Rapper Yung Tory gets Beat up !

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17 Responses

  1. Al Pizzle says:

    Just can't respect a nikka who don't fight back. I grew up differently this shit is sad u not a man if u don't defend yaself. Win, lose, or draw u always try to put in that pain

  2. Michael Wright says:

    Durk mans

  3. Michael Wright says:

    Why he aint square up

  4. #DB14 SpursVikings says:

    U ain't even defend urself..but get on s video talking ish after u got mopped?? U pussy…retire now u crumb

  5. derrick smith says:

    Dude didn't even fight back

  6. Supa Soulja says:

    When you get any kind of success u gotta watch who u around yo friends or managers be ur biggest haters

  7. Sea Publishing says:

    He hit that boy with Street fighter combos

  8. King Mike says:

    Cuz need to try out for the ufc

  9. 305 V TV says:

    that Biggs could've spoke like a man instead he showed how much hate he been had for Tory the way he was punching was on some emotional shit

  10. ianis17 sosa says:

    lol he fkin bitch dude he just suddenly punched him, not even let him get up, fight like a bitch fucking worm, look AT his body he could be a cross atta same Time smh Tory won.

  11. Crip52Crazy says:

    Smfh No Sympathy for Anybody who Doesn't fight bacc. #WhoMansIsThis

  12. darkskinwhiteman says:

    My turn

  13. KL TRAK says:

    Fuck it Yung Tory rest one of the best rappers, I know u listen his song that’s why u here. Btw fuck it bro, they hate cuz u famous now

  14. Sabrina Bass says:

    It’s an old video, fuckin stooopid dummy haters, just cuz now he’s famous! this guy who likd this shit try to get some fame or some followers on Instagram just cuz Yung Tory is famous now! Dumb ass. Fuck All da Hate

  15. James Hailey says:

    Well he robbed him and whooped his ass , lame ass shit!!!!!

  16. 0netyr says:

    The rest of them fake rappers need this .. get these lames tf outta here

  17. Rome says:

    Lmfao He Pussy Aint Even Try 2 Defend Himself

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