[PSP] Patapon 3 [ENG]: Game Start- Take the Pledge!(Intro + Beginning+ Cutscene) HD

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Available in HD 720p~

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SlayeZ here!

Just gonna do Important story battles/mission, and some cool multiplayer aspect/tutorial/builds! I’m new to Patapon so BE PAITENT WITH MY NOOBNESS

Enjoy! 😀 And sorry for the static during silent parts, still cant fix it D:
Game: Patapon 3 Players: 1 (SlayeZ)
System:PSP (Owned by Sony Entertainment Inc.)

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2 Responses

  1. The Lewis Lion says:

    Its shocking nobody has made a Stick Figure Parody outta this yet

  2. DAVID4GAMER says:

    how i love this song,,,,the song of gigantus …..ROCK IS ALWAYS THE BEST

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