Proposed domestic violence laws are open to rorting

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6 Responses

  1. My name My last name says:

    Yet another reason for people not to employ women. Maternity leave, Domestic violence leave, the threat of false sexual harassment. Gee? Have the government really thought this through? Oh well, it's good for employment for males I guess?

  2. Andrew Bowers says:

    Ken Lay contrived the data to make the actual situation appear far worse than it is. Nefarious police attacked innocent men in their homes, because they were given the opportunity to get away with it. And, for added legal benefit, they also created a villain. No need for a victim when you can create a villain to prosecute. It’s right in front of everybody, and they could see it if only they would stop listening to the feminist MSM, police and government polluting their minds with false information. Senior level politicians are deceiving us on purpose:

  3. fr33kSh0w2012 says:

    Why should I have to be nice and be respectful you can't be nice and respectful ALL THE FUCKING TIME! FOR FUCKS SAKE! it's 2017 not 1927 FOR FUCKS SAKE!

  4. fr33kSh0w2012 says:

    THE ALP should be renamed THE PUSSY-PASS PARTY

  5. Seth N says:

    Ever since the stupidity that was the 'Stop it where it starts' ad campaign I can't take the issue as seriously.

  6. Stan Dup says:

    David wants to bash women and rape little boys

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