Prime Minister Theresa May on Brexit and Japan – BBC News

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Prime Minister Theresa May was asked about the UK’s post-Brexit relationship with Japan in an interview with the BBC’s Ben Wright as she began a trip to the country.

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20 Responses

  1. nagappar raveendran says:


  2. andrew hubbard says:

    She cant say anything because there nothing in her head to say. Shocking leader waste of tax payers money giving her a salary

  3. track eren says:

    Hey Theresa how are you?

  4. BuddyAckerman1 says:

    The BBC. Have a notice on their news page telling you that they are the most trusted news source in the UK. It doesn’t come funnier than that. Are they so self deluded? Everyone I know , knows they are the most bias ,corrupt , left- wing liars on the planet. You would trust Jimmy Savile with your kids before you’d trust the BBC – Oh and He was theirs too.

  5. Hasegawa Reiya says:

    She’s so stupid

  6. dazhibernian says:

    We should'nt be taking economical advice from a nation over $10.46TRILLION in debt. 250% it's GDP. :/

  7. Wassim Bahar says:

    Rip uk

  8. Justen Peterson says:

    Freemasons' conducting a PsyOp once again on their own! Brexit equals 33 in Pythagorean numerology just like Rocketman and Diamond, FireAndFury equals 33 in Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology! Beware of the Trans-pacolypse underway by the Freemasons!

  9. AlphaMaleProtector says:

    Why is it wrong for North Korea or Iran to test nuclear weapons and at the same time it is "legal" for the US and other powers to make similar test? I dont have a political opinion I am neutral I just want to know. Thank you.

  10. dave pamell says:

    Id love to fuck her and suck her tits

  11. Ralf Rath says:

    THe best time of the Brits is gone – after the Brexit, even the British Pound is falling and falling and weak and sick. And the British people have to pay the price of a sick British Pound – I do not mention here the Brexit Bill that the British have to pay to. But the disaster is that Britain has lost the second important position in Europe. France has taken over the British position and Italy the third position of France and so on – every EU member state is the winner – the loser is Britain that has taken over nothing except the Brexit Bill. And the best news of the Brexit is that the German language is the winner and will take over English in Europe because an isolated Britain is isolated and of no importance. Thank always happy Nigel!

  12. MMercury says:

    The conservatives are shamelessly jeopardizing the United Kingdom's economic stability – why people still believe her lies is a mystery to me

  13. Shannon T Finn says:

    Not My Prima Minister Theresa May is boring I don't like it her wicked.

  14. Waqar Ghulam says:

    No one gives a rats ass about the UK anymore. Just move away, don't expect people pay attention to you.

  15. kevin kekevin says:

    UK ♡ Japan

  16. Ian Muir says:

    Boris is keeping his big mouth shut ,after all the bullshit he spouted to get us out

  17. Francesco M says:

    Very Informative! I feel reassured. All the pieces are falling into place. …

  18. Wen Chu says:

    Is she simply a nutcase like Trump ? or is she just a robot repeating itself but in a woman appearance ?

  19. kougun2007 says:

    I would like to see the Anglo-Japanese Alliance again.

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