Owen jones fake news tries to get red cap boy arrested

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fake Owen Jones tried to say it was homophobic attacked i have it all on film he should be charge for wasting police time.

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8 Responses

  1. YID ARMY says:

    What excuse of coppers these mugs are……If your not under arrest you don't have to give your details end of….

  2. Squiddly D says:

    The police are a disgrace, but you can't go around calling people pedophiles. Need to choose your words more carefully to avoid giving them ammunition to use against you.

  3. pleasant phucker says:

    Ermm.. don't play victim when you're harassing people

  4. ROLYPOLYOLY WhatdaQque says:


  5. rarecockneyguvnor says:

    Old Bill trying to nick him for nothing !

  6. rarecockneyguvnor says:

    I want Brexit now .

  7. Stephan Watts says:

    The police are a disgrace.

  8. Stephan Watts says:

    Those cops should be ashamed
    Of themselves.

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