track Version)

℗ 1995 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Keyboards, Producer: Michael Beinhorn
Composer, Lyricist: O. Osbourne
Coordinator: Kathy Sherry
Composer, Lyricist: G. Butler
Guitar: Zakk Wylde
Coordinator: Scott Vandivier
Drums: Deen Castronovo
Composer, Lyricist: Z. Wylde
Coordinator: Michael Guarracino
Keyboards: Rick Wakeman
Coordinator: Brian Coleman
Engineer: Paul Northfield
Assistant Engineer: John Bleich
Bass: Geezer Butler
Assistant Engineer: Matt Curry
Assistant Engineer: Chris Laidlaw
Assistant Engineer: Joe Pirrera
Assistant Engineer: Rodolphe Sanguineti
Assistant Engineer: Brian Sperber
Mixing Engineer: David Bianco
Mastering Engineer: George Marino

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30 Responses

  1. Nona Boast says:

    STILL my favourite album to date.

  2. Thwompthing says:

    This is heavy!

  3. Gia Ferrara DVM, PhD says:

    I loved Randy Rhodes, but you can't deny that Zakk Wylde is freaking awesome!

  4. Dante Escobedo says:

    Ozzy Osbourne – My Jekyll Doesn't Hide – Lyrics

    Condemned To Violence, Arrested By Pain
    Inside The Soul Lies A Man Insane
    Conceived In Anger, Addicted To Hate
    The Mutant Child Of A Twisted State

    Beware The Contradiction
    Beneath The Crimson Void
    'Cos In The World Of Fiction
    My Jekyll Doesn't Hide

    A Killer's Smile With A Psycho Star Dream
    Behind The Mask Things Aren't What They Seem
    Unholy Soldier, Disciple Of Sin
    What Kind Of Mind Are You Living In

    You're Preaching Revolution
    Don't You Mean Genocide?
    Behind This Resolution
    My Jekyll Doesn't Hide

    Waiting To Die For The Very First Time
    All Right, That's Right
    Waiting To Die For The Very First Time
    All Right, That's Right
    Waiting To Die For The Very First Time
    I Don't Give A Damn,
    'Cos I Think It's My Time, My Time

    The Symbiosis Of Murder And Lies
    What Do I See Looking Through Your Disguise?
    Fourth Reich Dementia, Subversion Ideals
    God Only Knows What Your Secret Conceals

    Who Will Be The First Offender?
    Who Will Be Victimized?
    In Your Perverse Agenda
    My Jekyll Doesn't Hide

  5. J Guerrero says:

    Sick ass fucken lyrics

  6. Mycroft Holmes says:

    There's so many engineers on this album, what do they all do?

  7. rcdeathsagent says:

    Such a badass song! Fuck!!!


    My Hyde is a jackel and my Jekyll is a lion wtf go figure that one smartasses

  9. Powerpig 02 says:

    It almost sounds like a sabbath song tbh

  10. Anthony Silvestri says:

    Ozzy is a genius

  11. joe rose says:

    Mr. Rose/Mr. Mutilation?

  12. Captain Butt nuggets says:


  13. David J says:

    underrated metal song

  14. Kevin Alejandro Martínez Idrogo says:


  15. Robert Topliff says:

    Yes badass

  16. Tom A. says:


  17. Heckler says:

    This song kicks so much ass!!!

  18. Russell Harshbarger says:

    a killers smile with a psycho star dream behind the mask things aren't what they seem

  19. Dee Harris says:

    Yup l like this song

  20. Tigiver says:

    Avgn needs this

  21. EVC1959 says:

    HOLY SHEET! This piece is a gut buster.

  22. DayoftheDante says:

    Everything, all those little variations and fills Zakk put between riffs to break up the monotony. That pissing all over your tombstone guitar solo. This song's a MOTHERFUCKER.

  23. joegt123 says:

    …For some reason, I thought this was on Black Rain.

  24. Lady Cupcake says:

    Maybe the key to a persons heart is hidden in their playlist

  25. Voo Cowell says:

    Does Zakk play on this album?

  26. Scotty Spliffen says:

    So heavy and vicious

  27. Kyle Vess says:


  28. Raymond Ellsworth says:

    Bieber queefs out a song and gets 5 million views. This song is about as good as it gets and is sitting under 100k. this is what is wrong with the world

  29. Scott Winslow says:

    this is the kinda shit black saddath should have had on their last album

  30. DankNstien says:

    this song is about as hard as it gets

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