Nothing Compares 2 U (Live in LA w/ James Corden)

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Performed live at the LA Rose Bowl on 21 August 2016.

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29 Responses

  1. H Top says:

    I couldn't tell you why but this video make me so emotional

  2. Ike Listiyanti says:

    Beautiful soul , beautiful voice , beautiful duet !! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. DedosThreat says:

    Disgrace to Coldplay ;(

  4. stock lee says:


  5. Dee Fer says:

    Wow. Excellent.

  6. Mark Brant says:

    James totally got it

  7. BUBBLE Gum says:

    ~२ Legend in 1 frame~

  8. Karl Nufc4Life says:

    Love the guy❤️

  9. DCBXNG says:

    WHAT A VOICE!!!!!!

  10. Arunasva Bhuyan says:

    When James Corden does those harmonies. DAMN

  11. Mårten Lindfeldt says:

    So good voise.

  12. Cameron Cumming says:

    Who can relate to the Bhuna curry.. true fans

  13. Arwen says:

    I didn't know this gem existed

  14. OneHandedProductions says:

    Anyone got the chords for this version?

  15. kevin jackson says:

    Who the fuck does James Corden think he is!!! Wanker

  16. sunny dayz says:

    i was scroling around the comments then i thought when chris sang it was james so good!

  17. Zunair Husain says:

    After 2 years… suddenly it pops out my homepage. No regrets

  18. Hydro Basil says:

    One of the best songs ever! Best cover. Nice job boys!

  19. sokharaboth Lun says:

    I respect James

  20. Katie Kavanagh says:

    Wish James would stop singing! Makes me cringe

  21. yohanes hasugian says:

    still hear in 2018 ❤❤❤

  22. Kentakuru says:

    If you are open to it, you can receive the enormous amount of energy and emotion just by watching it.. Chris put a smile upon our face 🙂 JUST WOW!

  23. Jodie Windsor says:

    So Beautiful James really does have a great voice

  24. Octavia Guerreiro says:


  25. iMaytheSquid says:

    2018 anyone? James was crying when they sang happy birthday to him, I love his so much!

  26. Dustin Leikom says:

    Get him an album!

  27. pjsbulldog67 says:

    Not sure why this is the first time I've watched this,,great!!

  28. Paul Miker says:

    The solo got me some goosebumps 😐

  29. sotv72 says:

    Am I the only person who fuckin hates Corden, the fat twat

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