Question Time MP Expenses Scandal Part 2 of 7 (High Quality)

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Part 2

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33 Responses

  1. IThinkItsForYou says:

    "MPs have extra costs" Fast forward to 2017 and Theresa May's government is taking REAL extra costs from disabled people at the same time as tax cuts for the wealthy. It's just always them against us

  2. Burntwood76 says:

    What did guy shout at 02:22??

  3. david man says:

    beckett does'nt give a fuck about public opinion its me me me and she knows it, ugly inside and out

  4. Steve Daly says:

    Pissing my pants listening to the geezer from McDonalds …

  5. honestjohntellsit says:

    Absolutely fuck you Beckett.

  6. lauraem171 says:

    If politicians work for us, we should be able to fire them

  7. Daniel says:

    Beckett got a damehood earlier this year… how does this woman steal taxpayers money and get rewarded a damehood WTF

  8. Brendan McGlinchey says:

    Politicians ….what a gang of freeloading professional scum.

  9. stinking polecat says:

    so why does a politician need to stay within 30 minutes of the houses of parliament? sometimes i have had to travel 4 or 5 hours a day unpaid for my work and in between that travel do a 9 hour shift so whats the difference?

  10. Harry King says:

    i know she can't help it, and i'm no stunner, but my god she is ugly :/

  11. MitchofSmeg says:

    "might be more expencive"

    3 or 4 star hotel, money goes right into london, not pockets of a few people.

  12. Alan7997 says:

    I never thought I'd be agreeing with an executive from McDs lol 🙂

  13. Belinda Kennedy says:

    they should only have a loan of a second home,if they stop being mps then that house gets handed back for the next mp to get

  14. Ndugu Umbo says:

    Most members of the public would have abused the expenses system just like the MPs did given half the chance. Hypocrisy from the government followed by hypocrisy from the public, particularly from those most angry no doubt! I'm an honest person and I say you can all fuck off.

  15. Tokyorosebiz says:

    See what has happened to our Great Country Check Out THE PARTY OF SLEAZE by TOKYO ROSE

  16. ajax201000 says:

    its now years later plenty of time to build flats for mps yet they still havent

  17. Phil Rowlandson says:

    I like the fact that the guy who runs McDonalds is the most insightful.

  18. sail1948 says:

    Whatever happened to Margaret Becketts chin?

  19. B Kirks says:

    lib dem has lost my vote fuck em all them cunts im voting BNP!!

  20. SatansFloater says:

    Margaret Beckett? Cor! Talk about a cure for impotence!

  21. ILIKEWALLS says:

    i dont have a side of the story, and im not from algeria. i wasnt saying you were talking garbage, i was saying you what you typed was garbage, horrible to read, just horrible. you sound like someone who buys the morning star and believes in the 9/11 truth movement.

  22. ILIKEWALLS says:

    Its a good thing you mentioned you went to uni, as reading through that garbage you couldnt tell

  23. MrMark4563 says:

    go on steveo
    his my boss
    go on lad

  24. john stevens says:

    What has happened to honesty, integrity, and loyalty in this country?
    So if they are committing these scams, people should be looking at the European union which is on a completely different level.
    The BBC or other parties never discuss EU problems!

  25. dargay says:

    Beckett has got a spine!

  26. Rarebird67 says:

    Vote BNP.

  27. Cnd1867 says:

    Ya, i'll give you that, some actually do….which is sad…

  28. Danjel von albert says:

    I agree with you on that point, not everyone broke the law/rules and as such doesn't deserve to face criminal(but some REALLY do).

  29. Cnd1867 says:

    Well, everyone gets different opinions on what they read…..

    The only problem with proposing criminal charges is that what they did (under parliamentary rules) was not illegal.

  30. Danjel von albert says:

    eh sorry but i read your comment as: "I admire that a crook/criminal can maintain a poker face on TV."

    And its not about defending what "they think is right", it's about taking responsible for your actions and resign and face criminal charges.

  31. Cnd1867 says:

    Even though some of the things Mrs. Beckett did were horrid, I'm sort of glad to see that she isn't bending to the pressure of the audience and isn't pandering to them, telling them what they want to hear but what she thinks they need to hear. It may have been bad what she did with her expenses, but she is standing by what she thinks is the right answer and there is nothing wrong with trying to prove your position on the matter.

  32. john stevens says:

    What kind of rubbish this is, I don't see how by paying the money back justifies them not to go to jail.
    Any citizen would have to pay it back as well as a long stretch
    in prison.

    It shows the British public they can not be trusted, there is no Democracy is this country and also brings more to the argument on Europe

  33. evesapple says:

    margaret beckett is right- the general public just do not understand.. she claimed that garden decorations were essential to her work as an MP… she is right, I personally can't quite get my head around that one…

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