PM David Cameron’s Europe speech (23Jan13)

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Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron delivers a wishy washy speech on Europe, promising a referendum on the EU around 2017 in the next parliament.. like his “cast iron” referendum if he was elected PM in 2010 – and reneged on.

Recorded from Sky News, 23 January 2013.

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32 Responses

  1. Sir NIGEL FARAGE says:

    I don't know why liarpoliticians account was closed ?

  2. ian says:

    As long as the UK is in the EU our liberty and democracy is shackled or ignored!

  3. Francesco Bonfiglio says:

    Well, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and other few nations are NOT PART OF EU. And they're among the wealthiest and richest countries in Europe and in the world. Britain should follow them. I don't see any problem.

  4. Alusxondri Richfeild says:


  5. truth says:

    Right heard enough bye

  6. truth says:

    I get sick of hearing this cunt

  7. laurejon says:

    Cameron promises an EU referendum if he wins the next election………….an election that he knows will be a coalition, of which as is the case today he will not be able to commit to a referendum. A vote for the Tories is a vote for handing over the UK to Europe, unmanaged immigration, and job losses on a mammoth scale not seen even during the 1930's depression.

  8. roy lynn says:

    YES! welcome to british politics mate

  9. Julian Mensch says:

    LOL first, people demand an in/out EU referendum, then the PM himself declared he will bring the referendum by the next parliament, then the same people just keep asking for more even mocking him with such a sophisticated 'zoo' language. what a never-ending story.

  10. Mad Flak says:


  11. Mad Flak says:

    you dirty lieing scumbag fucker Cameron. We don't believe your bullshit.

  12. ByronRaver says:

    Of course Cameron dosen't want the UK out of the EU. Land owners get a huge EU subsidy for growing nothing on there lands.

  13. Luke Brewer says:

    So do we get to vote or not so we can just go to the exit door Cameron is only thinking of himself not Britain he needs to open his eyes and ask us what we want rather than what he THINKS we want let us vote

  14. michaelkeeble1 says:

    LOL you would not think that way if you was a Brit, this country has gone back 40 years in the last 20, open boarder has meant low pay now a house is 9 times your pay, not many houses here now for the people, 20 years ago to more jobs than people so high pay many houses meant a house was 3 times your wage, a brit 20 years ago could make a life now brits have no chance, most brits i know want out of UK now,

  15. Peter Dabb says:

    a compete arsehole ukip will oust him

  16. flowerchild69 says:

    I think this is a brilliant man who sees clearly that long term interests trump short term interests any day, even if he wants to leave EU, no matter the pressure from overreacting public. Fantastic!

  17. Darren Stirling says:

    David Cameron is a c**t

  18. ritchie19no2 says:

    Browns bottom xD
    Thanks for that, the one thing that hasn't seen a major drop and then he sells all of it and he said he "invested in the euro" hahaha or like alex salmons says "the ark of prosperity".
    Both are idiots xD

  19. Carina Liberato says:

    totally not

  20. delaxe007 says:

    did he just say we have peace already, is this bloke looking at the same world I do?

  21. Casee Leigh says:


  22. Steve W says:

    Brown's bottom is hilarious.


    Pretty good investigation into it. Keiser also uncovered that Brown may have sold off Germany's gold and had to sell UK's gold cheap to avoid a scandal. Brown completely destroyed us with this. I will never forgive him for it. This guy should be thrown out of economic forums that he frequents. He is a joke.

  23. ritchie19no2 says:

    Not arguing with you, just would like to point out how labour were the ones who got us into debt and Gordon brown was the one selling our gold at the BOTTOM of the market…..

  24. oldproji says:

    New title for Cameron: David "Flashman" Cameron. He will understand where the middle nick-name comes from.

  25. keith121261 says:

    What you are looking at is a punch drunk public school boy who only knows what he reads about as never lived a normal live like everyone else admitted he works really hard now at robbing the poor as he must of been bullied as a boy by poor kids looks like his nose as been slapped about a bit sorry them poor boys that bullied you had to leave you with brain damage !!!!!!!!! dameon 666

  26. VAMPYR ENGEL says:

    This piece of Tory subhuman scum, who parades itself as a statesman he ad his lazy whore Chancellor, who opresses the sick, the unemployed but spreads his political backside hole for multinational corporates and bankers, what a piece of lying filthy scum

  27. Steve W says:

    He'll never give us a referendum and neither will Labour. I find it sickening how these people ever get voted into parliament. You can try to stop UKIP all you want caMORON but you just don't have the appeal to win back voters from them. You have lied to us consistently and you have robbed the tax coffers to payoff bankers and the public will never forgive you for it. You are a criminal.

  28. Steve W says:

    they are both idiots.

  29. mickeenx says:

    I wan't the people of Europe to elect their first fairly elected president.. Without that this whole project feels very undemocratic.. I love a united Europe of cooperation, but it really needs to make some dramatic changes like Cameron said in this speech.. And I hope the EU will listen to this man.. We need some change in the EU!
    Britain would be an excellent rolemodel, to lead us europeans into the right direction. And don't ignore the voices of the eurosceptics. We need to be democratic.

  30. Yul Hubbart says:

    Cast-Iron Cameron kicks the cast-iron can further down the road. He talks about sacrifices made for freedom & about EU membership being essential for peace. If the toffee-nosed little runt had lived a day in the real world he'd have known that unaccountable totalitarian rule was what lead to these conflicts, not what prevented them. What a scurrilous exploitation of the memory of all those who fought against tyranny.
    By the way – the Labour party is even more pro-totalitarian EU.

  31. Iazzaboyce says:

    All the old tories at my work are saying they're going to vote UKIP and they're telling everyone else to too.

  32. ritchie19no2 says:

    Still better than milliband…

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