‘My shopping list is longer than that’: May on Corbyn’s six tests

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In bruising clashes at PMQs, the Labour leader told Mrs May that the package she has thrashed out with the EU would damage the economy and faces massive opposition in the Commons. But Mrs May hit back by saying Mr Corbyn’s ‘six tests’ for a Brexit deal were meaningless. ‘My weekend shopping list is longer than that,’ she said. She also let loose after Mr Corbyn crowed that 20 ministers had resigned from her ‘shambolic’ government – pointing out that 100 frontbenchers have quit his team. The exchanges came as the government released a new economic analysis of the Brexit options – saying every outcome is worse for the economy than staying in the EU.

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2 Responses

  1. pete b says:

    As Corbyn couldn't even pass 1 test at school and ponced of the working classes all his miserable life how the hell could he set 6 tests in the first place

  2. Malloc says:

    ECJ still in charge, no ability to make our own trade deals, free movement to continue, little control of fisheries, boarder in middle of Irish sea, 39 billion £, ….its not Brexit, just Mays lies to make you believe red is green.

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