Nick Clegg resignation speech, 8th May 2015

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Nick Clegg resigns as leader of the Liberal Democrats.

From Sky News

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8 Responses

  1. Trevor Pope says:

    Boo hoo

  2. Jagjit Dusanjh says:

    Gives me a warm glow every time I watch Calamity Clogg's resignation speech.

  3. leedn5 says:

    This was the most sensible and productive thing Nick Clegg ever did in his career.

  4. Luke Shaw says:

    Are you A Lib Dem voter Kirsty?

  5. Luke Richards says:

    This speech still makes my eyes water.

  6. Zeus Mc. says:

    I worked for the Lib Dems. They stink from the inside. I thought this party that I came to support under Charles Kennedy was a progressive intelligent version of Labour. Free from public opinion polls and unions but principled and proper. From the inside we worked as unpaid interns under a banner on our wall that said the party stood against such things. We worked tirelessly doing surveys to detect where we would could scrape a vote of two n pot-hole opinions. We were the epitome of reactionary at the local level. Three post grad educated "office volunteers" licking stamps on envelopes to voters. And somewhere undetectable to us, high up, an establishment boy in committee meeting rooms called Clegg was doing "the right thing", getting the smallest concessions from the Bullington boy's in power, with his head in his autobiography and not on the street. That energy of the Yes campaign in Scotland missed, the energy of Corbyn missed and only 8 seats retained. Like Tony Blair, Clegg cares not, because "history will remember him better" he claims. Whose history? Inside one of his hallowed Oxbridge libraries in a few decades time some young PPE student version of himself will read an account of Clegg's time in power, perhaps his autobiography, a couple of opinion pieces by sympathetic journalists of our time, or some historian of the imagined student's time, and will write a half decent history paper about how Clegg did alright, which will get a good mark. But if that happens within their echo chamber it wont be an accurate assessment of what he missed.

  7. rossmcl177 says:

    14,000 people have joined the party since election day!  If you want to keep a Liberal party in British politics, come and join us now.

  8. Kirsty Bailey says:

    I commend his courage and dignity.  I'm so sad to see him resign as leader though I understand.  He was so gracious about it all, too.

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