Nigel Farage .. Tony Blair .. 2005

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Tony Blair is no Lincoln but a few simple words from him reveal the narrow minded, insular, I’m okay pal ..lock the doors and bugger the rest mentality of the UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

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10 Responses

  1. Hannah says:

    Garage is a true patriot and has stuck to his arguments and it has paid off well.

    We will see a UKIP government one day. I'm sure.

    I've just been watching the UKIP conference in BBC parliament and TTIP is a very worrying proposal.

    Our NHS should stay as it is and kept well away from privatisation.

    I like the USA but come on, keep your hands off and out of our NHS.

  2. Norie92 says:

    I like how Blair just completely responds with emotion and rhetoric. Not a hint of facts, doesn't attack Farage's points. Oh well.

  3. pobinr says:

    Farage doesn't say bugger the rest. Or even bugger Europe. He says bugger the anti democratic EU

  4. Anthony Mead says:

    You have to hand it to him Farage has got gut's. He really put it to him.

  5. GuestOfGregoryHouse says:

    Blairs response was completely unjustified. And these days Nigel speaks for 4.3 million people

  6. Dave Etheridge says:

    Farage completely owns Blair here – and it's obvious because Blair blusters and loses his rag so spectacularly when he replies, which is not normally Blair's style. As for the remark about not representing the UK's interests, the irony is that had Blair been honest(!) with the British people and told them he had just signed away £7bn of the UK's rebate, he would have found that Farage was indeed standing up for the UK. Remember also that this took place roughly six months after Blair had willfully lied to the entire country to get us into the Iraq War. Blair is not fit to stand in the pantheon of great British Prime Ministers – he is nothing more than an extremely slick used-car salesman and an arch-champagne socialist only out for himself.

  7. Ross Jackson says:

    ouch, Farage got owned big time, nice one tony, never was a fan of your politics or party, but you have to respect some one who puts farage and ukip in their place 🙂

  8. Brigid Park says:

    He gets cuter with age.

  9. tetleyteaman1 says:

    A Reformed budget for Europe, hes a bloody Idiot , we are all on the verge of bankruptcy..

  10. HIGHz RollAz says:

    Lol. Tony Blair is now residing in the where are they now file…

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